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am I expecting too much?

dmoonchildddmoonchild Posts: 383
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:18 AM in Pain Medications
Well, Ive been taking the Oxycontin 20 mg 1 pill every 12 hours. It aint workin so good. The pain relief is good for about 4 hours, really good, I like this med, no side effects, but the pain comes back in 4 hours. Well, I called my Dr yesterday and left her a message. No call back...again. I know Im a pain in her neck but Im just trying to get as much releif as I can. So I just called and was told she is out of the office until Monday, July 1st. Thats it.....no advice....nothing. Is this normal? I dont like being just left to suffer like this. I have scheduled an appointment with my surgeon for July 15th. I gotta do something, I cant live like this much longer. Once I see the surgeon, will he take over my pain management until surgery. I am really not satisfied with my present Dr. This is like the 5th different med she has had me on and it always takes her over 3 days to call me back.


  • I'm having the EXACT same problem - about 4 hours is all i get, too. But I am trying to tough it out for the whole script, so as not to be too much of a pain to my doctor. I swear that I super process medications! But I don't have side effects, either, so I guess I'm counting my blessings. Let me know what your doctor says.
  • Is it possible to super process it? My last urine screen was negative and I took my meds that morning. I dont know, Im just getting fed up with waiting for her to call me back.
  • I honestly don't really know, but I've always though I do that with everything, and that is why I get so many side effects and things wear off so quickly. When I used to drink, I would get drunk off very little alcohol and then sober up really quickly, too. I also have a really good metabolism - I eat a bunch of junk and only weight 125 lbs, if other ate what I eat, they would be huge! Not that that's something to be proud of... I've never had a urine screen in my life, my doctor doesn't do them and I've been with the same company for 10 years, before pre-employment screens became standard.
  • Yes, it is possible not to have your meds show up in your urine or blood if you metabolize them quickly. My husband had a 3 month stay in ICU back in 99 and the docs could not believe the drugs that it took to keep him comfortable. When they checked his blood there would be no trace of any of the meds and they gave him enough for a baby elephant. So, I know for a fact that some people metabolize faster than others. I guess that is why some people can take a ton of meds with little effect and some people can nearly od on small quantities.
  • Moon,
    Some people need 8 hour dosing with Oxycontin, but I have never heard of it just lasting 4 hours. :(
    It sounds like you need a breakthrough med or a dosage adjustment.
    You probably aren't going to be pain free, but your pain should be managed well enough for you to function in your daily life with a tolerable level of pain.
    If the Oxycontin is giving you adequate pain relief for part of the time, she may discuss adding a break through IR formula of oxycodone to the mix.
  • would it be safe for me to take an extra pill? Im dying over here. We are taking my 3 and 2 yr old to the carnival tonight. We have been promising them and they are so excited. My pain level is about a 9 and I already took my daily dose of meds. Ive been trying OTC pain relief but of course that does nother, and I dont drink at all so a martini is not an option. I will try to stay on the Dr prescribed amout, I know I could be terminated from the program by breaking my contract, im just at my wits ends. I need some relief. When my PM Doc calls me on Monday I know she will say " well, what do YOU want to do"? Is it proper for me to ask for a higher dose and some Break thru medicine? I really would like to stick with the oxycontin as it has been the best med yet. Will a higher dose last longer?
  • Moon,
    What is the dosing? Every 12 hours? And you already took your full dose today?
    I would not take an extra dose, and in fact no one here should tell you to. We aren't your doctor, and taking an extra dose might be too much for your body to handle, and cause problems that no one expects.
    The other reason that no one here should tell you it's okay is because you would be breaking your contract with your PM. If you do take it and you get called in for a pill count or another urine screen, you will be left without PM at all.
    I would try some ice, and alternate it with heat , 20 minutes on and then 20 off. You would be surprised how much that can help. Get one of those heat patch ones you can buy in any medical supply/pharmacy type store. They really do help.
    You can also try taking some anti inflammatory stuff, motrin if you have it, it also boosts the pain relief from your own meds.
    I understand not wanting to disappoint your kids, I really do, but don't do something that might cause you even more problems down the road.
  • Were back from the carnival a bit early, thank you Lord for rain! I did OK, just gonna rest for the night!
  • Wow, I can so relate to your situation! I only get six hours of relief when I take Oxy 20mgs every 8 hours.This medication isn't working anymore because I messed up my back by bowling (dumb, I know). It took me hell to convince my doctor to put me up to 30mgs. The pharmacy had to special order them of course so I haven't tried them yet. I really hope it works! Good luck to everyone! :)
  • My PM doc gets back from Vaction tomorrow. I am in agony and my husband is traveling this week so its me and my 2 kids ( 2 & 3 yrs old) all week. What do I say to my PM doc, that the meds arnt working? This will be the 6th medication I have tried so far that doesnt work. The 5mg Oxycodone I was on the last time was the only one that sort of worked but we had to up the dose from 3 pills a day up to 8. That is why she gave me the long acting oxy. Should I ask her for a higher dose of the long acting oxy ( im on 20 mg right now every 12 hours ) and also have a breakthru med? Sometimes I feel like Im being a pain in her butt.
  • Moonchild,
    I feel for you! The one thing that I can say about my PM Doc is that he was/is very pro-active. At the beggining I was seeing him every week, and he kept on adjusting the dosages that I was getting of morphine, Oxy does not work for me at all! Then I was seeing him every 2 weeks, now every month and I am feeling better and better,but I just had an SCS installed 3 weeks ago, so that is helping bunches! Just ask for an ASAP appointment and talk to her eye to eye, she should understand your predicament.
  • I wish she would see me every week until we get the right meds. We tried morphine, Kadian, and I had a terrible reaction to it. My next appointment is on July 21st. I have tried to get earlier appointments before as I always have to call her to tell her the meds are not working, but they are so busy and usually have no openings. Im just so surprised that she went on vacation with no back up to care for her patients.
  • hi,
    so sorry they are not working for you. your experience sounds like mine. we tried the kadian. no go.
    then off to the oxycontin. which you think would of worked since my percocet did so well. they never upped the dosage just switched to a different med. then i went to the fentynl patches. started at 12.5 mcg. did nothing. then he did go up to 25mcg. they worked for a bit. instead of upping the dosage we went straight to methadone. 5mg in the morning 5 at night. worked wonders.
    i went off due to scheduling surgery. not a med of choice i wanted to stay on for a long time.
    my pm would not up mine during the month. i had to wait till my next appt whether they worked or not.
    i just wanted you to know im thinking about ya, and i feel your suffering.
    let us know when you go back what happens.
    take care
    terri :)
  • she laughed at me....yes my PM Doc laughed at me when I told her the Long acting oxy was only working 4 hours. Then she was aruing with me that it should work for 12 hours. Sorry, but Ive been going thru a week of hell, while you were on vacation with no backup Dr for your patients....but it only lasts 4 HOURS!!!! I didnt really say that, but thats what I was thinking. And also my husband is travelling for work and its me & the kids. Well, this morning, I get my 2 yr old out of bed and WHAMO...there goes my back. I actually made to to daycare and work but I left 1/2 day to put heat on it. Anyway, my Doc is writing a script for the old oxycodone until our next appointment. At least she understands enough to write a new script.
  • :jawdrop: :jawdrop: She laughed at you....... not good!
  • I called today and said 20mg not working, only getting 4 to 6 hours of relief, and I had a script for the 30mg at 4:30 pm. He did cut down on my breakthrough pain (15mg IR), though, so I sure hope it works! Maybe I will cut the IR in half instead of popping the whole thing for breakthrough, the only thing is that they are so tiny...
  • :O
    Hi Sweets,

    I know I haven't been here in a while. Still just dealing with my own life here and missed you. Thought maybe things were Ok. cuz I didn't see you for a week or so.

    Now I think I came to S.H. when both my PM Doc and the PCP, both went on Vacation for a week and left me in Pain with very little medication at the time and I had no alternative but to go to E.R. and they gave me 10 percs to last 5 days. Talk about living in Hell! When Both Doctors came back from there Golf Trip I was Prescribed the same Med's by my PCP the PM doctor refused to take over prescribing meds and Now Im still taking the Same Med's with an increase in Dosage.

    Seems like a Never Ending battle with the Doctor's to get from Point A to Pain Free or at least tolerable.

    Lots of Love,
  • OMG :? I just do not understand why people who treat their patients like that have the right to have the word "Dr" in front of their name & the word "MD or DO" after their name.I am new to these boards, but I just could not hold my thoughts about her to myself. I, too, have had a Dr like that once several years ago. I wanted my husband to do something about it, but we decided it was not worth him going to jail over. }:) I believe that people who treat others like that will have their own day--what goes around, comes around, you know. I am very fortunate to have a great Dr now who is caring & is trying to help me by keeping me on enough medication to at least keep the back pain at a tolerable level most of the time. I try very hard to listen to what he tells me & I try very hard to follow his suggestions. Is it possible to find another Dr who might be more tolerant & helpful for you ? That might be the best thing for you to do. It does not sound like your current Dr cares very much about her patients
  • I am only on short acting meds but I know exactly what you are talking about! I have been in the care of a PM doctor since March, after a failed ESI he passed me over to a physiatrist who performed an EMG on Wed. PM doc (who I really liked and was very compassionate) had me on perocset 1 pill 3x a day which worked really well. PM doc said phsyiatrist would take over my meds now. Well, physiatrist is anti-med and she gave me Ultram (might as well as given me NOTHING) and 30 5/325 hydrocodones to last 30 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jawdrop:

    Needless to say this sucks. No pain relief at all, basically. I am considering calling my PM doctor and telling him what is going on and seeing if he will take over my meds.
  • It's really just so awful when doctors under prescribe medicine for their patients because they don't want to be "liable" for that patient. I've had doctors that will only give me a certain strength of medicine, and if I tell them that it's not working and I need something stronger, they simply ignored me and told me to continue taking what hadn't been working. Ugh! :( Once again those addicts who make it so hard for us to get our medicine legitimately are really making me mad!! :?
  • Just read your post. I have been on pain meds forever and thru trial and error finally found the right combination. Long acting meds never work for me. After a few hrs they go away. Try others long acting with short for break through pain. Keep trying til you find the right ones. If your dr won't work with you find another be truthful with them. Good luck and better days ahead
  • the only thing I ever felt from that was lathargic and no pain relief then he gave me the ir for break thru that didn't work for me either by 3 hours I was in extreme pain trying to make it to the 4th hour to take the IR....After my last surgery they tried it again. It did not work. never felt relief enough to rest, I wasn't looking for the "euphoria" just wanted enough relief to rest. So I talked to my cousin who is a chemist worked for J and J and Merck...the pill breaks down differently for every one no ones metabolism is the same. so I don't take extended release Ive not tried it but I heard the fentnyl patch works good for some. I'm back on percocet and take as needed. not to exceed a certain amount a day.
    This can't be happening
  • Everyone's metabolism is different. There's a simple test that you doc can perform which shows which types of meds will work best for you & the levels you need. There's been a lot of discussion here about it, including links posted by one of the mods. You can search 'metabolism test for narcotics' here or on the web. ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
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