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severe pain 8 wks post multilevel fusion-gutted

Hi all,
Its been a few wks since I posted but have still been here reading others advice.Im 8 wks since 7 level fusion/scoliosis correction etc & my pain is still v v severe. I am doing my prescribed back exercises, walking short distances (was doing longer but took sandi's advice & shorter , more frequent was resulting in less pain) many times a day, resting a wee bit in between-but still feel a lot of pain.I am seeing surgeon (+ xrays) thurs but wonder if anyone else is still having a lot of pain 8 wks post fusion. Im trying to keep positive but had a couple of teary days recently. They don't help so won't dwell on them.reducing meds to as little as I can get away with but it is a juggle-increase in activity=increase in pain=more meds.I really don't want to be taking opioid related meds at this stage & try to manage with paracetamol but if I do I can barely move & hence can't do walks etc which are essential - vicious circle. Im pushing on walking regardless (short& frequent) .I know my surgeon emphasised not to take anti inflammatory meds as they inhibit fusion taking place but they really are the only thing that helps & i much prefer them to opoid drugs (he said the odd a ' inflammatory ok).Anyway this post wasn't really about meds-i suppose I'll just have to accept maybe another few weeks of strong ones occasionally will be necessary but has anyone experienced such pain 8 wks on . sorry this msg is a bit longwinded I am bit upset as was really hoping to be much better by now. For example yesterday after one of my walks in the evening I was barely able to walk a step or 2 without v severe pain & was unable to climb stairs to go to bed until I'd laid & rested for couple hrs & taken couple of tramadol tablets? ?? Am I just expecting too much too soon or is this normal? ? Sorry for ranting & thank you.


  • A multi level fusion recovery is more complex than a one level fusion surgery, so it is not at all surprising that you still need to treat the pain levels. Getting off opiates is a good idea but you have to do it at the appropriate time and right now is not it....
    You need to keep the pain levels under some control in order for your body to heal correctly, and be able to walk, and not worsen the pain and inflammation.
    The anti inflammatory meds help to ease the pain but also can interfere with the fusion process. A steroid pack might be a better option than using anti inflammatory medications at this point.
    Don't let the pain get ahead of you.......take the pain medications as directed, for now.......tapering off them is not difficult, and once you are feeling better, have the pain under better control , you will feel better overall.
    Hang in there.....you will get through this, but don't make it more difficult on your body than it has to be.
  • is no time . its very early to be disappointed recovery can take up to 3 years .at the 8 week point I could just about walk around the house ..there is too much pressure put on expectation /recovery from the medical world .not everyone can do ?? by 6 weeks or do ?? by 6 months ..everyone will heal differently and again many people don't realise that a fusion is done to stabilise the spine and not for pain relief any pain relief is usually transient..you have had a massive operation just take it easy and don't beat yourself up .there are no rules you will heal when your body heals .good luck
    1997 laminectomy
    2007 repeat laminectomy and discectomy L4/L5
    2011 ALIF {L4/L5/S1}
    2012 ? bowel problems .still under investigation
    2014 bladder operation may 19th 2014
  • To both of you thanks & I can tell you have both been through this and are speaking sense.On reading back all my posts so far I see a general trend--WHY AM I NOT BETTER BY NOW? ?---I am v sorry (lots of tears flowing here now)-my expectations were obviously too high too soon.I feel like I must sound ridiculous to you guys.Im not sure where my preconceptions were coming from but listening to you I am being unrealistic. Tony I was warned the correction/fusion were not primarily for the pain but essential & hopefully it would result in a lot less pain.I am just so desperate for A LIFE back I had unrealistic expectations at this early stage. I am a doer not a sitter!! Impatient -eager to prove I can do it to myself, docs & family. .....im being a fool t myself but this feeling of being a burden / reliant on everyone is pretty crappy.Sandi I met my gp yest & (again u were spot on ) just as u have said above we've re evaluated meds.Im so afraid of meds (my area of expertise but stubborn when it comes to myself).Instead of me taking sub therapeutic opiates etc she wants me to quadruple my meds increasingly, of course, till I reach a point of no pain (its been about 10 yrs since one day pain free-as with most people on this site) to give pain receptors a chance to switch off & stop firing. Just short term then reduce till zero(hopefully).I was shocked yesterday by this suggestion as I was so cross at myself for having to ask for another prescription & my gp wouldn't prescribe unless essential. What she said makes perfect sense & I've promised her i won't 'under dose' & will give this regime a shot. Thanks & sorry guys(irish phrase for male & females )---I've been a bit silly & my own worst enemy. Overdoing it & being a martyr---lol.I see my surgeon this afternoon so fingers crossed all is well on scan.xxxxYou have no idea how grateful I am for your advice & 'being there'-thanks.
  • I don't think that it is so much you had unrealistic expectations, as it is that surgeons don't take the time to really explain this whole recovery process. They often tell patients that they will be back on their feet in a few weeks post op.....or two months, but what they don't tell patients, is that the extensiveness of the surgery does make a huge difference, and there is a process or steps to recovery from spine surgery. Yes, you may be feeling better post op, pain wise, and you may be able to walk more by the end of the first month, and walking easier by the second, but that doesn't mean that your recovery is over.....it is just starting.....and there will be set backs that they often don't make the patient aware of. We base our perceptions on previous surgeries, of ourselves or friends and family, and tend to think that it is like most other surgeries out there........it isn't..not by any stretch of the imagination.
    It takes time to build up our endurance back to previous levels , and since we are so limited prior to the surgery, we have to work to regain that ground. Spine surgery is physically and mentally exhausting. We keep thinking that we should be doing "better than we are" and that's so not true.
    Spine surgery recovery should be measured by months, not days or weeks.......and the relief we often find after surgery is not all of the recovery process. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, spine itself, all need to heal from being cut and moved around.....that takes time, especially since our spines are the control mechanism of our entire bodies. Everything we do is centered around that spine and it's cord.....
    Hang in there Jo Jo......you will get there, but it will take time....Be patient with yourself. We all know that having to depend on others is difficult, even when we aren't normally do it ourselver's , but those of us who are fiercely independant, it's so much more difficult.
  • Dear Jo Jo (and Sandi and Tony uk) ... I am also in the UK.
    Eight weeks after so many levels ....... Believe me, you are doing well just to write on the Forum! You are walking quite a bit ... Be proud of yourself! Stick to the strongest painkillers at this stage as you will minimise the pain and not let it build up too much. My GP was my saviour on this; I also tried reducing onto over the counter tablets when the pain was manageable 'just to see' if I could ... A bad idea! My doctor got me to keep a pain diary so I could write down what I was taking, what time and my pain levels out of 10. This showed me what worked and helped me to justify what I needed. I had two level fusion with some additional bits, but I reduced the OxyContin from 10mg twice a day (12 hour slow release) down to 5mg twice a day only at about 9 weeks and was not off them altogether until 11 weeks. You may find a nerve painkiller such as Amitriptiline a big help and also Diazepam to help reduce the muscle tightness ... These two were essential and with a good doctor you can see for drug reviews you will get off the drugs .... I tried to be superwoman and even now, four and a bit months out, it is not easy.
    At your stage I was finding the mental and emotional battle difficult .... I have eventually accepted that this a year away from 'normal' life and I am actually less depressed now, though still bored stiff!
    I was back in hospital just yesterday for two nerve root blocks at L4/L5 and S1 as I have still got residual nerve pain down my right leg. This was getting me down even though I can see progress on other fronts. I thought I was done with this kind of thing but grasped the opportunity when my surgeon agreed to it and after a pretty uncomfortable evening last night have woken up with less leg pain already.
    I think the first three to four months were no doubt very difficult and now I feel I am moving into a new phase. I am doing more around the home, I can go out for dinner now as long as I don't sit too long but the overwhelming tiredness is not there now even if I still have increased pain if I bend too much. I am still very careful not to lift much and if I am doing things in the kitchen I wear the corset for extra support and to remind me not to move the wrong way. I can sit for longer now, but not a good idea to sit too long ... Get up frequently to move around.
    I have started some physio to strengthen my back as it is quite stiff when I move which I notice now that I am using it more . .bits of it are bolted together... This is a long, drawn out and up and down recovery and mental acceptance of this is part of the package.
    Don't force it, you have had huge surgery, the long anaesthetic, bone bashing, nerves prodded and moved, bruising ... I was black and blue, the drugs and I know how hard it is to make people understand who have never experienced it. This is what WE ARE here for and I found good advice and encouragement here that has really helped.
    Good luck and keep posting ... And be kind to yourself!

  • These posts are a perfect find
    I am 12 weeks post op. 4 days ago my presurgery pain started to come back, now it is rearing its ugly self big time
    Dr had said if i get pain in my left leg and groin numbness/tingles to call and get into see him. Well he is doing surgeries all next week and then there is the holiday. So cant get into see him until July 7 My plan is to call the hospital and have himpaged. I cant go until 7july before seeing him. To have this same identical pain come back has thrown me into a dark hole.
    The meds im on need to be increased and maybe a cortizone shot Just pray i get to atleast talk to him
    Fell 11ft 2007 numerous fractures broken arm, 4 head bleeds.
    Nerve blocks, tried stimulator, acupuncture, massage, numerous injections, nerve blocks. Ect. Vitamins
    2011 laminectomy, april 4. 2014 Fusion l5-S1. PLIF
  • Hi JoJo...I too had multi fusion surgery L2-L5 in March. My Dr. prescribed a muscle relaxer which helped immensely with the pain. Have you tried that as yet? It sure helped me. After 3 mos. I am pain free ... almost out of my brace...I just have a little tightness in my lower back and am trying to walk more each day. I am not taking any meds right now so am thankful for that. It takes time so don't get discouraged.
  • So happy that I came back to Spine-Health today. Just what I needed. I had multi-fusion, L1-L5 with two rods and 12 inch incision, twelve weeks ago and am also discouraged about the pain I still have. I have been on no meds other than an occasional ibuprofen and gabapentin since four weeks postop. I can't walk as much as I should because of the pain. However, I do most of my household chores daily and have been doing them since about the fourth or fifth week, which I wonder now if that was too much too soon. Just reading these posts today helped me realize that I am no longer a spring chicken (70 years old) and that total healing may take longer than twelve weeks. Thanks to all of you and Happy Independence Day!
    Natonia Brazington
  • Hi everyone who kindly replied to my post over a week ago (sorry its taken this long to gain the energy to post - combination of pain& kids finishing school 4 the summer-NOW THERE WAS A SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM).where to begin.im thankful for all above posts & hi to maximummy,mauripper, scarlett33 & sandi again.I feel better everytime I hear its going to take a long time to recover (sounds weird but decreases pressure to be superwoman).maximummy I was relieved to hear ur story immensely.i have since slowed down & taken on board the idea that it cud be up t a yr b4 things get better completely. It does put things in perspective. I saw my surgeon last wk & instrumentation looking fine . emphasised my worries re pain & he wasn't 2 bothered just its early days etc etc . advised to do meds as gp had said, ease up on walking distance& generally continue as I am 4 another 8 wks.increase activities relative to pain? ???? Which of course is open to all sorts of interpretation. He felt a lot of inflammation was apparent & less movement wud eventually settle it down. But obviously keep up activity. Well keeping up activity wasn't a problem - kids off school & home with me 4 1st time since op.oh no-wot a week-pain levels through the roof.trying t increase meds according to gp but balance it with keeping functioning 4 kids.(drowsy side effects).well we've all got to fri intact but.......its a learning curve. I haven't done anything 4 them since op so thrown in deep end-lol.But we r all adjusting & taken up friends continued offers of play dates etc (& indulged in a cleaner I can't afford).oh well!!We'll get a better routine next week.They have been great kids for me-im very lucky - even though they ARE buzzing with energy all day long.phew-.im sorry u had t have nerve root blocks after 4 mths maximummy but as u say they may help & with it still being so soon after surgery it could likely be the damaged nerves still settling down - fingers crossed.
  • Sorry if my posts r scatty.im using my fone & screen tiny. Hi Natonia just now. Your surgery was huge too . gosh u seemed to have done a lot. I really couldn't have done that much & was advised not to do too many chores (of course we have to do some ) but I hope cutting back on chores will enable you to get around more with less pain.good luck to u hun.i forgot in earlier post re muscle relaxers. I'll give it another week (cos journey to gp a distance & really bad for pain levels -in fact im limiting car journeys period) & ask gp then if I still think they'll help.im so drowsy anyway I was trying to avoid them completely as they'll only add to it.oh & he also told me to avoid a physio for at least another 8 wks.he was very adamant about that-it could really aggravate the inflammation & healing at this point & to stick with walking, swimming (long distances t travel to my nearest pool unfortunately)& stationary exercise bike if I really wanted - interesting. Take care guys. X
  • It is going to take a little time to settle down the inflammation, especially when we tend to try to still be supermom /superwoman, despite having had major surgery. How old are your kids? Can they help with some of the chores a bit? I used a reward system, and of course having them recruited to help mommy made things a bit easier. The play dates and time spent with family and friends does help...
    Hang in there, you will get there. Some of us take a bit longer than others, but I think that is due to the more complicated problems before the surgery.
  • Hi. Thanks for ur comments. Kids are 9 & 6.To be fair they are being amazingly helpful. They are learning to do more for themselves than before. As mums we tend to 'baby' them & underestimate how much they are capable of-or at least I did.My 9 yr old is extremely sensible & can do little things like putting laundry into machine now, bringing it in & out so I can hang on line.along with that ive started to allow him to make their weetabix 4 brek, put toast on etc.small things but saves me immensely.The 6 yr old is also getting used t picking things up & getting her own snacks from fridge as well as umpteen trips up & down stairs t fetch things etc.I have a reward chart & they love putting ticks on everytime they do a helpful chore....its definitely working & im telling them how proud etc they r making me & its getting me better so much quicker. We had a beautiful moment yest-i made it as far as local shop walking so we all had icecream as a celebration when we got there-the simple things are often the most treasured. ..Things will be fine.Now ive accepted its going to take longer to heal (thanks to the positive posts above).I hope everyone has nice weekend & i'll continue to draw strength & practical advice from everyone. Thanks
  • Im sorry to be posting again and not sure anyone can help but im feeling in such a bad place any moral support would be treated like a vitual hug.My pain levels are still through the roof.I am taking an increased dose of opiates as advised by the gp to try get on top of pain before tapering down but I am getting no where unfortunately. The pain & overwhelming tiredness caused by meds is breaking my heart. I just want to sleep & cry - obviously this would set alarm bells ringing of depression but in this case I think its pure exasperation & exhaustion from the pain.I have made app for gp tom & know she'll probably increase meds (im taking half the dose she said we might need to increase to)-of course I will increase them if she advises & may see what she thinks of adding in muscle relaxers or amitriptylline but any increase in meds or new ones will increase the tiredness which is hard t take with trying to function with the kids on school hols.The pain appears to be increasing & started going down my legs again like prior to op.its about 10 wks now (I know early days).I can walk much less than I was doing & legs seem to be getting heavier/weaker when pain builds. Every day is a real struggle to get through. If I liedown the pain eases but unfortunately my daily routine with kids doesn't facilitate lying down very much.im trying to take people up on offers of help but friends/family (have been amazing) have their own busy lives & I have less help now. Im not sure what im going to do from here on in-i have to mind the children & feed them, do washes & general taking care of house but am unable to. I am still trying to do short gentle walks & as little housework as I can get away with-im not being lazy just trying to minimise pain & hence keep as upbeat as possible in front of kids. Im not sure why I am posting this 'poor me' tale-i suppose its just for support from you people who have and/or are suffering and understand. I don't think my family and hubby understand how severe it still is & how long the recovery will take. They only see me upset or crying with the pain & I think they feel I should be stronger & more 'back to normal' by now. I've tried explaining how long it will take but I think there comes a point where people just don't understand and don't want to hear. (I must point out here that I do try put on a brave face most of the time-im not lying down crying around people or my kids)----
    Sorry for unloading....just feel so desperate.
  • LizLiz Posts: 7,832

    Liz, Spine-health Moderator

    Spinal stenosis since 1995
    Lumber decompression surgery S1 L5-L3[1996]
    Cervical stenosis, so far avoided surgery
  • Thank you liz for the links. I'll keep looking through them .Had chronic back pain for as long as I can remember-this surgery was an attempt to try bring some relief - although I am bearing in mind scoliosis correction does not treat pain primarily but we are hoping it will in my case along with the other work the surgeon did . Thanks x
  • Are you taking any neuropathic type of pain medications? If not, you may want to talk to your doctor about them. Normally nerve pain flares up post op and opiates don't really help that much with that type of pain. The muscle relaxers work best when taking regularly, and the tiredness will go away once your body acclimates to the medications.
    I know that none of this is easy, nor does it seem particularly helpful when the pain flares up but I promise, you it will get better.
  • I'm just past twelve week point and have discussed withother members how at around 10 weeks the pain seemed to skyrocket. Believe in yourself and trusted advice from fellow members that it will ease. Patience in that part of your thoughts is critical. I personally have. Severe pain and verydepressed from it. Surgeons sometimes lead us go believe its a walk in the park. As you have reallizedthat couldn't be further from the truth. So find some streenght inside of you to know this will get better. Its so very difficult to not rest yourself but is necassary. Trust in the kind folks here too help you. That has been a great benifit fo me as of late. Chin up kiddo. Be back at it before long. A. New you is in the future you just have to wait for it. ;)
  • Ah thanks so much kurtH for that lovely message of encouragement. Means more than u can imagine. Im also drawing hope from your experience (& other amazing people on this site) in the pain 'skyrocketing' at around 10 wks. Rough week-will cut v short. Saw gp-she was worried about my obvious setback (couldn't sit properly or walk without a stick etc).she sent me straight for a mri.whilst waiting the on call dr rang my surgeon (8pm??) & came back to me & said "now young lady - surgeon X thinks u might be worrying too much but we are going to do a mri to be sure"--------I felt like strangling the patronising dr on call (im not even young-lol) but both gp & I wanted mri so I said nothing & smiled sweetly-grrrrr.I am worrying - can't deny that but heck the pain is evil again, my legs are weak & burning & my future mobility/active life depends on this surgery working-so I WILL FLAMING WORRY!!!!! Couple hrs later dr Patronising rings me again-"you'll be pleased to hear miss that the metalwork is all looking good & nothing abnormal is jumping out at us - isn't that great news my dear"---grrrr again.he did point out bad inflammation that cud be impinging nerves & would settle down with rest & meds...pretty much what I have learnt, in a far kinder , not patronising way from you guys here.All happy??? Got fone call last evening from my surgeon secretary telling me she needed my mri disc asap because the surgeon" just wanted to double check something"???? Now im in another quandary for the weekend.why??? What??? I thought they were happy with what they saw & read on report weds nite???? Oh look im too tired to read too much into it-maybe he's just being cautious & re reading it himself. I'll find out next week. Pain really really bad as soon as I move from lying down so just going to take meds & rest for weekend while hubby home.im really believing in what kurtH, sandi & many others have said-its a temporary flare up & it will get better.......Its great to hear it happened to others (I mean that in nicest possible way!)-great support - thanks.
    Oh sorry sandi-i asked re anti inflammatory's, nerve pain meds (the usual line up) but consultant surgeon doesn't want me to take anything other than painkillers until he's re evaluated mri???? Odd cos he is anti opiates so I thought he'd prefer me to switch.maybe he's just wary of throwing anything in that could hinder fusion process ie anti inflammatory's ,yet . Thanks.
  • My surgeon wont let me use any anti inflammation meds for at least one year. Says it impedes bone recovery. Don't be afraid of your pain meds though they can be hard to have to be on its for your best interest and mobility at this point in recovery. Its ok Jo Jo. You need to be comfortable at least a little bit. ;)
  • Hi JoJo,
    After reading your posts I wanted to sent you a big virtual hug!
    Now some practical advice..... Have you tried putting a single bed downstairs somewhere where you spend the most time?
    I found that this really helped me, I avoided sitting as much as possible and lay down at every opportunity. It's great to be able to command from the "granny corner" as my kids called it. They can also get a cuddle when needed and it's a great way to get some extra rest.
    I wish someone had told me that it was normal to worry. You have every right to worry! You have had massive surgery and enormous pain. I hope you get the all clear from your surgeon about your MRI and that they get back to you quickly with results. Hang in there, things will get easier. You are the doing the best you can.
    DDD. Married,Mum of 2, Age 45: 2007 & 2008 L5/S1 Discectomy
    April 2013 L5/S1 Anterior Fusion
    & L4/L5 Artificial Disc Replacement
  • backache99backache99 Posts: 1,338
    edited 07/13/2014 - 9:42 AM
    its still very early to be killing yourself !! you have had major surgery was it ALIF or PLIF ? or both ?? ALIF tends to be worst to recover from as your abdomen has to be opened up so its like two operations .my consultant one of the uks best specialises in end stage spinal cases everything from spinal cancer to ADR and messed up previous spinal surgery .i fall in to the last category ,the pain from damage nerves is the same pain as cancer patients feel that's why we are on the same pain meds a a terminally ill person so don't underestimate the pain you're feeling ..if you're one of the lucky ones and you did not have any peripheral pain prior to the surgery ??IE leg and foot abnormalities then they should settle down BUT if you had the similar pain before the surgery then i am sorry but its here to stay in the majority of cases .living with it is not easy and my consultant keeps banging on about how lucky people like us are ?????? i said why ?? he said that we still have use of our legs and we can still go to the bathroom ..i know things aren't brilliant after spinal surgery and some of us come out with problems that were not there before .in my case on operation number 2...... 8 years ago i lost total sexual function not good for a 40 year old .but i can live with it .its better then peeing in to a bag [something i have had to do for a month when i had bladder surgery early on this year} i met guys there that had the same surgery as i had but things went wrong they are permanently incontinent .and some has paralysis i know 30 months down the line i bang on how much pain i am in and what a massive change the operations and the drug use has had on my life but its better than some ! with a massive operation the point is to come out better or the same not worse .some fair worse than others .my problem is massive pain and fatigue .and although i have had 3 surgeries and ALIF on 3 levels and i know many have had a lot more than me .the problem was my spine was very badly damaged due to previous poor surgery making me a complex spinal patients to quote my consultant and even with corrective surgery my prognosis was always going to be poor ...yes jo jo its not good to be told that by a consultant but .you may be totally different and recover a lot quicker what i am saying in a roundabout way we are all in a mess and some worse than others even though we have had the same operations just give it time about 12 months and see how you are then ..in the meantime make sure your doctor has you on decent pain relief
    take care
    1997 laminectomy
    2007 repeat laminectomy and discectomy L4/L5
    2011 ALIF {L4/L5/S1}
    2012 ? bowel problems .still under investigation
    2014 bladder operation may 19th 2014
  • We will hope that the new MRI reveals nothing more than some inflammation, and that the increased symptoms settle down soon.
    Unfortunately, the use of anti inflammatories post fusion is not usually permitted because it does indeed interfere with bone growth for the fusion process.
    When you do talk to your surgeon regarding the MRI, after he has reviewed it, you may want to discuss a steroid dose taper pack or adding a neuropathic pain medication then and see what he says.
    We all understand that these flares are tough to deal with, and we will hope that things turn to an upside for you, rest, as much as you can, and take it easy for now.
    Hang in there,
  • Hi again. Just caught up with the forum ... I can understand how hard it is when you have kids around ... are they old enough to help with a few things? Emptying house bins, putting washing in machine for you, lifting plates and glasses out of the cupboards, plumping up cushions? Anything you can do to avoid bending and lifting is a help so that all the movements don't add up over the day and increase your pain.
    I am now two weeks post another two nerve block shots ... at L4/L5 the nerve was still very swollen and would not allow the saline and dye to flow through. I am a bit better and went back to the physio this morning to look over exercises etc. My surgeon would not let me start physio until three months post op ... I am unable to walk much because of my badly arthritic knee and am now booked for a replacement knee of September 22nd .... exactly seven months since the fusion. I am trying not to get too down thinking about the aftermath of another op and keep reminding myself that it will be a doddle after a back fusion. Booked to go on holiday before the op and hoping the journey etc won't crank up the pain.
    Keep going ... still early days. Think of things in months rather than weeks or days ... what can you do now you couldn't do a month ago? How is the pain overall now? I still get back pain and scar soreness when I overdo things. Take the tablets a while longer and try not to be in and out of the car too much. Good luck and if your kids are old enough to go to school then they are old enough to earn any pocket money by helping you!
  • Hi. Sorry I didn't see all these msgs til now-when kids are at home im lucky to get 2 mins to look at web in peace - bless them.They are happily playing a game of monopoly together while I rest (its a joy to watch them playing happily together-it might not last long-lol)....Thanks again for constructive advice guys & virtual hug much appreciated hybridhattie-thanks.I actually do have a bed in corner of the lounge as my sofa is not flat or suitable for lying on. The bed indeed is great for being in centre of action & its nice for kids to cuddle up to me too....kurt & sandi I am trying to keep positive & 'hang in there'-with all u guys support. Its such a boost to hear all the positive feedback. I will ask re steroids etc if surgeon ever gets back to me-im still waiting! !!! Bummer he hasn't contacted me but I can wait. Hi again maximummy-im so sorry re ur knee replacement op.oh no-uv had enough - sending u my best & a big hug.im glad u r getting a holiday in 1st-well deserved & will give u a boost im sure.Kids are indeed helping & earning pocket money. They have realised that if they help by doing jobs or playing nicely together that I will have less pain & hence be in a better mood (lol) & more likely to give them little treats etc-an icepop or sneaky biccie is all it takes (not exactly parenting im sure the experts wud agree with but it works & keeps everyone happy & sane!!!!).Tony it was plif & I did, in the last year , have severe leg nerve pain (both legs).Despite still having so much pain still post surgery I can actually see a teeny bit of improvement in that the pain going down the legs is much improved after surgery. This is giving me so much hope that the surgery has been successful & like everyone is saying -its early days & setbacks are to be expected. I wouldn't have realised that without this site.surgeons do indeed sugar coat the recovery but if they've never experienced pain I suppose its understandable they find it hard to give patients realistic goals.
  • Before signing off I just have to say-and im very tentatively saying this-but in the last 48 hrs I have felt a little bit better. I feel the nerve pain down the legs is abating a bit.I have been able to resume small walks without severe pain & on the whole I feel the pain is reduced (not just being masked by meds-but they are helping).im wondering if this is the turning point I have heard you guys speak off-shhhhhhhh......Fingers crossed. ......
  • I'm delighted you're feeling a teeny bit better. Baby steps in the right direction is all it takes for a good recovery.
    I love monopoly and so do my kids... My son is away studying but comes home on Saturday, I might dust of the board games for some family rivalry....I'm soooo competitive!!
    DDD. Married,Mum of 2, Age 45: 2007 & 2008 L5/S1 Discectomy
    April 2013 L5/S1 Anterior Fusion
    & L4/L5 Artificial Disc Replacement
  • Ha ha hybridhattie I hope you enjoy your game of monopoly & u can rope the kids into it - even just to beat their socks off & show em 'who's still the boss'------ok ok im competitive too & torn between my ruthless streak & trying to be a mature adult in front of wee ones.....
    Bit of good news for a change (instead of earlier, defeatist posts)-my mri is looking good.nothing worrying on it . inflammation causing nerve compression that should rectify itself with rest & time.No sign of new nerve compression . probably overdid the walking / activity & caused back to spasm & rebel - according to docs. They couldn't highlight any fusion yet but said that was t b expected at only 10/11 wks . Apparently its hard to see fusion on xrays or mri's???? Anyway I've been following instructions & walking shorter distances more frequently & resting more inbetween & GUESS WHAT-i really do feel a whole lot better.oh my-what a relief. Thanks everyone for comforting me & giving me hope. I can't believe the difference a week has made. The nerve pain down the legs is abating dramatically & overall the pain has halved. I am taking a fairly high dose of opiates as recommended by gp but if this improvement continues I will begin to reduce them shortly. For now im enjoying the reduction in pain & beginning to feel there's light at the end of the tunnel (albeit a long tunnel ahead).Hope others are feeling a little bit better too.AND THANK YOU for all the encouragement.
  • I am really happy to read that you are feeling better.........just a word of caution, now that you are, don't jump back into doing too much too soon . Now that the nerve pain is settling down, you want to keep that forward momentum going, so keep doing what you are doing and break up the activity levels , do a step of something, then take a break.....yes, it is going to take longer to get things done, but the reward will be, as you continue to heal, and regain your strength and stamina, your reoovery will go smoother. Can you still have set backs, yes......but slow and steady wins this race.....hopefully, that will minimize the flares .
  • Hi & thanks Sandi--boy are you psychic???? I am laughing because I could have done with reading your reply earlier today & I would not be lying awake in pain in the wee small hours now. ...Typically my inner superwoman felt that as I was doing great I should spend the day doing way too many activities, spending too long sitting & a short walk round local shop later & WHAM BAM -now returnith the nerve pain. Ok-lesson learnt. ..As you said now is the time to start pacing myself & not get carried away with newfound mobility or else my body will rebel as it's doing tonight.You are indeed very wise Sandi.I won't make that mistake again tomorrow. I am not worried or too upset as I now understand this will happen & is totally normal - just learn from it.Must keep repeating my new mantra----- ' baby steps ' ; ' baby steps '.........nite nite xx
  • sandisandi Posts: 6,343
    edited 07/22/2014 - 5:47 AM
    LOL..........no I don't think so........well maybe...... I just recall doing stuff too soon once I felt a little better after my second surgery....and of course, paid for it.
    Most of my "advice" comes from learning the hard way. :wink:" alt=":wink:" height="20" /> :smile:" alt=":smile:" height="20" />
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