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Throbbing, Pins & Needles in Calf, Foot, and Big toe

I have had sciatica for about 8 years and finally had microdiscectomy (L4/L5) two years ago that completly resolved my issues. A few months ago, I felt the same sciatic pain down my left leg and went on prednisone to relieve the inflammation. After a few days, the extreme pain went away but I was still having pins/needles in my left foot, big toe, and calf, which was escalating into severe burning/throbbing/pins & needles. I was also having issues wiggling my toes and it also felt like there was something inbetween my big toe and second toe (like a sock was in between them). I had another MRI which showed another disc bulge and annular tear so I went back to my docotor who suggested a L5 nerve block,. This helped me begin to wiggle my toes but did not relieve my throbbing pins/needles. I went back to my family doctor for a physical and my blood pressue was 154/108 . My pressure would normally be high when I was having back issues but they said pain would only affect top number not bottom, so they put me on 20mg Lisinopril. After a few days of taking the Lisinopril, I noticed the the throbbing pins and needles in my calf and foot have almost gone away. Is it possible that the throbbing pins/needles in my calf/foot were from high blood pressure and not from my lumbar disc problem??



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