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Surgery for C1-C2 & C5-C6 neck fusion

Surgery has now been scheduled for fusions for C1-C2 and C5-C6 and it now will be done through the back. Has anyone had this procedure? Can anyone tell me what to expect as far as the procedure, pain recovery time and outcome? Am very nervous and anxious to get it over with. Thank you.


  • While I haven't had the exact same procedure I did have a posterior fusion and laminectomy. posterior surgeries are a bit rougher recovery because they have to cut the muscles away from the vertebrae. So it takes a whilefor that to heal up. When I woke up, not to scare you and keep in mind that my surgery went from C3-T4, my back was the most horrific pain I have evrendured whenever I tried to move. That lasted for 2 of the 6 days I stayed in the hospital (thank sweet baby jesus for dilaudid haha). Wish you the best and hope your surgery recover goes far better than mine.
  • I had posterior fusion from my skull to C3, with plates and screws. Don't rush recovery it takes a few months. It is painful, but the meds they give do help. From what I have heard the outcome varies, mine was not as I hoped it would be. Best wishes to you!
  • RuffeoRuffeo Posts: 12
    edited 09/10/2013 - 2:15 PM
    I did a lot of reading before my surgery (c1/2fixation Harms technique). My husband said I was mad reading all the horror stories, but I found it comforting to know that others were out there, also it is very clear that everyone is different. We all have different pain tolerance levels, and rates of recovery vary. How did your surgery go and what has the recovery been like - I am 7 weeks post op!
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