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New Laws or Rules regarding Pharmacys filling Meds?

Hope I posted this in the right place I am new trying hard to do it right and yes I have read the rules.
I was just thinking what does everyone think about starting a new Topic for issues to do with getting meds?
Maybe it would help us all so we are not surprised by what we face when we go to get our Prescriptions filled.
I spent 4 hrs yesterday (in so much --- pain from getting in and out of the car and stores). I set in my truck and cried
I hate to say it but according to the numbers those who are creating this hell will either experience themselves or
a loved one. I wouldn't wish it on anyone but get real take a look at the circumstances of what happened when a
person died to overdose instead they lump us all together.
I know the statistics of how many die due to overdose but I also know the numbers of those who die in hospitals or
leave with death causing infections. Why is that not on the news and why the hell isn't the FDA and others making
them accountable. The whole mess is a horrible inhumane way to treat those suffering.
Sick of it wish there was a way we could go before these people with our point of view.
Sorry really gets my blood burning since not once have I crossed the line, stopped drinking and took all my meds back to my PCP if I could not take them.
I pray for all of us cause I think it is going to get so so much worse.
Thanks I went on too long.


  • I have been in pain management on and off for more than 25 years and yes, things have changed drastically during that time.
    It went from only those who had cancer and intractable, legimately intractable pain, to the overuse and overprescribing of opiates for every little injury that someone had- toothaches, sprains, strains, etc to what we are currently dealing with. It seems that things tend to run in circles in life and we are seeing the ramifications of too many years of over prescribing , and misuse of medications to the unfair judgements that we are dealing with now.
    There has to be some balance- and I think that while some of the over mothering we are seeing is too much, there are some aspects that used reasonably could help curb some of the abuse and misuse that has been occurring for so long.
    I like the prescription monitoring programs, since that seems to be the most effective way of watching for patients who are doctor shopping, getting multiple prescriptions for opiates and other drugs that are often abused, and it tracks those unethical prescribers who are overmedicating some people.....but the judgements we face by pharmacists and the public at large are in large part due to the rampant television ads about abuse- it gives the perception to the general public that anyone who takes opiates for pain is a drug addict when that is far from the truth.
    I think that anyone who has been in a proper pain management program for any length of time has faced judgement somewhere- be it from other doctors, family, friends, co-workers, or the pharmacist.
    It's sad that this is where we are, but while we do need some checks and balances to prevent abuse/misuse, we don't need the governement monitoring our every move either.
  • There has been a series of articles in my area about this recently. One of the things they mentioned was a person who had been dealing with chronic pain for so long could not get their meds and overdosed on heroin. Its pretty sad that legitimate people in pain are resorting to this because they can't get their medications for whatever reason; and of course, the article doesn't mention the reason because that might not have the same shock value if it were told that it was a pharmacy issue or another problem that wasn't the patients fault.

    The reason for the overdose is because according to the article, the Heroin going around at the time was almost 100% pure and people who've never done it before ended up overdosing. Personally I am so tired of this that I wish the drug addicts would go back to heroin and leave pain meds alone, the paper said that the heroin was cheaper to buy in the first place! Lately around here, the pharmacies have been saying that they are ordering the medication, they are just not receiving it or not receiving as much of it. I've had to wait days for mine to come in and I'm on a low dose, three times a day. (granted Because of my contract, I didn't try any other pharmacies, just another chain, but no luck. If i have this problem again next month, I might not have a choice. Luckily this was on a weekend and I didn't have to work, or I would have ended up missing work - and I hate to miss work).

    Another thing I've read about the over-dose deaths relating to opiates is that they usually include another substance, or another reason, such as alcohol or another substance taken at the same time. Or a person who had a heart attack or a stroke, who just happened to be on opiates, they tend to label as a narcotic death to pad their numbers. I read this in an article recently, unfortunately I cant remember which one it was so I can't verify it at the moment, so please don't jump down my throat, this is simply second hand information, but it does make some sense.

    Sorry if I got off topic a bit. I agree with Sandi, I think the prescription monitoring program is a great tool, but again, unfortunately, people will always find a way around it, one was or another.
  • related deaths as well but those are related to those who have had abuse histories to begin with. Part of this newest surge of heroin related deaths is due in part to the prescription monitoring programs, because those who were able at one time to go into any urgent care/doc in a box, or their GP and walk out with a refillable prescription for opiates- percocet/vicoden, can't do that any more, and those who doctor shopped can't get away with it, at least in my state due to the new database and requirements that doctors must check to see what scheduled meds the patient has gotten recently, and the pharmacist must also check again before filling the prescription, so that has cut back drastically on the ability to get those meds for those who abused them.....now, heroin is making a comeback, and sadly, people are dying either due to overdose or combinations of heroin, other drugs, or alcohol or a combination of those.
    I have long thought that those who abused street drugs , but found they were able to get them far easier for just a copay from their doctor and pharmacy, would return to the street drugs when all of these regulations were put into place......sadly, now we are seeing it .
    And there is some new version of heroin that is deadly because it is mixing fentanyl and heroin together. It's really scary to read about.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,865
    heroin seems to be the drug of choice from High School students to College Students.

    Said, but very true. We have had more deaths due to heroin overdue the past 12 months then we did have with all combined drug and alcohol abuse for the past 3 years.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Yikes, heroin and Fentnyl? This is getting very scary indeed. It just bugs me that the legitimate patients are getting mixed in with all of this and it just makes it harder for us. I don't mind jumping through the hoops, I don't mind at all, I just wish the media and DEA, pharmacies, etc would realize that there is a big difference between the abuser/addict and the legitimate patient and stop lumping us together. Because in the articles that have been going on here lately, they don't differentiate much between the two. Sorry this is just one of those things that drives me bonkers.

    The one good thing they did mention in the articles though is the need for additional resources for rehab and programs to help, which i agree we are lacking, especially the mental health aspect. The mental health budget here has been pretty much nil but I think that's beginning to change finally, I read where one of our hospital systems just pledged some 40+ million to add a mental service wing to their hospital, and maybe that too will help some people and save some lives.
  • A few years ago just about anyone could get opiates at one of 100's of dishonest pain clinic. Today in FL the exact opposite is happen. Today the pharmacies are choosing not to sell medications like MS-Contin Fentnyl patches ect. All prescription must have a code listing the reason why the medication is prescribed. Many pharmacies that are carrying the medication are choosing to only fill prescriptions for cancer patient. It is not uncommon for a patient to visit 20 different pharmacies to get it filled. I have a good friend that had major surgery and the doctor order 30 Percocet for her. In major pain we went to 8 pharmacies before it finally got filled. In FL this is really a major problem and state leaders are very aware about the problem. Meanwhile chronic pain patients suffer.
  • I had a severe knee injury back around 1980 (workman's comp..) and was out of work for over 2 years before they'd okay surgery. I was seeing 2 doctors and both would write me anything I wanted, no questions asked. I had so much pain medication on hand, I never had to even consider running out.

    Now, I can't get my current rx filled just anywhere. It seems that some chains like Target won't stock the heavier opiates. Other places have to order it. I do have one place that has it all the time.

    The heroin problem by me has just taken off dramatically, which goes with local pill pushers who are now in jail. A couple years back, we had a father's day killing in a local drug store, 4 people were killed and the thief made off with 12,000 opiate pills of some sort. They caught him and his wife shortly after and recovered maybe 10% of what they stole.

    Some drug stores will not even sell anything that is opiate-based and have signs saying so. Which does make it hard for honestly hurting people that need them.

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  • scinmyheartsscinmyheart Posts: 76
    edited 02/22/2014 - 2:16 AM
    I had to fill my last Rx on Jan 23 for 90 MS Contin 15mg...went to my usual Walgreen's and they were out...they called the next closest one to me and they were out. So, I went home to check my insurance website for additional pharmacies. I called 14 pharmacies before I found one who had it in stock...granted, two would not give any info over the phone (yes, I was calling to scope them out for my next robbery), and two mom and pop ones did not carry it. Also, one had already filled their "quota" for the month. So, it was the 10th one that had any in stock. 40 minutes later when I got there, someone else had come in and had a Rx filled for 60, so they only had 60 left...so that meant they only had 120 in stock. I figured it was best to go ahead and get the last 60, so they wrote 3per day for 20 days. I had to call my pain mgmt to let them know I was filling at a different pharmacy, and I had to go and get another prescription written for z30 count for 10 days. I hope I do not have to go through the same b.s. On Monday.

    Here in TN, they are all paranoid about pills...pharmacy will not fill on 29 days even if insurance allows without doctor written authorization...starting to "force" procedures on you although you have already tried them with no success if you want the Rx to keep being written...and if you open your mouth, you're kicked out for being non compliant...

    Post edited by Sandi for inappropriate forum language. The use of profanity is not permitted on Spine-Health forums. Please see the forum rules for more information.

  • SarahLindeauSarahLindeau Posts: 767
    edited 02/22/2014 - 8:59 AM
    This is a hard life for anyone who is legitimately in pain. While I was on my way to my last appointment with my doctor before my fusion surgery, I was listening to my favorite talk radio channel here in Minnesota. The subject? Hydro condone and other opiates and how they are over-prescribed. I listened all the way to my appointment, 20 miles, with a deep sadness in my heart. They took call after call from people, cops, pharmacists, who, one after another, lambasted the criminal doctors and dangerous narcotic abusers and generally lamented the whole situation. I wanted to call in and speak my opinion, but hearing every single caller demand for "more oversight" made ME feel like a criminal, even though I am legally obtaining my hydro condone on a need-basis for legitimate use for my back pain. It was soul crushing to listen to and it's unfair.

    I wish things could be different- that patients who really do need these drugs weren't lumped into the abuser group. Are people breaking the law? Yes. Am I? Not a chance. But I feel terrible about it anyways :(
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  • terror8396tterror8396 Posts: 1,832
    edited 02/22/2014 - 11:23 AM
    i never have had a problem filling my oxy or my fenatyl lollipops. i have them compounded and have gone to the same pharmacy for years. i refuse to go to the big time pharmacies. i have had in the past, and still did not have a problem with filling narcotics. i live in california so maybe the land of nuts and kooks and wacos explains it. it is a liberal state and i live in the heart of wacovlle, 35 miles south of san francisco. help me i have no issues because i have an honest fact and am extreemly good looking and of course modest.
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
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