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Exercise after Laminectomy

My decompression laminectomy and synovial cyst removal was August 5th. I feel great now and am walking 4 miles a day with no pain and using weight machines. Do I still have to worry about the nerve root healing and why? How was it affected by the surgery, except for the removal of the lamina and "cleanup"? What are the repurcussions? Can I run now?


  • You should only ask your surgeon these questions. Almost all surgeons provide you with a list of post op instructions that the patient is to follow, and a follow up appointment or series of them to track your progress after surgery. Patients really need to follow those instructions and restrictions given until you are medically cleared to resume those activities, otherwise no matter how good you feel right now, doing those activities too soon can put you right back or in worse condition than you were prior to the surgery....
    When do you see the doctor again?
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