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Assistence if i may

Hi all

new here and thankyou for your patience (my Story of Woe)
i applogise if this is epic and variable just collating time frames and thoughts.

This is my story (what do you make of it ) clarity if i may.

16 years ago i hurt my L4-L5 and i had been taking large does of antibiotics and had a lot of abdominal issues and some low back pain abs always bloated, before this happened.during this time frame my back was incredibly tight and painfull i bent over and tore something on my left mid back and this never truly recovered.i spent the next 15 years doing my best to never twist this area never stretch the leg to far or leaning bending to the side to long and never arching back to far as it would flare hurt and i would get left leg weakness and pain.My Chiroractor was stumped as this area would just never stay in place.

I have always had loose joints easily sprained ankles easily torn sturnum when lifting weights (fine hair easy stretch marks etc etc colligen weakling maybe who knows)

5 months ago now !!

i had been taking antibiotics penicillien for a foot sore and a steroid cream for some psoriosis that had flared up
betha something i was using this on my foot infection as well.

It all starts with weak abdominals again and shoulder neck pain.

i was getting a lot of upper back cramping and sore kneck bouts of constipation and my abodominal muscles were starting to be hard to activate - i subconciously found my self leaning my stomach into the desk at work to support me while sitting but i realy wasn't paying it all that much attention at the time - was fairly active had torn my psoas muscles a few months earlier at crossfit beginner class (yay for the pain ) not much else i can recall from this time except bowel issues.

I started taking regular walks in the evenings with my wife throwing the ole frisbee around and a ball for a bit of fun and taking up juggling , and i started to get sore kneck and shoulders mid lower back pain t1 ish and constipation left side abdominal cramping - this lead to a few weeks of abdominal cramping/tightness not relaxing on the left side over the hip and the back pain got worse while sleeping my shoulders ached and the muscles primarily the right side of my spine would cramp from the point of pain mid lower back up to my kneck and my kneck would get shaky and my back was incredibly stiff and painfull on waking - standing straight and breathing deeply my upper back would cramp and the aera around my pain left side lower back would cramp/tigheten like a realy firecly drwan in abdominla muscle - and not release like a hamstring cramp that won't release.

2 weeks later
did the normal back routine no avail.

i assumed it was a back problem went to a physio who said it might be a slight disc irritation l4-5 i was um but the pains up higher , she gave me a massage and some exercises which i did religiously i have had back pain in the past and new this to be the fix for it.I went to the doctor for the constipation which had hit 4 weeks plus weeks now only pushing out nuggets realy straining my Abdominals muscles which were feeling weaker (sorry) - stomach bloated trouble activating my Abs , started to get sensations in my legs like sciatica pins and needles in my feet wasn't sure if it was circulation or nerve pain/irritation my gluteal muscles started to cramp and this made the upper back worse and we continue with the back cramps the mid back and upper shoulders and kneck, tail bone going numb sitting (hmm distressing )- doctor sent me for an xray he thought it might be disc irritation i said ok lets do this. scan came back nothing conclusive and nothing odd in the bowel.

i was doing all the right things kept active took the stool softeners slept with a pillow betwen my knees
I would wake every morning with my tail bone popping and my Glutes on fire my hips and kneck getting sore, the stretch in my lower back agravating my lower back , and now sleep was not comming easily and i am starting to worry.My flexion forward and back and side to side seemed fine physio said i was (hyper mobile) (whatever that means )and nothing was stopping me moving , the deep ache and cramping wouldn't cease and my kneck and shoulders are killing me - took anti inflamatories this seemed to make things worse my shoulders started to grate and my joints felt like the were loose and stretchy while on them i felt wierd - sweats etc,my lower back to my tail bone starts to realy hurt as well i thought it might be the bowel pressure but not sure.

i kept exercising but started to get very tired all the time the sensastions in my legs come now when standing.As soon as i stop and try to relax my back muscles shake and tremble, i am involuntarily bracing myself with my arms to stop my kneck hurting i notice i am sitting with my arms clamped ot my sides or pressed on table or typing arms braced my back uper muscles feel weak.

Stretches lying prone hurt my hips knees to chest ham string stretches seem to pull and hurt the joints rather than stretch the muscles.my back pops like a chiropractic manip, really easily just bending or coughing.My shoudlers ache just carrying some basic Groceries i noticed cramping while doing this is happening a lot and the pressure on my kneck as well. muscles around my abdominlas just feel tired all the time there having trouble holding me or activating like i have been for a two day walk without sleep !!
Thier so tired.my kneck is so tense it shakes when i lie on a pillow my arms shake just relaxing - my wife calls it loud arms
when i hold her she can feel them tremble involuntarily and here the grating in my shoulders. i am finding myself clumbsy with my handscould be the shoulders .

Thoughts at this time - blood claudation in the legs and stomach i have some varicose veins etc doctor didn't want to look at this.
some wiered connective tissue thing (who knows) body not absorbing nutrients.who knows.Something in my kneck nerve pinch wasting my upper back ? i'm no expert google (sigh)

when i try wall pushups and mini squats etc - i don;t get delayed muscle pain lactic acid like i used to whcih was always a problem for me i alwasy got lactic acid pain in gyms never only for the first few weeks always, now i just get tight muscles and muscle spasms like if you workout to hard and your muscles tremble.

The bad days !!

6 weeks

Well i had had enough of the sensations in my legs and butt and my lower back and the cramping and i am getting anxious forrelief i thought i would self click or stretch or whatever the motivation, I have always been able to click and pop my upper back, So lying on my left side knees bent L Shape realy tight - my upper back rotated back so i am twisted, my right shoulder right back past the line of my hips i squezze as hard as i can left shoulder and body sideways towards my left hip compressing hope for a click or pop (sweet release - what i get is a sensation of something moving further than it should like something rubbing over something else no pain no pop no release, and it feels like i have gone further than i should no pain just and ugly sensation, (strange to say this felt like i had moved my spine the wrong way) i release this and muscles around my mid back spasm directly over the site like a tens machine on full bore (and i am ut oh what have i done) and i lie very still just feeling this trauma in the muscles and i have no idea what this is (a little bit of fear ) this part of my back now goes crazy.Similar area to what i did 16 years ago.

When i stand i can feel compressed pressure in this spot - breathing deeply along with the normal back cramps sharp pain in this spot left side, it doesn't like the weight of my body now on it when i lie down on my back it feels like i have torn the middle of my back it doesn't want to let me hang the weight of my legs or the pulling motion of my hips , i have to pull my hips as close as i can so no pulling pain (it feels like someone picked me up around the waist and dropped me hard and tore the mid lower back t11/12ish l1 ish.or lower, Static pushing with my legs feels bad, lieing on the side left side sharp unbearable pain feels like something is being pulled apart the angle of my hips to shoulds excaserbates this - right side same level of pain but no parting feeling - sitting my midline wants to avoid leaning left in the middle or twist left or right - rocking side to side flares this up it feels as if it would give on the left ,the sensations in my legs are haywire rocking back and forwards is unstable and painfull - Wall pushups a no go as rocking flares midline, lieing on side legs bent gently rocking gently, sharp pain and joint clicking like tooth nerve pain can't lie on my left side to long just feels like its being pulled apart :( and this click like something is not alinged is wierd when sitting i feel like the upper back is postioned on the lower back but askew (waht does this mean )
(omg what is this) sitting with pelvis bent etc etc any stretch in this area casuing pain and the leg symptoms sensation leg weakness. sitting leg extended pulls on this point - trying swimming backstroke the weight of my legs in the water the action pulls at this point it won't settle.Going to the toilet is difficult as pressing down hurts my kneck and this mid lower part of my back spasms the constipation doesn't help.

Physio says spines are strong that can't happen i am um, its happening go to your doctor get an MRI
Get an MRI he is looking for psoas compression due to bilateral pins and needles or sacral compression the rest is laughable he thinks.
The MRI comes back in non conclusive no nerve pressure.reactive endplate t11/12 possible lordosis . iw as hoping for a msucle tear i gues if i had slip a soemthign out of alignment its fine lying flat ?

blood tests CRP elevated high uric acid not much else.

I keep doing my exercises although less my legs hurt in the inner thighs my hips hurt , the leg sensations get worse sensation in my thighs pressure groin on the lower back is very painfull using lumbar support the painfull area any pushing back into a chair and the midbackline tilting forward or back sets of the sensations glutes just cramp all the time trying to hold me tight , i involuntarily shake my legs from side to side stop the sensations (could it be circulation )ice pack hot water bottle any pressure ( i am in hell) i try to stand a lot to reduce the feelings but my legs feel weak pacing helps but only so much you can do right ?i feel so shaky in the back i hate standing in one place and the sensations in my feet drive me nuts.
i awake with my left leg rocking and my hips ache. ( i think back to the past whats going on)

Doctor has me on Endep a mild anti depresent and pain killer to help sleep with the back pain low dose this makes me feel odd as well , tired muscles shaky legs sweats same as being on the anti inflamatories - doctor recomends prednisone as it might be polymyalgia rhumatica - this stuff smashes me i can't feel anything but my joints feel loose and easily stretched (hmm),my muscle spasms continue and my back feels like its moving of its own accord (yeah yeah this can't happen its jsut the sensation leg weakness, made me take it for a week no relief from the symtoms we go off it.He says myofacial pain and sends me to a doctor to get prolotherapy which unfortunately doesn't seem to fix anything.
(This guy felt like witch doctor lol we deal with pain here but what about ? no wheres your pain.inject inject see ya.)

during this time i am still trying to exercise gentle dumbels biceps triceps i get burning sensation in my shoulders and back my wfife tells me my torso i incredibly hot , i am still taking Endep to sleep ,who knows did i pinch a kneck nerve this feels all wrong

Exercises knee drops to the side lieing on my back leg extensions knees in close gentle rocking all of these flare the left side and cause the sensations.anything that twists or stretches that part of my back. is this something i did on top of what is actualy happening (sigh)

(everytime i take these muscle relaxants or anti inflamtory meds the symtoms get worse exacerbate like there smashing the muscles or joint tissues can this even happen ?)

I try to explain to the doctor about what i did to my back he says the mri says i am fine.I ask about connective tissue issues oxygen supply autoimune he says not likely.he will send me for a bowel exploratory but thats it.And i have to talk to pain specialist.

Still constipated stool softeners,sometimes get the urge to urinate but its a trickle or its a litre i can't tell by the pressure anymore, liquid go on the whole 30 diet to eat well. Maybe cleanse my system.

4 mths have lost 20 kilos with the diet all up. Less active now as want to avoid the flare ups still going for walks i feel ok being active but when i stop or go to far and sit or lie down the pain comes and the sensations in my legs and back - MY back still spasms but i assume i am getting some atrophy from not being super active my kneck still hurts - i feel strong but when i move or do things its the after affects.I am watching the days go by its un pleasant.I have gone of all meds to avoid the possibility if there affecting my body.(my wife can't cope)(can i )

I saw a chiroprator who when she looked at the scan thought i had mild cuadia equina (?) as the constipation and wiered urination sensations could be this, as my l4-l5 looked like it had or previously had a fracture - i did l4-l5 in my 20's.She thinks the sensation i describe was a facet joint being (pulled twisted strained) She was concerned about my bowel as well. maybe a hernia doctor said no, he didn't check his answer is alwasy there was a mri - even if i say they wern't looking for these things :( She broke her hip so i ahven;t been back yet :(.


This mid part of my back less pain now but i stress it less often too afraid to go back to the pain and sensations, its still shaky and if i put it at stretch try hamstring stretches leg extended left side pelvis tilted it rebels and i go back to cramped glutes numb tail bone. Still doesn't want to move without my glutes imediatly going tight to stop me i think - any angle of a gentle twist jsust trying to relax in bed to read a book can feel this part of my back giving moving spasming and then i get the feet sensations pins a needles or the gentle electric feeling like the the hairs on your legs all standing up like static elctricity or goosbumbs and lieing on my back i get involuntary thigh spasms or contractions as it settles.My tail bone still goes to sleep all the time and my hands when sleeping and stil holding my arms in all the time to releive my kneck - my back and sturnum hurt kneck hurts i feel tight att he end of the day and feel sometimes like these msucles are just to tired to make breathing easy lol probably stress but i wonder :(.

No one can tell me what i did to my back or why it won't heal, the bowel is still not resolved a scan in the next month or so - i know this seems like a ramble but i am realy just throwing everything at the page to help me piece together what is relevent and what is not.To maybe remove the crap and find the solution when logic fails cause you have been thinking about it to long and just need clarity this story is to long for a doctor Grin.

Constipation stomach bloat - kneck and back pain - mid lower back pain - weaking cramping back and shoudler weakness grating joints - leg sensations - The relief twist that created the midback downward spiral. (pain pain pain freakout) no relief no repair the left side of my back mid lower back feels like the spine won't stay stable no matter what i do ( i even wondred if the muscles in the left side of my back were atrophying and not the right side thats the sensations ) walking i can't drive the left leg with as much power as the right as the left side midline flares, steady as she goes - i went to another physio he just started me on the same old exercises even after i explained the flare it ups.(the mri says your fine)

Things i notice medication makes things worse - a few cigarettes when the legs sensation and back pain and constipation was at its worst a cigarete would smash my legs and my hips and back would cramp and i would be realy shaky its like the meds or nicotine smashed my conenctive tissue who knows or the penicillien which i thought started the constipation or the muscle realxing properties just made it worse.

sometimes i feel like the boy who cried wolf so desperate to have my back fixed we missed something :(

Any input would be appreciated.

the part of my back just won't stabilse so i can get on with it :(

Yours sincerly Baconkhan

i understand if you think i am crazy

Lost and afraid


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