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Butran Patches

FibrosufferFFibrosuffer Posts: 1
edited 07/05/2014 - 7:48 AM in Pain Medications
Has anyone tried Butran Patches for pain? I've been on morphine ER 30 mg for over a year and get some relief but not a lot. Of course my rheumatologist explains that with fibro our pain receptors don't work right, so we don't get the full benefits from pain meds that others would. But I also have very bad CFS, and I am very fatigued despite taking Nuvigil, so my doctor is looking to switch some of my meds that cause sedation. I am curious if anyone has tried the patches, and if so, do they work for pain relief? I'm also curious as to what I am looking at in weaning off the morphine, has anyone had any experience with this?

I would also welcome any suggestions from any other ppl that suffer from fibro and CFS. I have had it for 4 years now, I lost my job this year and lost everything else including my house. I would love to at least have some hope that maybe one day I will at least have a life, I know it will never be the life I had, but any life would be better than living in horrible pain daily. I have had to use a walker approximately 50 percent of the time to walk ever since I got serotonin syndrome eighteen months ago. I'm also not totally convinced that the doctors are not missing something, I have not met anyone with fibro as bad as I have it.


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  • hello there...i feel your pain! they told me in 2000 i had fibromyalgia and now i am walking with a walker too! i am also going for my last test for MS 'evoke' potentials ' they don't think i have this but i don't believe these drs. any more and my husband is one of them!
    i have right ankle weakness and right foot drag...i get fasciculations in my right calf, spasms in my right butt and right foot, fasciculations in my tongue along with electric shock feeling in my tongue and roof of my mouth , occassionly i have fasciculations in my lip and left wrist. do you have any of these symptoms. GOOD LUCK to both of us.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,856
    for the first time.
    I've been on a low maintenance level of narcotics (5mg Oxycodone) along with other non-narcotic medications. This has been my first week with the 5 mcg/hour patches. I have been very impressed so far. Normally, come 4 or 6 in the afternoon, my legs and arms start to 'jitter' I need to constantly move around shaking them to get any relief. I would take two 5mg tables of Oxycodone in within 45 minutes I would feel better. This has been my nightly occurrence for over 4 years now! With the patch, I have not gone into that arm/leg problem. To me, that is a major breakthrough and I am so very pleased. I still need some breakthrough oxycodone to get by an entire day, but I am sure hoping that the ongoing use of these patches will eliminate the need for any breakthrough medication.

    So in simple terms... I AM A HAPPY CAMPER right now!
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Hello all, new to the site and I have been on the butran patch for about 9 months and I love it when its working. I use a 15mgc/hour and it is as much as i can take without it making me sick to my stomach. I was on 10mgc/hour at first and after the first few days nausea it smoothed out nicely but the med runs out at day 5 not day 7. My PM increased the dose to 20mcg and I could not keep anything down. Violent vomiting, had to take it off. Then i got the 15mgc and I get great relief but still for only 5 days. Our daily temperatures have reached into the 100's and I have notice with sweating i get a drastic increase in dosage and then the patch runs out in three to four days. This caused me to be without the patch for 3 days and I suffered from the strongest anxiety of my life. I could see this being a life or death side effect depending on your level of training to deal with deep depressions or anxiety. I have a call in to my PM to see if there is something we can do while it is so hot to keep the results i get when the patch is working well. Has anyone else suffered from this heat related effect? I also get damage to my skin under the patch to a larger degree when the outside temps are high. Looks almost like 3rd degree burns. Im afraid with the emotional side effects to just pull the patch off when it is putting too much medicine into my system, but i dont like the vomiting either. Any suggestions?
  • I have been on the Butrans patches for almost a year, and I am very pleased with the pain coverage as well as the low number of side effects. I do at times feel the medication runs out sooner than 7 days, more so during hot weather. Last summer, I was able to get a prescription to change the patch every 5 days instead of 7, which helped. I have been doing ok this summer, back on the 7 day schedule, maybe due to some other meds changes, so I am pleased. However, I am much more itchy in the summer under the patches due to increased perspiration. It is also harder to find a place to apply the patch with a summer wardrobe (since I'd rather they didn't show). So far, the benefits outweigh the problems for me.
  • I had a second cervical fusion March 25 on C4. I woke up feeling great. I didn't feel the constant pain in back of my neck. But I told the doctor before I left that my fingers were stinging and going numb. He said to give him three months. Well my question is how long does it take to fuse ? And I have really bad muscle spasms in my neck through my shoulders. My MRI looked like the screw was encroaching into my spinal cord. I feel all the horrible pains and numbness I had before the surgery. Is it normal to feel this pain until fusion is complete?
    My first fusion was fine until felt a painful pop. I also heard the sound. The disc above C5 fusion collapsed. So I have not felt a successful cervical fusion. So can someone that has a successful cervical fusion please talk to me about my experience .
  • Your question would be better asked in the surgical forums.......It takes time for the nerves to recover once the impingement or compression is relieved post op. It can take several months for the nerves to recover. You should see improvement over the the coming months.
    If your screw is looking like there is contact with the cord, it is something you need to talk to your surgeon about. I would make an appointment with your surgeon, and have him go over the new MRI with you and discuss what may be going on.

  • I also am using the patch 15mcg. I have noticed that after 5 days the same as some of you. I did not seem to work as well with me so we went to 20mcg and I could not tolerate the nightmares and insomnia that came with it. I called the manufacuter and they sent me to the pharmacy and told me that out of 5,000 patient trials less then 1% had reaction like this. I then went back down to the 15mcg. I still have to take maybe 4 to 6 norcos a day but I suffer from more nerve pain down legs and I have aggressive arthritis in my lumbar. Thank goodness after my deductible they pay 100% since these patches are pricey. For 1 month it was $350.00. As far as once the patch comes off I do have a raised like hive but calms down in a couple of days. My PM said that I will have to move up to 20mcg again since I will become tolerant and need a higher dose. I will cross that bridge when I have to. I am so glad to hear that other people are using this since I could not find anyone with the usage when I was having problems. I dropped down from 2400 of gabapentin to 800 and maybe that's the reason why I am not seeing as much relieve as I would like. PM wanted to put me on Topamax but I had a reaction to that so I was weaning off gabapentin to begin Topamax.
  • sandisandi Posts: 6,343
    edited 07/10/2014 - 4:22 PM
    spray it on the area where you will apply the patch......let it completely air dry...........then apply the patch. The antihistamine prevents the rash/burn, while allowing the medication to still be absorbed.
    I used to get a nasty rash that wept from fentanyl and the pharmacist recommended using nasacort I believe it was.
    It worked wonders.
    I also found that moving the patch to an area that I was less likely to sweat in, ie the calf or side of the calf worked wonders in preventing overheating of the patches and made them less likely to cause the spike in medication due to heat issues.
  • I will have to try that.
  • It's important to remember that there is no test for fibromyalgia. There is a list of symptoms. In the past you had to have a certain number of trigger points firing to receive the diagnosis. My doctor says the guidelines have changed making fibromyalgia more common. I've been incorrectly diagnosed in the past as have many. I once raised the subject at 'Moms Group' & every woman in the room had either been diagnosed at some point or had a friend, family member who had. My friend has been diagnosed but doesn't have pain just fatigue & depression!!! It's a very confusing subject.

    My brother-in-law is the manager of a large group of doctors practices in the UK & reports that they are now testing for autonomic disorders in many difficult fibromyalgia cases. If your symptoms seem different or more extreme than others it's well worth looking into. There's a forum dedicated to fibromyalgia here, it's well worth checking out to hear other people's experiences.
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • JAM661JJAM661 Posts: 121
    edited 07/14/2014 - 3:10 PM
    Today there seems like there are a lot of people who are being told by there doctors that they have fibromyalgia. I wonder how many people really have it instead doctors stating they have it when there is not something major seen on a MRI or other tests to account for there pain. I have not really read a lot on the topic but it seems more doctors are stating that opiate medications does not help decrease some ones pain if they have fibromyalgia. Are some pain patients being told they have this disorder because the doctor does not believe the patients is in much pain and just does not want to prescribe any narcotics to them. Just a thought.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,856
    Just give us some time to digest all of this. I know you forwarded a copy of an article you wanted to post. When it got to me, I said ok to that.
    Unfortunately, between Liz, Sandi and myself, we work on different schedules and we always try our best to keep each other informed as to whats going on. Some things fall through the crack, but only for a little while.

    I am asking you as a long time member here, who knows what the moderator team stands for. Let us do what we need to do, please dont call us out or Spine-Health for things that just dont seem right.

    We do our best as volunteers who have our own medical problems that we need to deal with and at times we are in the middle of flare ups.. But still we try to do the best we can Please try to understand
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • I live in Texas-very hot summers. I also feel like the effectiveness of the Butrans patch wears off in 5 days or less depending on time spent in the heat and heavy perspiration.. I've been telling my PM this but they ignore me. At my last appt I was told I've failed four drug screens in past year d/t butrans not showing up in urine. I wear those patches as ordered. Sometimes when they fall off saturated with sweat I have to let them dry before reapplying. Manufacturer recommends new patch if one falls off but not possible with a supply4 for the 4 weeks.
  • I put on my first 20mcg/hr patch yesterday and today pain is quite mild! I've been lucky that for me the patches stay stuck on and the relief lasts the full week. I would encourage people to try these if your doctor suggests them.
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