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Not sure this is the right forum so bare with me.
I am having stomach problems so they prescribed me Sucralfate.
Has anyone taken this med. and I have researched but cannot find
out, does it interfere with the Pain Meds. being absorbed into the system?
Please I hope some one can give me so ideas, just does not feel like
I am getting as much relief from the pain meds now.
Thanks so much for your help


  • You should take other medications at least 2 hours before taking sucralfate. It works by bonding to 'stuff' so it does stop the absorption of other meds. I don't know how this would effect ER meds. My body had trouble getting through the coatings of some extended release medications anyway. I'm ok with the older ones but Exalgo was a particular problem for me. My doc stopped prescribing it to any of his patients & my insurance company stopped covering it. I'd take your meds as far apart as possible & phone a couple of pharmacists & ask the question. They are usually the best people to ask this kind of question ;-)

    Did the same doctor prescribe both medications?
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • Gee you know so much huh and such a help.
    It doesn't mention all meds but I should have been smarter, not thinking
    right due to the pain I am in. I knew something was up though. I did
    not even check on the coating issue and yes the same Doctor prescribed
    both. That is unreal that your Doc. is not going to prescribe anymore and the
    insurance company won't cover it anymore. I have as you know had trouble
    with meds of all kinds some of it due to the compounding and dye they use
    to make the pills. I have an apt. with a new Doctor and know that this current
    one would not change at this point.
    I will call the pharmacists thanks.
  • I don't know how far Exalgo travels into your intestines still releasing meds & I don't know how much of your insides get coated with sucralfate but logic tells me it could be an issue. Exalgo is a good strong med..if your body can get the med out! I found it hard getting good information on Exalgo because it's pretty new. Hopefully you can find a pharmacist who's got some experience with it. I know, in Texas, the reps were working with the small private pharmacies near pain clinics & hospitals, not the big chains.

    Finding the right meds can be so hard. At one point I felt like my life was ticking away, month by month, between appointments..ugh! Good luck. I know you've been through so much lately. Hang in there. Things will get better ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • I'm sorry that I didn't see this before now........EG is correct.......the meds should be taken a bit of time apart. I have a couple of meds that I have to do that with as well and found out through trial and error.....just like food helps some meds absorb and be more effective, other meds and full or empty stomachs effect how other meds work as well.
    Call the pharmacist and ask him if things don't improve by changing the timing of the two meds.
  • I cannot apologize enough for not answering to all of the great
    advice you two gave me before now. I have not been keeping up with things
    so well lately as you know, hope to get better and support others like I have
    been supported, so please forgive me for not responding to this post.
    I had not connected the two for awhile there and was not taking my meds. right.
    It makes sense that if you are taking a drug that coats the stomach
    then it would effect how other meds are absorbed.
    Pain makes the brain confused doesn't it, so thanks again for replying
    as always and helping me out.
    Take care
  • Sherri there's no need for apologies. We completely understand.. chronic pain effects everything. I wish all doctors would do a better job of explaining exactly how we should be taking our medications. It would help avoid so many problems!

    I hope you're starting to do a bet better now. I know you've been through so much. Just concentrate on getting yourself well & stay strong. ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • Hope3 said:
    Not sure this is the right forum so bare with me.
    I am having stomach problems so they prescribed me Sucralfate.
    Has anyone taken this med. and I have researched but cannot find
    out, does it interfere with the Pain Meds
    Thanks so much for your help
    Hi, I was on this Med for a while for stomach issues (strange burning) at night. Never had any issues with other medications. Think this medicine does something with the bile if I remember correctly.
  • sandisandi Posts: 6,343
    edited 07/04/2014 - 4:15 AM
    English Girl is right, there is absolutely no need to apologize for not responding. The post will be here when you get to it, if you do.
    How are you feeling now? Did changing the timing of the medication help any?
  • I appreciate the support, I had to stop that med it caused too many side effects.
    The tummy Doc. put me on Bentyl 10mg have any of you here checked it out.
    Did you have any side effects? Have not got it filled yet so we will see.
    Also put me on Prilosec 20 mg and told me that my stomach is really inflamed.
    I am going on a diet she suggested too so keeping my fingers crossed.
    Thanks for your help
  • Wanted to add the symptoms I had from that med. They were confusion just could not focus even
    with minor things it was super scary. Also weak, bone aches and burning in different spots at different
    times, burning and sharp pain on the left side of my stomach. I kept bumping into walls I hope all these side
    effects go away. Just felt so sick I am hoping this new med
    What we go through huh?
    Have a great fourth of July!
  • I went from being thin too looking 9 months pregnant overnight when the gangrene started leaking from my gallbladder & the PAIN!!! Ugh!!! Do you ever feel like you're having a heart attack? I did. The inflammation effected my whole torso..ugh! I'm so thankful that my problems got sorted so fast. You've been going through this for so long. I can only imagine! I'm so desperately sorry for you, I really hope that the new meds & diet finally help you get a handle on this. I hope that having your grandson around for the summer is giving you some much needed joy. ;-)

    Have you tried a natural cleansing diet? You can find a variety online. It really helped me sort my system out after the surgery. Remember to drink plenty of water to help your system particularly in the hot summer months. At least you've got doctors focused on this now. I know how incredibly frustrating it is trying to find the right balance of meds. Hang in there & focus on the light that's just around the corner. I'm being selfish, I want you back & chatting! ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • Do you have any knowledge or experience using this med.
    I am worried of the same effects after reading about it on line.
    Thanks Sherri
  • I haven't used it, but try to avoid reading too much into the side effects unless you start to experience new things. Sometimes, reading all of the listed side effects can make us worry too much. I know I have done that before. I read the pharmacy literature that comes with the meds, and then try to put it out of my mind unless I am having sudden, new symptoms. Then I will read it more carefully.
  • EnglishGirlEEnglishGirl Posts: 1,825
    edited 07/05/2014 - 12:01 PM
    When you buy a house in England & have a detailed survey they list EVERYTHING, I mean every little crack & flaw. Suddenly your beautiful new home seems like a crumbling shack! I don't have the knowledge or skill to know what bits of the report are relevant or not, there is just too much information, it's terrifying... I feel exactly the same way about MRI's & medication side effects. I scan the information so I have some clues to know what to watch out for but, like Sandi, I try to keep it out of my mind. If anything new & worrying seems to be happening I tell my doc. I've driven myself crazy in the past. Our docs use their best judgement in giving us these meds. We need to take them. Everything has a huge list of possible side effects but most of us will never have adverse reactions. I just keep an eye on myself & try not to drive myself crazy. ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • Hope3HHope3 Posts: 751
    edited 07/09/2014 - 4:50 AM
    Never mind about most of this post except the coating and compounding stuff.
    I looked back at my posts and I have already asked about black-outs and Ron
    gave me some info so I am going to use that and what I got from you guys to
    do the research. I am not myself by the time I get things together people will
    think oh no not her again Ha Ha.
    EnglishGirl so good with your words I love it.
    That was an excellent way to describe the issue with panic over the side effects of drugs.
    I have a fear due to black outs some of which scared the h--- out of me, like putting a gun
    to my head and pouring and cup of coffee into my stove top. The only thing that woke me
    up was the heat from the burner thank heaven above. Now I tie a rope to my ankle if starting
    a new med and I don't have my Grandson sleep over until I know how I am going to react.
    I wonder if anyone else has experienced that.
    I have been doing a lot of documentation in the journal Sandi suggested and I think you did
    too. I wished I would have done one along time ago and I noticed that maybe it is the meds
    I have changed to lately that have that coating on them. Do you or anyone else know what
    is in that coating and are they the same on all the meds that have it?
    I have several meds that I cannot take because of the compounding/food coloring agent in them.
    It took a lot of writing letters and talking to Doctor's and Pharmacists to get that info.
    Rough day today I think I got 3 hrs of sleep last night which so many of us have.
    Hoping there is a kind/loving hug or touch for everyone from where ever to help you get through the day.
    Thanks Sherri
  • forumulations for coating.......you may see similar dye numbers used or some similar components of the coating, but the individual formulations vary according to the manufacturer. If the dyes are an issue, start keeping track of the dye colors and numbers used on the products you are having negative reactions to......you may find that you are reacting to a particular ingredient over several medications....
  • Where do I get that type of detail? The web sites you put there is that what they are.
    I am still in a bad place so if not making sense I am working on it.
    Thanks so much
  • You can search for the medication name + ingredients. I'll send you a pm bacause the site I know contains lots of adverts...don't really want to give them free advertising here. ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • According to the blog I stumbled upon (yes I researched it haha) Sucralfate, also know by the brand name Carafate, is an ulcer medication along with gastritis. It exerts a soothing local effect within the gastrointernal tract. It forms barrier to the normal acids and enzymes of the gastrointernal and protects the stomach.
    I will provide the link nextime, but for now, it is time for me to sleep. :)
    "When do you think people die? When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? No. When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? No. When they drink a soup made from a poisonous mushroom!? No! It’s when… they are forgotten."
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