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Withdrawal from Suboxone

rmp67rrrmp67r Posts: 32
edited 04/04/2014 - 10:02 AM in Pain Medications
I haven't posted on this forum in a long time but wanted some feedback on my situation. I've been posting on a depression forum since the pain meds have caused me to go back into a depression. I was on pain meds for years and the Vicodin cravings grew over a period of time. I finally let dr. know since I was tired of dealing with trying not to run out of a months supply in a few weeks. He put me on Suboxone last year and I'm weaning off now. I had 8mg films I cut in half then keep trying to take 2 mg but get anxiety after a few days so then take 4mg again. I have 1 last prescription left to fill then hopefully will be off all control substances. However, when I went to fill it last Friday, they had to order it which is no problem. they also said the Dr. did not put his number on it that goes with the DEA number. I had enough to last for 5-6 days so no problem. it had now been a week and the Dr. will not return calls and I've run out. I called his office 12 times leaving 3 messages with no luck.
Out of shear frustration and scared about going through withdrawal with this, I filed a complaint with the Texas Medical Board. This is really crazy that I have to go thru this. I didn't like filing since he is a good Dr. but his office is incompetent. I doubt that he's even aware of my situation.
I'm just wondering if anyone else has issues with scripts written with not enough info on them and the pharmacy always having to call Dr.
I'm writing this at 2am since I can't sleep more than a few hours anymore.

Thx for listening/reading.



  • mcjimjammmcjimjam Posts: 307
    edited 04/04/2014 - 12:26 AM
    If the missing number is his prescriber number it may be on previous prescriptions if you have any, also it should be on other scripts he has written you. The pharmacy might have your old scripts on file. I am in Australia so it may be different over there. Also, if you can't get through to the docs office on the phone could you go there in person? That is what I would do.
  • Did this doctor provide you with a tapering plan for the suboxone? If I were you, I would return to the office with the prescription in hand and get a properly filled out one.
    This issue with the use of suboxone is one that I have heard before, and seems to be a problem when it comes to tapering off it....when it is used for getting a chronic pain patient off opiates, it should be used at the lowest, effective dose to ease withdrawal symptoms, usually no more than 2 mg per day....then quickly stopped after use of no more than a week...
    Use of suboxone long term is totally unnecessary unless you are dealing with addiction issues, and even then, it still should be used at the lowest effective dose.....instead patients are being kept on higher doses, for extended periods of time when not used to treat addiction.....and wind up having a very difficult time tapering off....
    The taper should be maintained, not gone up and down in dosage, which only prolongs the taper.....your body will adjust, after each reduction, but going back up only serves to feed the body's cravings.
    Before reporting the medical practice, it would have been far wiser and less complicated to go directly to the office and get a new script before engaging the medical board.......the doctor's office may have decided not to continue to taper you after they were notified of the complaint.
  • My last Doc appt was in Feb and he told me how to taper. This was my last script. I was to take 2 mg per day or 4 if I felt withdrawals. This is a good Dr. but they have consistently left off numbers and the pharmacy has to call them. CVS might be too particular because they didn't care that I had it filled there before and they had his numbers. I have heard of people taking high dosages indefinitely and I didn't know why. I started when I had Vicodin cravings out of control i year ago. it's just too scary to think that they are so irresponsible about patients going into withdrawal or at least the staff is. this isn't just a patient needing info and wanting a call back. This is very risky to a person's health and the office is being negligent. I did call the doc Fri. when the Dr. was at his other location and a girl answered tight away saying she would call CVS and call back. she didn't call back so I called CVS. The pharmacists said the # the Dr. office gave didn't work then said his tech did it. He tried and then after a few min said he over rode it and it went thru. I really think it's a lot of CVS but the Dr. office has no right to put a patient at risk by not responding after a week, not just a few days.
    Anyway, I do have the medication now and I seem to be ok on 2 mg.

    Thx for the feedback.
  • sandisandi Posts: 6,343
    edited 04/06/2014 - 4:24 AM
    Just a suggestion, but I always check my prescriptions before I leave the office for any errors, dosage, dates, to make sure that all of the information is on there. Since this is a recurring issue, I would start checking before you leave. That way, you can avoid the issues with the pharmacy and with not getting a timely response.
  • I finally got the last script of 2mg Suboxone Friday afternoon so I took 2mg that evening. I took another 2mg Saturday evening then woke up during the night and didn't feel well at all. I took 2 mg Sunday morning and slept till 3 pm. I thought I could just take 2mg. in the evening for a month then quit. For the last month, I have been taking 2mg then getting shaky on the 3rd day and have to take 4mg. I need to stabilize to 2 mg. but this is hard. I don't want to take another 2mg tonight. I'm going to wait till tomorrow evening and take another 2mg. I probably shouldn't have taken the 2mg this morning but just put up with being tired.
    I'm just rambling.
  • EnglishGirlEEnglishGirl Posts: 1,825
    edited 04/06/2014 - 2:08 PM
    I've heard that Suboxone is a horrible medication to come off of, I really feel for you. The last thing you needed was all the frustrations with your last prescription. Apart from the withdrawals how are you doing? Please don't let this get to you too much. We understand & we're here for you. You can do this! ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • sandisandi Posts: 6,343
    edited 04/07/2014 - 2:13 AM
    If I were you it might be wiser to talk to your prescribing doctor about possibly using a different med to finish this taper. This situation is exactly why I don't like seeing suboxone used as a means to get someone off opiates when they were taking them for pain, unless the sub is used only for a week at the absolute minimal dosing to handle the withdrawal symptoms then off the sub. There is no medical purpose to keeping a CP patient on suboxone for any length of time unless there are addiction issues.
  • I have been struggling with tapering off Suboxone for a month now. I tried going down from 4mg to 3 mg for 5 days then I start getting anxiety withdrawals. I have to take 2 mg now for my tapering schedule for another 5 days then go to 3/4 of a 2mg strip. How long will these withdrawals last? Can I just hope that after 4 days or so my body will acclimate and just put up with the anxiety until then? Why is it so hard to go down by just 1 mg?
    I don't want to spend another $75 for Dr. just to be told they can't do anything either. I can't afford that.
  • Your situation is one that I have read about over and over......and why I feel as I do about the use of suboxone to take a patient off opiates.....My understanding is that with suboxone used to taper, it should be no more than 2-4 mg for a very short period of time- a week.......at the most.
    Now, for you, I would either suggest one of two things, changing you over to a completely different opiate, which can be used to finish the taper and off, over a week or so......or reducing the amount of suboxone steadily, until you are at 25% of a two mg strip, then reducing that in half for no more than two or three days, then cutting that quarter into half again, doing the same and then stopping, or if it is too much, only dosing every other day....for two days, then stopping. Suboxone does seem indeed to have more withdrawal symptoms for longer periods of time.....but go slow, and steady. Whatever you do, do NOT increase your dose.......your body will acclimate, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. Also , one other suggestion, see if you can extend the time frame between dosing......you take it in the morning, see if you can stretch it to the afternoon, before you need to take it....changing the way your body expects to see the sub may help
  • I am about to run out of Suboxone without being able to even go from 4mg to 3 mg without getting shaky. I can't go back to Dr. since I put in complaint. I went to psychiatrist assistant that prescribes my Cymbalta and let her know what I was going through. She said I had a valid complaint which made me feel better. She called another Dr. that prescribes Suboxone and I will call him in the morning. She talked to him and he will see me. I was worried that I would become untouchable to Dr. since I filed a complaint.
    I'm just scared of what lies ahead if I can't get in to see Dr.
  • The suboxone has a long half life, so you should be fine until you can see the doctor tomorrow.....but make sure to talk to the doctor regarding a slow taper, and whatever you do, you have to stick with the dosage reduction table.......don't go back up. All that accomplishes is prolonging the tapering, and driving up your body's tolerance to the suboxone.
    I know that this isn't easy, but it is really important that you follow the taper exactly........
  • Does anyone know how long I can expect the Suboxone withdrawal to take?. I was on 4 mg/day but have been up and down trying to take 3 mg for 4 days which wouldn't work then go up to 4 mg again. I've been doing this for a couple of months now. How long does this take to get out of system?

  • sandisandi Posts: 6,343
    edited 05/07/2014 - 6:53 AM
    keep going back up in dosage.Doing that is prolonging the taper and making it that much more difficult. You have to work through each cut in dose and stick with that dose until the next step down.
  • Did you see your dr today??
  • I have only 3 2mg films and have the jitters and not sleeping. The psychiatrist assistant just prescribes Cymbalta but she gave me a Dr name that prescribes Sub but he couldn't see me till 5/22. So, i'm stuck with facing withdrawing like this. I took 1 mg yesterday and 1 today. I'll take another 1 mg for the next 2 days then 05 mg till I'm finished. That's my only option.
    I just want to know what to expect. When I withdrew from Vicodin about 18 mo ago, I had the jitters for a few days then nothing then a horrible 2-3 week long withdrawal. Am I facing that again? I need to get some food and supplements in here to help with process.
    Does anyone know what I can expect?
  • I feel horrible, a lot of anxiety, shakiness from finishing off the last little 1/8 of 2 mg piece. I'm using muscle relaxants and bendedryl to sleep a her hours at a time. How long will this last. it is horrible.

    thanks anyone for feedback, I'
    feel my whole works going down hill.
  • In full blown withdrawal and the anxiety level is high.I got some Lorazapam from Dr. 05.mg. Which is like taking aspirin. she then called me in some stronger stuff to take at night but this anxiety is high and I had to take t muscle relaxants, and benedryl to get to slew. i finally got to sleep but woke up with it starting a lll over again. i tool 1 Lorozapam and 2 muscle relaxants that let me sleep for a fee hours.
    so, this is the 2nd day. how may really bad days are there ahead of me?
    does anyone have any idea of how they worked through the anxiety? i was only on5 mg for 4 days down from 1.5 for 5 days.

    any help is appreciated. i have vitamins and protein drink and drink water.a

    just very scared and unnerved.
  • Have you contacted the suboxone doctor? I recommended that you do that back on the 7th to discuss the tapering process you were on. Unfortunately, it appears that you haven't, and as I told you previously in this thread a few times that going back up in dose only prolonged the process...
    I don't know what kind of taper you did, or if you even followed one at this point, but if I were you, I would contact the suboxone doctor for information regarding suboxone. If you were taking more than you were supposed to during the taper, you may have a rough time. Going up and down in dosage, and not following a slow taper can and as I told you earlier, would make this whole process worse.
    Contact your doctor for assistance.
  • I have several issues with pain and I ended up going to the Methadone Clinic because my Dr had me on Percocet and I got addicted. It was awful because I was truly in pain but I needed more and more of the Percocet to handle the pain. Then of course he just quit writting my scripts after I already became addicted. It sucks to be hooked on pain pills but in a lot of pain at the same time! The Methadone used to work great but I have been on it for almost 7 yrs and of course here comes the pain breaking through again! I can't keep going up and up for the rest of my life! I feel that long term pain med use has caused a lot of my problems! For starters I am really depressed, I have horrible cold sweats, I have severe dry mouth and it has given me my 1st set of cavities, and I now have Hypothyroidism & Fibromyalgia! I had none of these issues before! I also have bulging & herniated discs in my neck and 2 cysts in my head and an aneurysm but I know those probably aren't from the Methadone! Why do they put you on pain meds just to jerk you right back off of them, when its already too late? I feel for you, I really do! I think Suboxone and Methadone are the worst and hardest thing to come off of! Withdrawal on top of pain, on top of depression is enough to send anyone over the edge! Doctors can't understand unless they have actually been in your shoes! When detoxing the key is to go SUPER SLOW and to take it as easy as possible! I don't know if you work but you will need time off when you get really low on your dose! I know this sounds crazy but I would try to plan ahead for your detoxing. Keep a lot of bland foods in your fridge during this time, like pudding cups or ice pops, anything to keep you hydrated. When I was going through withdrawl I didn't want to eat but you will have to get something on your stomach and I find that ice cream was all I could eat! When you are going through withdrawal you will not feel like doing anything so I would get my bills paid in advance or whatever else that you know you will have to do. I would tell your family & friends that you will need them to really pitch in and be supportive during this time! I know you don't want to get addicted to anything else, but when you start feeling really bad towards the end maybe your Dr can give you a mild sedative? I really hope you get through this and I am there for you Sister, because I can empathize with you! I wish you luck and I know you are stronger than you think, we all are! Good Luck...Jana P.S. Sorry so long
  • In full blown withdrawal and the anxiety level is high.I got some Lorazapam from Dr. 05.mg. Which is like taking aspirin. she then called me in some stronger stuff to take at night but this anxiety is high and I had to take t muscle relaxants, and benedryl to get to slew. i finally got to sleep but woke up with it starting a lll over again. i tool 1 Lorozapam and 2 muscle relaxants that let me sleep for a fee hours.
    so, this is the 2nd day. how may really bad days are there ahead of me?
    does anyone have any idea of how they worked through the anxiety? i was only on5 mg for 4 days down from 1.5 for 5 days.

    any help is appreciated. i have vitamins and protein drink and drink water.a

    just very scared and unnerved.
  • You're seeming to have a lot of trouble with this and if it's getting this bad maybe the ER would be the best option help you out.

    Also, at this point I think you should be posting in a drug/sobriety/withdrawal forum for more specific advice. We aren't the people with the right experience to help you with this type of problem and I think those sites could help you much more than we could, sorry.
  • I hope that you are feeling better, but I continue to encourage you to contact your doctor. We can't help you with this process, and unfortunately, we can't advise you how long it might take or what other things to do.
    I would be very, very careful of taking more of the anxiety meds than you are supposed to......doing that, is only going to create another withdrawal issue for you once you get through this. ONLY take them when you absolutely need them and only in the amount prescribed to you.......there is no easy way around this......you need to get through it.
  • it's going from bad to worse. Last night i had really bad restless leg and had to hop up and down just to wear myself out. Today I feel jittery and tired with anxiety. My PM doc said all I have to do is take 2 mg then quit which would ave mad it much worse. do you know of any drug sobriety forum?
    I need you prayers.
  • sandisandi Posts: 6,343
    edited 05/23/2014 - 9:56 AM
    I sent you some information regarding some help
  • How are you doing RMP? I was just thinking about you and wondering how things are going. If you come back to this post let us know.

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  • Hey ya'll. This isn't an exaggeration, I hope someone can embrace that, as upon reading, I am alarmed. Your doses, omg. I just got shut down flat from 4- 8Mg daily. I'm a human, sympathy cravings are natural. But kinda pale in comparison to the cloud that is rapidly forming in my very near future based on simple math I refuse to do yet seem to not prevent. If it's that bad, and I do not doubt you, what is coming for me?
  • side note. 7 years ago I sat it out, cold. Bring me time travel to go back and soundly beat the me what took a hydro, though I don;t remember doing it. 8 months of sick, plus an addition of one I've not read about that is EASILY beyond the worst, this irritation, tickling restless sensation between my shoulder blades. I remember back then doing...anything just to make it feel different, cessation being unrealistic. Ball peen hammer, boiling water, a knife at one point. Pain was relief, and really the only difference I by myself was able to have as means in which to affect it. And it's back. The urge to blame someone truely brings home deeper understanding of a loyal pet suffering advanced rabies. Why they're so dangerous, and the treatment as well. 8 mg tabs, 4 a day, 2 years straight. Doc went on a 2 week vacay the morning a nurse practitioner literally used the term junkyrefusing even a single word from me, even invoked that imaginary place called rehab, like it's widely known and tucked in the back corner of local wal-mart. Ran a sick loved one out of hydros 3 weeks early, and I am all about self punishment. I didn't squel once. Not me. My body did. Wasn't up to me. ! week of 1-3 a day, 1 week of one a day. Still Id rather have taken them than load 5 in a 12 guage cartridge and removing that circle of hell on my back from the rest of me. Oh no. Really. Second go round, 8 months wasted, over a decade of seconds. Cry for help? Similar to saying "I'm kinda sad" in a refugee camp. Making yourself a target isn't an option, nor removing potential options. Suboxone. If I'd never had it in my system, I could be beginning to get clear. But it causes double the time. Few street vendors of ANY controlled substance are that false about the effects of their wares, and INFINITELY more humane about dealing with bumps in this long road by means of 86'ing you. Hey doc. Means you. I can easily trade up now for meth. Helluve nice guy, doesn't play, always straight up. I'm thinking...what are my options? Worst case scenaario is directly occupying the position of most obviously inevitable. SQUARED. Why would a doctor allow this? Well....examine available certains. 100 a month, 10.76 at the pharm for one, 11.76 for 2, 16.01 for 3. Barely less than the cost of getting a ten on the street. Impressivly close though. Almost like it's competetively close. hmmm. Only upshot was after a 13 month waiting list, 13 MORE months of multiple (7-20 potential felony charges per day, every day, or more) After I got in a huge custody fight began. I was straight with the law, and found a single usually reliable connect. I was supposed to follow the rules they printed and had me sign. What about them? their committment to assist me in my stated attempt to be done. 
        Math. $16.01 times 4 times 30. Plus 100 ( appointment cost plus 45 per whiz quiz "random" And how much better could a business model be than customers HAVE TO purchase your product, that the office is rolling S 
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