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Help am i over doing the walking

Im 57
7 weeks post op fusion l5-s1
No real guidance from dr. On walking regiment
I know i over did it today i have been horizontal on ice all day
I usually try and walk 3-4 times a day and have gradually got myself up to .50mi each walk
Is this too much?
I have had nerve pain going down both my legs to my feet since the operation. Had this same nerve pain before surgery
This morning I first walked .54mi then i stretched my self to .85. This is the one that got me
At noon i took a 5mg oxycodone just to ease the lower back pain. Wow did this send me for a loop ( i dont think it mixed well with my lyrica (which i had taken 6hrs earlier).
My meds are now lyrica 75mg x2. And was just put on amytripteline 25mg at nite i am not taking any pain meds on a daily basis
Thanks for listening
Look forward to your input
Fell 11ft 2007 numerous fractures broken arm, 4 head bleeds.
Nerve blocks, tried stimulator, acupuncture, massage, numerous injections, nerve blocks. Ect. Vitamins
2011 laminectomy, april 4. 2014 Fusion l5-S1. PLIF


  • While you do need to walk , as often and as much as you can tolerate, there is a difference in pushing to go a little further, in small steps, each time, and adding an almost 50% increase at one time, may be pushing too hard, at this stage.
    You aren't supposed to push to the point that you are creating a flare up of increased pain.......some minor ache is okay, when you need to take pain meds, then you probably pushed a bit too far.
    You really need to discuss what the exact expectations for rehab are with your doctor, and when to stop pushing and when to work through it......that way, you know what he wants for your recovery.
  • MauiripperMMauiripper Posts: 38
    edited 05/23/2014 - 10:09 AM
    So whats reasonable
    Walk every hour even if its just a stroll around the house and not putting mileage to it
    Fell 11ft 2007 numerous fractures broken arm, 4 head bleeds.
    Nerve blocks, tried stimulator, acupuncture, massage, numerous injections, nerve blocks. Ect. Vitamins
    2011 laminectomy, april 4. 2014 Fusion l5-S1. PLIF
  • JulijacJJulijac Posts: 170
    edited 05/24/2014 - 11:46 AM
    You should LISTEN to your body period! You are not to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time to relieve pressure on fusion. After 20 minutes of sitting you can either stand and rock from foot to foot or take a stroll around the house. You can then sit again if you'd like. When you walk, walk to the point where you know you had surgery, but you are not in pain. Pain free after a surgery like this is not really possible, a low pain level is desired. I was told one day you may make it a 1/4 of a mile, but the next day you may find it hard to get to the bottom of your driveway. Do not despair! Your body is healing, one day it might me taking more out of you than the next while doing it's job. Do what you can. Do not just sit or lay around all day because that is counter productive. Walking is your only means of exercise right now, utilize it but don't abuse it. You shouldn't expect your body to do the same amount of walking each day or be able to increase your distance at set intervals. I will repeat...LISTEN to your body! If you can go a certain distance one day, then the next you hit that mark and you are still feeling good (pain levels not increasing to uncomfortable) then go a little farther, if not, oh well, maybe tomorrow. Be flexible in your "training" if you want to call it that. Whatever you do, forgive yourself if you can't make it as far as you did the day before and be proud of yourself if you made it a little farther than you did yesterday!

    Good luck Mauiripper!

    PS If you are really concerned, either talk to your surgeon about what his/her expectations are or get into physical therapy. They can monitor your progress too.

    Julie K
    L4/L5 fusion TLIF for spondylolisthesis on 5/12/14
  • Thank you so much
    Laying around has been an issue for my nerve pain is not under control so almost the only way ive found relief is by laying down
    C my surgeon on tues i hope to get more info
    I am just now starting my 8 week post op. Getting ansy for PT TO start. At the start of all this was told 8-10 weeks out PT COULD START. I am hoping this is the case. I guess you dont know how long that is until your in it
    When did you start PT? What kind. Water or regular
    Thanx again
    Fell 11ft 2007 numerous fractures broken arm, 4 head bleeds.
    Nerve blocks, tried stimulator, acupuncture, massage, numerous injections, nerve blocks. Ect. Vitamins
    2011 laminectomy, april 4. 2014 Fusion l5-S1. PLIF
  • I have a physical therapist that comes 3 times a week until my 3 week follow up appointment with my surgeon on June 5th. The only thing we do is walk. He takes my temperature, blood pressure, and pulse oxygen levels after our walk and that's it. I'm sure once I go to a center there will be more painful things I'll have to do.

    I really hope you get a hold of your pain. I know I hate being in pain, so I'll say a pray for some relief for you.

    Julie K
    L4/L5 fusion TLIF for spondylolisthesis on 5/12/14
  • I had a discectomy and here is what my surgeon recommended. 0-30 days post op, walk 1/4 mile every day at a slow pace on a flat level surface for the first week after surgery. Week 2 progress to 1/2 mile, week 3 walk 3/4 mile, and by week 4 you should be walking 1 mile every day. 30-90 days post op, walk 1-3 miles every day on a flat level surface at a slow pace.

    March 20, 2014 - L4/L5 Laminectomy and Microdiscectomy
  • Thank you for your info
    Most days im walking .25mi 3-4times a day. Now in week 8.
    Last week I tried .85mi a few days ago, it felt good doing it but really knocked me on my behind. Now trying and stightly leary to walk .50mi. 3-4 x a day. But Tues is a new day
    But i am learning HI is lacking in up to date doctors. Enough said
    Fell 11ft 2007 numerous fractures broken arm, 4 head bleeds.
    Nerve blocks, tried stimulator, acupuncture, massage, numerous injections, nerve blocks. Ect. Vitamins
    2011 laminectomy, april 4. 2014 Fusion l5-S1. PLIF
  • Qman2 - a discectomy is not as evasive as a fusion. The regiment you just stated May be too much for a fusion patient.

    Mauiripper- I am 15 days post op today. Yesterday I was feeling well enough to go about 3/4 mile, but the day before I couldn't get 1/8 mile. That's why I told you what my PT told me about listening to your body. I have also read from other people that doctors are saying to be at a certain distance by a certain date. So far my dr hasn't said anything specific for distance, so I'm listening to PT because what he says just makes sense. I am getting farther on some days, and I'm going on 2-3 walks a day not including what I walk around at home, but on day after surgery my PT in hospital said I was doing so much better than she expected considering less than 24 hour out. :) But them I have those bad days too , so I'm not going to even stress.
    Julie K
    L4/L5 fusion TLIF for spondylolisthesis on 5/12/14
  • Spine surgery recovery programs are tailored to the individual and the type of surgery they had........ a discectomy is on the low end of the invasive procedures of spine surgery, with the simplest of recoveries, and the least invasive in most cases of all of them.......open surgery is different, and the recovery time frame and the post op restriction/excercise regimine is also different......that is why I suggested that Maui talk to her surgeon to find out what he wants her to do regarding her recovery, and walking distance. He is in the best position to tell her how far to push and not push, what distances to go for and how far is too far.
  • MauiripperMMauiripper Posts: 38
    edited 06/05/2014 - 6:39 AM
    I found your comment interesting
    Each time I have talked to my Dr about what he wants his expectations plans for my recovery is "there are no written studies, prerequisites on what you should do or how far you should walk". "Listen to your body". As I have read several accounts 1 day you fel good so you overdo it and deal with it the next
    Like this week i have a meeting with the Dr and should get an Rx for PT TO START. I am excited to finally get some structured care for recovery. Now I would like to find out Do I start with water PT and then go to regular PT. OR start with regular PT then water PT
    I have asked my Dr for the name of a PT He recommends? EDITED
    BLEW ME AWAY. This Dr has been doing back surgery for DECADES on this island. So I gotta find my own
    Done ranting
    I got in the ocean today. It WAS marvelous. Cant wait til Wed going again
    Look forward to reading your comments. Thank you for sharing


    Post edited by Sandi- the use of foul, obscene or vulgar language is NOT permitted on Spine Health.

    Fell 11ft 2007 numerous fractures broken arm, 4 head bleeds.
    Nerve blocks, tried stimulator, acupuncture, massage, numerous injections, nerve blocks. Ect. Vitamins
    2011 laminectomy, april 4. 2014 Fusion l5-S1. PLIF
  • to avoid problems with conflict of interest.......the doctor should have given the PT facility directions as to what he wants as far as your PT program goes, for now, so whether or not someone does aqua therapy or not isn't important now.....unless it is something that your surgeon has approved.
    If you look at the PT prescription, it will tell you what types of excercise programs, and what the doctor wants for your recovery now, as far as treatments go, and that may change as you make progress.
  • Hi all.I find this an interesting area.im 6 wks post scoliosis curve correction, decompression, laminectomy & 7 level fusion (sounds worse than I think it is).My consultant gave me no specific instructions re walking except to walk, walk , walk. Don't put myself in 2 much pain? As I obviously still have bad enough pain (less than before op though) it is difficult to judge. Can't see physio until 10-12 weeks he said. I've a tendency to overdo things.I find lying down so difficult to do-not painful but boring so im pottering about the house all day maybe lying intermittently for half hr here & there. I logged my walks today & found I did 3/4 mile 3 times today-approx half hour each time. The pain is rough enough afterwards but I feel its the only way to recover?? If I were to do v short walks & spend the rest of time lying down in between I wouldn't need much painkillers but as im doing more walking/pottering im having to take pain meds.Its a bit of a juggling game. A happy medium would be great but hard to find that. I personally would love a structured day planned for me by PT but appreciate that is difficult. A friend had a straightforward 1 level fusion before me & is walking less than I am.Im hoping im not overdoing it.The consultant did say that you can't do any damage walking on a flat surface so to go for it as much as possible? ??? Love to know what that level is though? Thanks guys.
  • If you find yourself having to take pain meds after every walk, then you need to cut back a bit on either the length or the time spent walking. It is better to walk shorter distances, many times during the day, then it is to push too far to wind up in pain....
    At some point you need to work through the pain but recovery is a process....not necessarily a destination at this point.
  • Of course Sandi that makes sense. Perhaps just needed to hear it from someone else. My head is telling me what u reiterated but my heart is ready to make me want to climb a mountain. I will listen to sense & shorter more frequent walks will be the order of the day. This in turn will mean less meds needed . thanks again
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