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Anyone else frustrated about their doctor's decisions?

ksokollkksokoll Posts: 4
edited 07/11/2014 - 7:50 AM in Pain Medications
Hi Ya'll.

This post is both a way for me to vent, but also to get some advice or helpful insight. I have gone through so much that I am losing faith in doctors and have seen so many people get lost in the system.

I talk to family members and they tell me that crying is "drug seeking behavior". But when I see my dr, I cry almost every visit because I am frustrated NOT because I am seeking extra drugs! I have chronic gastritis because a previous physician prescribed me hoards of ibuprophen and muscle relaxers and my stomach was just destroyed, so I can not take NSAIDS, and I have bad reactions to Oxycontin, Morphine, and Oxycodone. They all cause me to itch all over, get hives, and get very irritable, so all of those are on my "allergies list", which my family says is another sign of "drug seeking behavior". According to textbooks, I am someone who needs to have a big red flag over her chart because I may be a drug seeker.....

I want to know why the hell Red Flags go up to a doctor for someone like me who has legitimate pain with DDD, DJD, Nerve damage, multiple surgeries, fibromyalgia, microdiskectomy and fusion, etc, who is only taking 2 norco 10/325 a day and how that justifies them taking away the ONLY thing that I take for my pain!! If someone is in pain and they take narcotics, DUH, eventually they will develop a tolerance to it. As long as I am not increasing my prescription, why is it wrong for me to take the same amount for the rest of my life to help with the pain if it allows me to live a normal life as opposed to being bed ridden from the pain!? I started with 4. Three a day seemed to be the magic number for me, but my doctor claims that I have developed a tolerance to the norco and he wants to take it away completely.....I don't understand how a pain management clinic can take away the only thing that helps with pain management! Eventually, everyone develops a tolerance. Why can some people get prescribed 10 pills a day or get morphine with Oxycontin for break through pain, when here I am getting a mere 2 pills a day and they are looking at me like I'm a drug seeker!?!?!?! If weening away my norco, then I feel they should be putting me on something else for the pain!! I've been their pinc cushion long enough! It's horrible that we have to go through injections we don't want or else they won't prescribe us medication. I was schedule for injections one day and I told my doctor NO STEROIDS and even wrote in on the consent form. After the injection my back hurt for weeks and my nerves went crazy down my legs and I was having pain in the back of both my thighs when I don't normally have pain there. I called and spoke to a nurse and she told me it was the steroids irritating my nerves most likely! Steroids?!?! I couldn't believe it! My doctor did it even when I told him and wrote down that I did not want them! I was livid. So there I was experiencing nerve pain I normally never have 2 weeks non stop, and my doctor doesn't care. He just does whatever he wants with no consequences.

I honestly have developed such bad anxiety and fear of not having any pain control that I have panic attacks the day of my pain clinic appointments because I'm so afraid that it will be the day they lower me down to 1 pill a day and then eventually nothing, or that they will cause more pain. Honestly, I have only had 2 rhizotomys actually help me and the rest caused more pain and made me wish I never had it done. I have had a few rare days when the pain was not bad and I told myself I was not going to waste a pill on a day where it wasn't severe because I might need it for a day where I am, and went 36 hours with nothing before my whole body started to hurt and I suddenly felt sick. I told my doctor and he said those are withdraw symptoms and should not take the medicine when I have that, but I am really in pain! Isn't that what they are for? I am just trying to delay taking the pill for when it is EXTREMELY bad pain because they are forcing me to pick and choose when I need the most pain relief by limiting my medication! And I'm sure my doctor feels real bad going home to a nice house and being able to lift stuff, sleep like a baby, exercise, go on vacation,etc, and not have to worry about any of us who are in bed wishing we could compete again in our favorite sport, or ride a roller coaster!
It's not fair that one person can have so much control over your life! How is it legal for them to take away the only thing that ables me to get my groceries or find a job? I follow the rules, I am honest with my doctor, I get injections even when I don't want to and they hurt me, and yet I feel I get hit by the door on my way out and my own dog gets better care than I do!

I don't think it's fair for pain clinics to stereotype people or behaviors. If someone is in pain and you can clearly see proof of it, then why is it wrong to prescribe them pain meds?

I know that the argument is that narcotics are bad and we should avoid them and they make our pain receptors more sensitive, etc... but then why even prescribe them in the first place for chronic pain patients?

Is anyone else frustrated with the "system"? Anyone else experience issues with people judging you or lowering your dose when you are still in severe pain? Anyone else having problems getting something they need because "other people abuse it"?.



  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,833
    medications for patients based on several things

    • - Clinical examinations.
      - Diagnostic reports
      - Patients emotional stability
      - Patients current and past history
    My best advice is to just ask your doctor whey they are prescribing this or that and NOT that or this. Let them give you the answer. At least this way you can discuss the situation.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • LC84LLC84 Posts: 599
    edited 07/11/2014 - 1:23 PM
    I think it's important to be as calm as possible. Be honest about your symptoms and ask what is recommended for better pain relief. You're simply stating the facts then allowing your Dr to make recommendations. If you don't trust your current Dr it's okay to find another one but you'll have to break whatever pain contract you have should you decide to except pain medications elsewhere. If Doctors see that you have anxiety issues etc they may be less willing to prescribe certain medications. Did you decline steroids because you've had reactions in the past? Epidurals usually have steroids in them so I don't know why he would go forward with the injection to begin with. What did you think was in it? The Dr should explain what kind of injection you're getting prior to giving it. Sometimes you have to give medications some time before your body adjusts and symptoms slowly resolve. That of course depends on the symptoms. Are you on something for nerve pain? That's probably the most important if you have nerve damage. Narcotics don't work as well for nerve pain as they so for mechanical pain. It's hard for people with chronic pain especially if you don't feel like the pain is properly managed. You do need to have trust in your Dr for things to go well. If you don't then seek another opinion.
    Progressive DDD
    Chronic S1 Radiculopathy
    Discectomy L5-S1 2002
    Discectomy, Laminotomy/Foraminotomy L3-S1 January 2014
    Bilateral SI Joint Fusion and 2 level spinal Fusion October 2014
  • My doctor is a kind, compassionate & professional man but it took me a while to find him. You're clearly not happy with your current care, I think it could be time for a second opinion at least. I interviewed several docs before I found mine. Just remember doctors don't like being told what to do or listening to critism of fellow doctors. Don't ask for meds just discuss your case & ask what they suggest to improve your pain management. Compile all of your records, diagnostic tests, procedure notes etc. & get a referral from your GP if you need to.

    As long as you don't fill prescriptions from different doctors you aren't 'doctor shopping'. I know the current atmosphere makes people very nervous about talking to pain management doctors but crying is an emotional response NOT a red flag issue! You don't need to be worrying about things you can't change. A doctor needs to know that certain medications cause side effects for you. Hives doesn't necessarily mean you can't take them, it's for your doc to decide if you need a different med or an additional one to avoid the skin reaction. Give a new PM all the information he needs to make the best possible treatment plan for you.

    You seem willing to try anything to manage your pain, that's great! Would you please explain your reluctance to have steroids? You're clearly not satisfied with your current care & there's nothing wrong with seeking another opinion. Chronic pain is hard enough to deal with without adding unnecessary stress, it only adds to our pain & depression. Feel free to vent, that's what this sites for! I hope you find the support & guidance you need. ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • side effects from medications. Hives, swelling, severe itching , rash and breathing difficulties signify an allergic reaction....however, some opiates do indeed cause itching as part of the the side effects common to some medications. Side effects diminish once your body acclimates to the medication, usually a week or two after starting it. Morphine is one of those medications that often cause itching .
    Steroids are used to calm inflammation and swelling , and are part and parcel of the injections commonly used to treat spine related pain. Unless you have a clear medical reason for not having the steroids, most doctors are going to use steroids in the injections.
    A flare up of pain is common and expected after injections, some last a few days, others a week or more.
    This should have been explained to you either prior to or post injection.


  • JAM661JJAM661 Posts: 121
    edited 07/12/2014 - 3:55 PM
    It really sounds like you are very unhappy with your doctor and that the trust and communication is not there. When you go see another doctor have your medical records including test result. It would probable be helpful to have a list of different things you have tried like injections also including your meds. I also question the doctors statement that when you held off your meds until you were feeling sick and in pain than saying you should have not taken your pain medications. That really sound weird. I could understand if he said you should have not waited that long to the meds because of the withdrawal. My family had also gave some problems about taking pain meds so I just didn't talk or tell them anymore. I know there was a period of time that I felt like I was doing something bad when I was on them. I finally just had to forget what others may say and started to think of my pain medication is just another medication as is my blood pressure meds.
  • Shari514SShari514 Posts: 121
    edited 07/16/2014 - 9:24 AM
    I,too , get horrible itching with Morphine, Dilaudud and Morphine. It is NOT an allergic reaction, but they were able to give me Benadryl when I was in the hospital. When I came home, I had scratches and scabs all over from the non-stop scratching on my legs, buttocks and hips. After a few days on Percocet it stopped. Vicodin doesn't cause the same itching for me.
    Lumbar laminectomy L-4/L-5, 2006
    XLIF with posterior pedicle screws L-4/L-5, 4-23-2013
  • Unfortunately in this day and age opiates are seen as evil. Unfortunately those who have abused opiates have made it difficult for those chronic pain sufferers to get the medication they need. I was in a hospital-not for myself and there was a sign in the ER stating they did NOT dispense narcotics. WTH?!! What if your arm was loped off? You were in a horrible auto accident and in critical condition? What then? Let's prosecute those who abuse opiates instead of punishing those chronic pain sufferers who require opiates just to function. I agree with the other posts. Gather all your medical records, tests/results and interview other PM Doctors. Find someone that you feel comfortable with. I'm pretty sure we all at one time or another have cried due to pain. I'm sorry for yours. Good luck to you:))
  • egr78eegr78 Posts: 26
    edited 08/28/2014 - 5:55 PM
    In 2013 i had an unintentional overdose. At the time i was transitioning from opana er 20 mg bid, oxycodone 5 mg ir qid, and valium 5 mg bid prn to methadone 5 mg bid. I had been following my PMs step down procedure to the letter, and she warned me that there might be some horrific days while the methadone took effect. If that occurred and she could not be reached (of course she didnt have any afterhours or weekend service), just go to the emergency room. The day i OD'd i had been vomiting and had a terrible headache. I was seen @ the ER that morning and after blood work and urine screenings the ER doc tells me i am having opiate withdrawls and gives me a 4mg dose of IV dilaudid. I left the Er shortly there after and later that same afternoon i slipped into a coma and was rushed back to the same ER. I came out of the coma the next day with aspiration pneumonia but otherwise i was just weak. After i was released from the hospital i went to my PM doctor the next day for a regular appt (her clinic is part of the same hospital) and she discharged me from the practice, with out any reason given other than abhorent behavior in regards to my OD. She thought i did it on purpose! Fortunately when i went to see my PCP for a follow up on the pneumonia she found me a new PM doctor. However, this PM will not give me anything stronger than tramadol 50 mg ir qid along with cymbalta 60mg, celebrex 200 mg, and 2100 mg of gabapentin per day. I still do not have a muscle relaxant because i am either hypersensitive to them, or they interact with other meds i am on and because he does not like using benzos for muscle relaxation. My PM has done various interventional procedures, but none have worked super well or lasted super long, so now because of his reluctance to allow me the meds that were helping, i have had to cut my work hours back and file for disability. There is just no talking to this PM doctor, no explaining to him. I hope you and everyone on this site eventually get the answers that we are all seeking!
    Erin Roche
    L5/S1 Hemilaminectomy
    SCS implant in 2012
    plus much much more...
  • There is a difference in ER's stating that they will not dispense opiates and not using them in the appropriate in house treatment for patients.
    All the ER is stating that they will not provide pain medications for patients who come to the ER to take home with them. That does not mean that in medical emergencies where pain medications are needed to treat the patient IN an emergency[b/] that they won't use them.
  • I am glad that you are okay. Did your pm doctor tell you NOT to take both the Opana and the methadone at the same time? She/he should have replaced the opana with the methadone, and not had you change from opana to methadone , and taking both medications at the same time. That is scary and on top of that, the ER giving you more opiates.......
    The benzos on top of the methadone only added to the oversedation.
    As far as benzo's as muscle relaxers, there are many other muscle relaxers that aren't benzo's that may be helpful , and it might be worthwhile discussing those with your current pm doctor. He may be willing to allow you try one of those.
  • EGR. We're you working & functioning better before the switch to methadone? I'm so sorry, that must of been a terrifying experience for you & your family. I'm glad that you're now ok but it seems wrong that you can't continue to persue narcotic therapy that allows you to work & stay off of disability.

    Have you tried seeking a second or third opinion of other pain management doctors? I know it's hard in the current climate & docs will be even more cautious after the OD but a different doc might be more understanding if you state your case clearly as you have here. Mistakes were made but none of them seem to be your fault or reasons why you can't continue on the meds. It must be so frustrating & depressing to loose your career because of this. I'm so sorry.
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
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