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Can neck damage cause weakness and pain in both legs?

I had a serious and intense surgery in 2007 on my neck. I had cervical stenosis with a paralyzing myelopathy. After a double fusion and 2 weeks of in-house therapy, I recovered well and have been doing well until Feb. 2012. My symptoms are mostly within both legs, where they began this time. Heaviness, weakness, pain (excrutiating!), pins and needles, electric like shocks, stabbing pains here and there in upper front thighs and yesterday I thought I was stung by a bee on outside of upper right thigh. Within the past 6 weeks, I have been having the tell tell signs of neck problems. Tingling hands, last 2 fingers on right hand are numbing, pain on right side of neck with a lot of cracking and popping, shoulder and mid back pain... I have not walked normally in a year. I have seen many doctors who referred to so many different specialist because all tests, imaging and bloodwork, have been NORMAL! My spine doc says my neck is not the problem and that if it was my neck, my legs would not be affcted. (This coming from the doc who saved me from permanent paralysis in 2007) I have NO diagnoses. I have an appointment in 2 weeks and going to beg my doc to please take a look at my neck again with contrast. (Last MRI was last November, no contrast) I KNOW the symptoms except for this undiagnosed problem with my legs. I filed for SSI/Disability last Sept. How in the world will I get it with NO DIAGNOSES???

*other symptoms: fascilations, (nerve jumping) all over but especially in thighs and right under each buttock. I feel "static electricity" from head to toe when I lay down before going to sleep at night. Without any warning, I feel as if I had just stepped on a nail with horrible pain in and under big toe! Hands and fingers cramp., blurred/double vision at times... the list goes on.
The 1st MRI I had of my spine was to rule out any tumors and MS. Thank goodness they were not present. Anyone else experiencing these symptoms or have before and know your Diagnoses??? I'm 45 years old. I don't know what else to do. Also, TIRED of taking medicines!


  • I had symptoms very much like your before my 2 level ACDF and still have most of them.
    I also had testing for MS and some other conditions that they didn't name.
    It was decided that all my problems were coming from the compression of my spinal cord in my neck.

    Because I still have most symptoms, I have just had a full spine MRI scan with contrast done.
    Before getting the results the surgeon thought he may need to do another surgery from the back to get more pressure off the cord because I have a small spinal canal and things were very tight in there.
    I got the results yesterday. He doesn't need to do more surgery because my cord has been freed to move forward and now has fluid around it so he is happy.
    I do still have my symptoms and he thinks they may be due to how long my cord was compressed before surgery.
    He says there is still time for more healing to take place and that at 12 months we will know how I am going to be. That gives me another 6 months to improve. I am really hoping that things will get better and that I will be able to say that the surgery really helped me. At least I know that my cord is no longer in danger from a fall or an accident.

    I have been told that if the cord is compressed then you can get pain and symptoms all over the place including the legs and feet. My spine is degenerated throughout so it was not easy to tell what was causing what, but my surgeon seemed to blame the neck for most of it. I do get a tightening band around my chest that he blames on two thoracic discs that are compressing the cord slightly but not enough to need treatment.

    I am back on nerve pain meds and know what you mean about being tired of taking them. I think I am more tired of the pains though!

    I hope that you will get a diagnosis soon. I think that a full spine MRI with contrast may be helpful to tell what is going on.
    Good luck! :-)

  • Diseases have become complicated and so have their treatments. What may seem to you as a simple pain in your legs or lower back, may be due to neck damages and can actually turn out to be quite dangerous if not paid attention to immediately. This could happen due to a nerve root becoming compressed and inflamed, yet an MRI might not be able to detect which nerve root is it. Such pain could require selective nerve blocks therapy to detect the source of nerve pain and at the same time, cure the disease.
  • Mimi if your cord was compressed and more than likely has suffered some damage, you could have a condition called myelopathy? I see you write about it, however surgery is not done to cure it, but only to stop the progression of the condition. AS far as making the diagnoses it is actually the surgeons clinical exam, that provides the most information. You might want to seek out a neurologist and have them do a complete exam, and more than likely they will know what test to perform to find what is going on with you. Neurologist are very good at looking at all the systems of the body, where as your surgeon is just looking at the spine, and you could have something else going on. The other thing are you taking any medications? YOu might have more than one issue going on, which could complicate the diagnoses. A myelogram would give the best information of wether or not you have a spinal cord impingement, but typically they will order them if something doesn't look clear on imaging and there is a possibility of spinal cord issues. For example I have so much scar tissue from my neck being entered so many times and the different hardware the images of wether my cord is current compressed are confusing so the myelogram will need to be performed again, to check. If I was in your shoes and the surgeon is saying it is not coming from your neck I would seek out a good neurologist.

    As to your ssdi claim keep in mind you have to have a doctor stating your not able to work and not expected to beable to work in the next 24 months. So if your surgeon is not on board, you might have issues moving forward with the ssdi, as they will pull records from all treating doctors. If your surgeon says you are fine from his/her stand point it will show in the records so you might want to get copies of those records. Also did you get copies of your MRI's and the report, and read what the radiologist put in the report? It might be at that time your surgeon didn't see anything he/she could operate on, but not that they didn't see anything. There is a difference, just keep that in mind. Sense surgeons are generally only interested in doing surgery and if they don't have that to offer to you, they just don't have a treatment for you, but it doesn't mean your not still having spinal issues.
  • Hi my name is Tina and I became sick in 2007 they thought i had a viruse, because within 10 day I lost controll over my legs and arms untill i could not walk. I was taken in to hosptail were they done sorts or test, than they done a MIR scan they told me that C3/C4 C4/C5 C6/C7 were on my spinal cord and i needed surgery strate away. Thay could not understand how this happened to me as i was not in a car cash or a fall. Surgery was done the next day but before surgery the consultant came to talk to me and told me that i would always have promblems with my legs and feet i asked him will i be able to walk, he said yes but i had a condition of the spinal cord Spondylotic Cervical Myelopathy. I was 33 at the time i have had surgery on C6/C7 now , I have a lot of leg pains shooting pains , musle weekness my feet drag i cant walk far i have bladder dammage i now also have alot of other promblems, but this all started off in the neck and both legs.
  • Hi
    Your cervical issues are close to mine plus I have major lumbar spine problems also.
    When trying to find the source of my problems now its a challenge because of both areas having severe damage and cord damage at C6/7.
    As a simple rule but not a perfect rule all the time when you have problems with both legs or arms its more likely a cervical issue.
    Reason being nerve root compression can cause these problems but to effect both arms or legs both nerve roots at the same level would each have to be compressed and at almost the same rate which would be a long shot.
    You used the nasty word MYELOPATHY which I am sure now you know that is cord damage. That had to come up in some conversation before this.

    So what would be important would be when the new issues came about did they start before surgery or months after surgery.
    In my case I had the ACDF of C/5,6,7. Weeks after surgery a few things started with my feet, felt like walking on broken glass, leggs were getting heavy like my arms did before the first surgery and it turned out that my cord did not have enough room after the fusion so I needed laminectomys of the same area to give the cord room and allow spinal fluid to be all the way around the cord. I would at the least ask them to do another MRI or a CT mylogram to see if anything new is going on.

    I do not understand anyone saying the neck can not be the issue because with the spine any damage can effect anything below the damage. Don't give up keep on them or get a second opinion to find out what's wrong before any more damage is done.
    The nerve pain your having, pins and needles is now normal for many of us. Nerve jumping and feelings of small shocks is normal for us. The double vision can be a Med like lyrica. I tried about five nerve meds and they all gave me double vision.
    I had headaches that would not go away and my PM doc felt they were from C 1-2 or 3 he did some testing and then did RF on two of them and my headaches went away. There is hope out there sometimes we just have to push a bit.

    You are right SSDI will want a DX and then you even have to show how it effects you and why you can not work.
    Keep in mind even with a DX of MS (just for a example) does not mean SSDI will approve a person. They have to have the DX and then show how and why it would keep you from working at even the simplest jobs. Don't give up just get all the ducks in a row.
    You can go to the SSA web site and find the blue book listings. In most cases you have to meet a listing and sub listings with it.
    Any questions ask away.
  • To answer some of your questions...
    Since Aug. 2012, I have seen my spine doc who referred me to a neurologist. She did a physical exam, only, stating that because the strength in my legs was fairly good, there is no need for an EMG. (Which I am glad of because I hate that test! and after going through the needles and shocks, it still does not pinpoint the problem) She referred me to a Neuro-Physical therapist for a gait assessment. Results were "okay." I have not loss my balance, it's the PAIN, weakness, and heaviness in both legs that keeps me from walking normally. I "shuffle." Feels like my legs just do not want to walk no matter how hard I try. I use a cane for resting periods after walking 20-30 feet. My ortho doc approved a handicap parking permit for me. I can drive to town and back. (To pick child up from school) I have tried to drive further but my right leg will shake and the electric like shocks begin. After the gait asessment, I was referred to a PSYCHIATRIST! I was Dx with depression and anxiety, which I have never, ever had before now. I told the dr. "I do not feel depressed I am just SAD!" I was put on wellbutrin to help deal with "life changes." The wellbutrin has caused panic attacks, again, that I have never had before. So scary!!! Dr. thinks the benefits of wellbutrin out weigh the side effect, and I don't cry everyday as I did before the med. I was also referred to a Peripheral Vascular specialist. Had thorough ultrasounds of both legs, with normal results. Now back to my spine specialist! I am going to request another MRI with contrast of full back as I have began to have horrible pain in my left, lower back upon standing for more than 15 minutes. It is releived time I sit down. I did WELL 5 years after my neck surgery so is it possible there's a pissed off nerve hiding and being pinched off???
  • Hi Mimi719!
    I had an ACDF of the C6-7 on 3/28. Prior to the surgery I had a lot of symptoms. Pain in my neck all the way down my right arm to the tips of my fingers. Deep aches in the bones in both forearms, and sporadic shooting pain there as well. Aching and painful calf muscles and shins after walking short distances or up stairs. Painful feet all day long. Trouble maintaining balance. Dizziness periodically through out the day. Light headedness most of the time. Legs felt heavy after a long day and very painful. I would also have weird spasms of muscles in my butt and legs. That about sums up the post surgery symptoms. The Surgeon said I had Cervical Myelopathy from cord compression at the C6-7 level. I had the spinal cord compressed about 70% and severe edema around the herniation. The cord signal was also very reduced. Post surgery I am having drastically reduced symptoms as before, but also some new ones not from before. I have pain through my entire right leg, but not the left. The pain starts at the inner thigh and continues down through my foot and into my toes. Stabbing sort of describes it, but it is continual and a constant. My calf aches and is excruciating. My foot is numb. Feels like it is asleep. My toes feel cold. The second toe in from my big toe feels raw. I feel like water is dripping down my leg at times when I am dry. I also have an aches that is constant in both of my elbows now. My neck is only slightly bothering me. I have muscle spasms that I don't notice, but other people can feel. The surgeon has prescribed Gabapentin ( a nerve blocker ). It has helped some. The pain is reduced as long as I take it every 7-8 hrs. I take 600mg in the am, 300mg in the afternoon and 600mg at night. My foot is still asleep. I can't walk up steps continually (No statue of liberty for me anytime soon) 1 flight at a time. But I can successfully lay down flat without any major pain setting in.
    The surgeon told me that the nerves are in the process of relearning everything that they weren't able to do successfully for so long. Fun, I have pissed off nerves and I feel crappy for it. I can only hope the discomfort is temporary. Hope you start to feel better soon.☺
  • Its crazy some doctors pass this stuff off like its nothing.
    Cord damage is more then nothing. Depending on the area of the cord damaged the issues it causes
    can be very different. I will say my cord damage at the C6,7 does effect my legs and feet with my left ankle being worse. I have balance issues that must be the cord damage because they rulled out everything else. Now bowel and bladder issues have started. Not major yet but another issue that takes time to deal with.
    On a MRI a high T signal can mean cord damage.
    To protect our cords when scans or MRIs are done ask your doctor to show you if your cord has fluid all the way around it to protect it. A cord surrounded with fluid is a safe cord. A cord with no fluid is being compressed which may do damage.

    Good Luck guys
  • Pain in my neck all the way down my right arm to the tips of my fingers. Deep aches in the bones in both forearms, and sporadic shooting pain there as well. Aching and painful calf muscles and shins after walking short distances or up stairs. Painful feet all day long. Trouble maintaining balance. Dizziness periodically through out the day. Light headedness most of the time. Legs felt heavy after a long day and very painful.
    Hi Sam,

    I have had two ACDF surgeries since 2007. The first one was to fuse C5 thru C7, and in 2011 I was fused from C3 thru C5 to complete C3 thru C7. I had a MRI on April 30th and while the MRI images sort kinda grainy for some reason, my neurosurgeon suspects I have bone spurring at the previously fused sites. He is sending me next for a CT Myelogram and that will produce the more precise images he needs.

    But what gets me here is that I now have the precise symptoms that you were experiencing prior to surgery. I am actually going to print out that list of symptoms to produce to my surgeon, because all those symptoms I quoted above explain it best. It's not fun!

    Hope you are feeling better!
  • Since my last post, my appt. with spine specialist has been rescheduled to June 25! Needless to say, I had somewhat of a little "fit." Nothing I can do about it. Asked to be put on counselation list and even asked if doc could go ahead a new MRI WITH CONTRAST. Hoping to hear something soon. That would be great as I still feel in my gut, my problem lies within my spine. (Probably neck and lower back) I am devastated as my symptoms have worsens, changed, and are more intense. I need to be seen a lot sooner than 6 more weeks! What else can I do?
  • Hi Mimi,

    So sorry for all you are dealing with, I can sympathize! I would just try to call them and see if you can be put on a "cancellation list" in case another patient cancels and get their slot. I wish you well, please keep us posted.

  • Kiki48KKiki48 Posts: 196
    edited 05/18/2013 - 1:38 PM
    Hi Mimi, I'm a bit late coming on this thread. I got a bit tense when I read your original post that the doc said it can't be from your neck. Or antoher part of your spine!!! It absolutley can! I experience the same thing when I get my neck goes out of alignment I feel all kinds of pain from head to toe. Oh and when my upper back is out and sacrum a whole new set of all different kinds of pain from head to toe, right to left. Errr, sorry just makes me angry he said such a thing to you!!!

    Anyway so I can stop this rant I'll just say I agree with Charlie. I apologize to I only read your first post and the last three on this thread! I'll read more later when I come down. I hope you get your appointment a heck of alot sooner than June 25th!!

  • Well, needless to say, my spine doc had me in tears again, this time saying it IS NOT your neck or spine! I am having more pain especially in my neck and left hip along with my ongoing pain in both calves. He said the newer pain is probably due to not exercising and it's something I've just got to live with! I can't. I am not living. I am mostly sitting in front of the TV. But then...you're not going to believe this. On my discharge paper, he wrote...spondylosis/myelopathy and within his notes, quoted from his nurse, he wrote... See neurologist, use elbow pads for hand numbness (what???) and my DX was "PROGRESSING CERVICAL MYELOPATHY!" i'M NOT DUMB. tHIS DOES MEAN NECK AND SPINE! I have an appointment next Monday with my neurologist. If she blows me off I just don't know what else to do. My symptoms began over a year ago. I have had to see a psychiatrist because of the depression this has caused. I have had panic attacks from psych meds. I have never had to deal with so much in my life!
  • Mimi

    Your situation sounds similar to mine leading up to my ACDF and eventual Posterior Laminectomy and fusion. Myelopathy (which you said was the cause of your prior surgery) never goes away/gets better. Surgery is done to keep it from getting worse and to try and lessen some of the side effects of the damage (that is how it was explained to me by my Neurosurgeon). My symptoms caused by cervical stenosis with myelopathy, herniated discs with myelpathy, and spondyliosis with myelopathy was weekness in both arms/hands, severe neck and shoulder pain, loss of use of my left hand, odd areas of decreased or no sensativity (could put my left leg under scalding hot shower water and feel nothing it was trippy), weakness in my left leg, and my left foot went numb. The problem with myelopathy that makes it singular in the world of nerve damage is that it is a disfunction of the spinal cord which can lead to all kinds of "odd" symptoms that would normally not occur with a neck condition. It sounds to me like something is once again pushing on your spinal cord or your myelopathy is progressing again. I guess I should have read all of the posts before writing this because I see that you have been diagnosed with progressing cervical myelopathy. I am unsure what kind of surgeon you are seeing but I would highly suggest getting a second opinion with a neurosurgeon. They know far more about nerve issues than Orthos do. Myelopathy, if left unchecked, can cause all sorts of terrible effects such as losing control of your bladder, numb legs, loss of use of limbs, etc etc.
  • I have all symptoms you are describing and my neuro surgeon thinks its coming from my neck~ I have a small neck and nerves are compressed. Had a c5 c6 fusion two yrs ago and now am scheduled for c4 and c7 (i think). I am hoping this helps relieve alot of my pain. My doc says that my nerves wont regenerate but this will hopefully slow this process and possible prevent further damage. I wish you the best and Do know you are not alone. Maybe try to get another opinion. I have been to numerous specialist and finaly found one who listens. Don not stop asking questions and make them verify and explain their answers
  • Maggs£MMaggs£ Posts: 1
    edited 04/18/2014 - 2:20 PM
    Hi Mimi , I am so sorry you are going through this but I am grateful for your posts and the posts they have generated. I have been experiencing the same kind of symptoms. I describe them here in order to provide info to others as well.
    I have not had any surgeries. I was in a car accident in 1990; high speed(50miles or 65km hr, broadsided by a drunk driver. ) Left to rt side impact. Injured left shoulder and neck. Nothing broken in X-rays. Severe intractable headaches since, pain, weakness and limited range of motion in left shoulder and my neck ; never really healed properly. Re injured my neck 2012 at work assisting a client . Thought it was a simple strain, I tried to keep working but everyday it got worse rather than better, after 2 days, I couldn't manage. Symptoms: at the 1st - severe neck pain and stiffness from base of skull to shoulders, no mobility. Shoulder pain, both sides. Headaches, numbness, pain ,weakness and tingling in my arms, hands and fingers. Pain and stiffness (like a Charlie horse) down my neck to about my bra strap . I can not look up or to either side. Walking very stiff an uncoordinated, awkward movements, balance compromised. Manual dexterity poor, difficult to hold things, pain inside wrist, numbness in thumbs and first three fingers. Can not raise my left arm above shoulder . Severe hip pains, both sides, waking me constantly and making me gasp when standing. Swelling in my left foot to the knee, weakness in right foot, like foot flop, kept losing my sandal as toes will not grip. Heaviness in rt leg, weakness gets worse with exercise . Within 6 -7 mos,unable to straighten my rt knee and leg became increasingly weak to the point I could not walk; unable to move rt foot or toes at all. Within 7-9 months, the pain set in, sharp, sudden as well as deep aching, radiating from my groin down my rt inner thigh and outer thigh , sometimes front as well, to the knee and pain in my shins . I am best in the morning providing my head has not tilted backwards in my sleep and deteriorating during the day or as soon as I empty the dishwasher or look in my fridge. I continue to steadily deteriorate. I can not stand on toe or heel, swelling of feet and legs , worsening at night, can not move my toes when it is bad, exercise induced pain and weakness in my thigh, going up stairs is the worst, drag my right leg. neck and shoulder pain is terrible, it is difficult to open things or pick up coins, deep bone pain in forearms , weakness in both arms. 18 months in, electrical shocks in toes, fingertips , shocks down my spine , back of both shoulders, shocks when I move my head or yawn, shocks in left elbow and now I've been getting coldness and tingling on my rt cheek and nose. my neurological exams indicated cervical stenosis but the imaging didn't back it up. Moderate neural foraminal stenosis c-4/5/6/7,& mild bulging disks c-5/6/7/ T 1/2/3 with extent ion into the dural sack. Nothing that would account for the severity of my symptoms. I was advised it couldn't be my neck at all and further investigations ensued, to no avail. My doctor feels absolutely it is my neck and has referred me to another neurologist this June. I'm barely able to walk around my house. I am still needing a diagnosis. I just want my life back. If there is anything at all that has helped you to regain any measure of function, I would be grateful to hear of it. I go to massage therapy and my therapist applies gentle manual traction to my head and neck, which is the only time I can straighten my leg and there is no pain, anywhere. I received an injection of freezing in c7 and it helped for a little while about 40 minutes.
    I would very much like to hear from anyone with similar issues and what has helped them to return to life.
    Thank you all
  • I feel the same way you do, It almost feels like the doctors don't want to tell you what' s going on. Or, the scarier idea would be that they don't know, and they make up diagnosis to put on paper. I had a physician mark on my records that I was Bi-polar . I couldn't believe my eyes, tis was a pcp doc and no eval for mental health was done. This was because I asked for Prozac 10 mg to get me through my depression due to chronic pain. You definitely have to be pro-active!.. Good luck and keep us posted
  • Welcome to Spine Health. Have you seen a neuro or orthopedic surgeon for diagnosis of your neck problems? If you have not, it is past time for you to see one. The problem with not seeing one is that you can not get an accurate diagnosis, without the proper testing, and not being able to get around your home is a major problem. It sounds like there is some problem with the nerves in the spine, and the only way to treat that is to consult with the surgeon to find out what the cause of it is and what treatment options you may have.


  • I have had back issues for years. I had a fusion done in the lower back in 1995. I then had a fusion done in the neck a couple years earlier. I have been in pain so many years I don't know what is right or wrong. I had a back stimulator put in about 2 years ago and had it remove about 3 months ago. It did not help anymore and needed to get my mri's.
    The mri showed a really bad mess in cervical spine, thoraic, and lumbar spine. The dr sent me to a neurosurgeon that said he didn't know if doing surgery would ease the pain. The only thing that bothers me about this in the neck I have been told by another doctor and the surgeon that if I fell just right or was in a car wreck I could become paralyzed. This has scared me crapless as I have fallen too many times in the past for no reason. I have extreme headaches with the neck being so tight that i feels like it could burst open. Can't stand anyone to touch me either when it is like this.

    My lower back, legs, all the way to the toes are painful and then have electrical shock sensations all the way to the toes. My shins get to hurting so bad that I don't know what to do. Trying to sleep is a challenge at night. With all parts hurting, how do I get comfortable. I am thinking of asking for another opinion for the neck issues. Any suggestions
  • If you aren't satisfied with the answers you have gotten so far, then seeing another surgeon or two , at the biggest medical facilities near you , are a good idea. When you have complex spine issues, going to the largest medical center is a good place to start. They see the more complex cases and have far more experience with areas of the spine than some local surgeons.
    When is the last time that you had an MRI to diagnose the condition of your spine? Who are you seeing now? What treatment options were you given?


  • I've been dealing with cervical spine issues at least since November 2013 (when I got an MRI). Since then I've had brain, thoracic, and lumbar MRIs as well. The only problem, at least seen on MRI, is cervical. Herniated discs at C3-4 and 5-6. Also severe foraminal stenosis, mild canal stenosis. I started out with a chiropractor and stopped after 3 visits when it made it worse. I have since learned from my NS not to use chiropractors for cervical spine problems (hope I didn't do more damage). Then oral steroids, PT, and finally 2 cervical injections. Injections have helped-pain and tingling is less and I can now clean house and not pay for it for the next 3 days. However, some symptoms did not go away and new ones have shown up. My legs are extremely heavy and I have constant nerve twitching in my calves, as well as occasional twitching in abdominal area and occasionally arms. The joints of my thumbs and index fingers ache terribly. My hands are so weak sometimes that I can't peel a potato! But out of all of that, the worst is dizziness, blurred vision, and brain fog. I sometimes cannot remember conversations that I had an hour before. My neurosurgeon says it is not related to my neck. The anasthesiologist who did the ESIs said it does. This is my second NS, and both agreed these symptoms are not neck-related. Also lately I am having very painful bladder spasms that stop me in my tracks. Have seen a urologist and eye doctor and there is nothing wrong that they can see. I haven't discussed these last symptoms with my NS. I don't see him again until July 31. This is becoming very frustrating and even worrisome. I do not go back to work until August, but if my brain fog doesn't clear up, I'm afraid my work will suffer. Anyone have any comments?
  • If I understood you correctly, you last had an MRI in 2013? It might be time for a new one and a consult with a board certified spine surgeon. Worsening of symptoms is a reason to see the spine surgeon. If the one that you were seeing is telling you that the hand symptoms are not related, you may want to find a different surgeon.
    Severe foraminal stenosis is a narrowing of the little areas called foramen where the nerve roots exit from the spinal canal at each levels. http://admin.spine-health.com/forum/announcements/spine-health-announcements/dermatome-map
    The canal stenosis may also have progressed and be related to the symptoms but the only way to find out is to see the correct doctor and have some testing done if they feel it is warranted.
  • Yo should take a look and read the section about Cervical spondylosis under "Supporting Characters" sub-header. It says if left untreated may lead to this condition. Apparently they mostly come from some habits we develop. Here are 10 of them tha tmay be causing your neck and shoulder pain.

  • Hi, My Husband had Cervical Spinal Stenosis w/ myelopathy surgery 2 months ago. He is still having problems walking. His legs start to give out. How long does it take to get his leg strength back? Has anyone had this? Surgeon said he feels that everything else is getting better but it takes awhile for the legs to heal. So frustrating. Now original Nuero. thinks he might have MS. Anyone else with this problem? ):
  • I still have weakness and pain in my legs and it has been a little over 4 months. My legs feel like they are weighed down by cement blocks sometimes when I am walking. I think that it is pretty unknown how long it takes to regain strength after surgery. Mostly because each person and issue is so different from someone else. I have read that someone with myelopathy is going to be near the same before the surgery as after surgery when it comes to myelopathy.
    pamila said:
    Hi, My Husband had Cervical Spinal Stenosis w/ myelopathy surgery 2 months ago. He is still having problems walking. His legs start to give out. How long does it take to get his leg strength back? Has anyone had this? Surgeon said he feels that everything else is getting better but it takes awhile for the legs to heal. So frustrating. Now original Nuero. thinks he might have MS. Anyone else with this problem? ):
    Tracie C
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