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ACD&F Surgery and post operative pain

If you check my other posts (search "lansur") you will see my history of pain following post acd&f neck surgery on C4,5; 5,6; and 6,7. All alternative medicine and relevant treatments have been pursued, to no avail. Has anyone received benefit from local freezing in the cervical area? Or any other relief that is relatively long lasting? I am really tired of lying in bed - which is really the only relief I get from this constant neck pain. I used to be very physically active and ran constantly; (I am 68 and have run 6 marathons in the 5 years previous to my first surgery; now I am confined to my bed.)


  • Lansur,
    I believe there are some people that had somekind of hardware failure. I myself had June 25th. Posterial C3 to C7 and from pictures it looks like all metal neck. Wore a collar for 3 months and once collar came off completely I had intense physical therapy . What do the doctors say? One of the spines on here was in bed for 3years in pain until another doctor seen her and fixed some of her pain. So sorry that you are having so many problems. I'm still on muscle relaxer and 10/325. Norco. Maybe. 2 to 6. Depends. By 6:00 pm I am a I am all done and need to lay neck down. Something must be wrong. Did you wear a collar?

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