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Hip pain after fusion

I'm 14 weeks post op a multi level fusion and disc replacement.
So far all has been going brilliantly but I have one issue - hip pain!
It started immediately post op but hasn't gone.
I'm resisting the urge for pain meds. It's generally ok but hurts on rotating and does 3 clicks as it reaches each angle :(
Anyone else had this?
2 level Discectomy 2000 open surgery
L4/5 Discectomy & L5/S1 Laminectomy 2005- (Cauda equina) open surgery
5 x joint injections 2012
Discogram Dec 2012
Dec 2012 - 360 Lumbar Fusion L4 -S1(BMP), Disc replaced L3/4, Bilat trocanter injects


  • Hi i had a multi level fusion but in two opps in 2007 and had bone taken from the hip, i am sorry to say i had hip pain for about 18months untill i started my first lower back pain injections ,the pain never came back in my hip . I hope your hip pain is just sort term ,recovery is 12 week after most major opps and its only been 14 so hopefuly it will go away. Goodluck
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