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leg pain

I recently felt a slight twang in my lower left back while lifting some equipment in my garage. my back was sore but notjing I couldn't live with.Two days after and I have had searing pain in my left leg just below my hip. It is hurts only when walking or standing after only a minute or two. It is to the point where I can not be on my feet any longer than a couple of minutes, Sitting or laying I have a slight pain which is very manageable this sciatica or some other problem.

I had some very similir about six months ago and did a lot of inner core exercises with pelvic tilting which eventually relieved the pain after about 4 weeks. I am thinking that is what I have to do again, but am to sore to even think about doing that. Any information about my condition or remedies would be greatly appreciated


  • LizLiz Posts: 7,832
    edited 09/13/2014 - 11:18 AM

    Liz, Spine-health Moderator

    Spinal stenosis since 1995
    Lumber decompression surgery S1 L5-L3[1996]
    Cervical stenosis, so far avoided surgery
  • i had more or less the same issue that you do, only i was 15 at the time. After neurosurgeon, ortho doc, gp, etc. come to find out i have a herniated disc, apparently not normal for a 15 year old, i was told to take ibuprofen, do the same exercises, it will heal on its on and life will move on. And it did. then it happened again, then again, then again and so on. each time getting progressively worse and lasting longer and with less and less time in between "injuries" Fast forward 16 years, in plain terms, my back could no longer handle the stress of so many injuries, eventually i dislocated my tail bone, my spine twisted like a cork screw, bent sideways in one direction then another spot bent the other way to compensate. i ended up with 8 herniated discs, 3 of which ruptured. at that point i could have swore that even the bones in my ears were out of place. the entire lower half of my body exploded in searing agony all at once. i spent the next 6 weeks unable to draw a deep enough breath to even scream. surviving the trip to the car or in the car to see any dr. was out of the question. Just to add insult to the injury, i lost control of my bladder as well. I spent those 6 weeks praying to multiple gods to either pass out or stroke out and die. Thankfully I have a wonderful family, and they took turns taking me to the bathroom and feeding me and medicating me. I took an oath of silence about from whom i got the drugs and how but after taking, soma, lyrica, percocet, advil, aleve, and mobic, (yes all at the same time) and getting very stoned but getting no relief from the pain, i got just medicated enough to bear the ride to see a dr. who was ever so kind to look down the back of my throat and inform me i must have pulled a muscle. Then the second dr., just a sprain, maybe a severe one but still just a sprain. Enter the third dr. "diabetic nerve pain. apply for disability." And they found all of this using just a flash light and their spry wit. After 3 months of this pain I came to my wits end and picked a chiropractor out of the yellow pages by chance in an effort to get ANY relief. He is expensive, he causes me even more pain at least while he is working and for a couple of days after, and he consumes a great deal of my time. He is still the best date I ever had! Its now two years later and my pain is still sticking with me like an old friend but i can walk for a little bit, at least i make bathroom visits alone and manage to keep house and explore the world a little, even got back to a few of my sit down hobbies and the only drugs i take are aleve just twice a day. With the exception of 2 herniated discs one of which is almost completely cutting off nerve supply, i have been healed *angels sing* I still have to have surgery to fix the last bit of it but the chances for a full recovery went from 0 to between 85 and 100%! Had i forgone the neurosurgeons, the ortho docs, and the gp's 10 years ago and just went straight to the chiropractor I may have avoided this all together or at least most of it, which trust me would have been a blessing. My problem started so long ago as what you've described here. I cant tell you that you would eventually end up like me but i can certainly advise you to make every effort to avoid it and at least in my book a chiropractor is the best place to start.
  • MissKay. I'm so glad that you've found something that works for you but a lot of people read these forums so I have to say my bit about chiropractors...

    Chiropractors are not spine specialists. The general rule is if you have spine damage, herniated discs etc you should NEVER allow a chiropractor to do 'adjustments' on you. There are many horror stories here. When my spine problems first started I went to a chiropractor. After talking to me she took an X-ray, put it up on the light board, showed me the glowing white mass (arthritis & big herniation) at the base of my spine & told me to see a spine specialist & never let a chiropractor do adjustments. I've received the same advise from every specialist I've ever seen. The best thing I've been told regarding chiropractors is "It's unlikely that they will cause permanent damage!". Not exactly a ringing endorsement!

    You're lucky that you've found a chiropractor that is helping you but many spine patients have ended-up in the ER after a chiropractor visit. I'm sorry to rain on your parade but I'd hate for someone in a similar situation to read this & have disastrous results. I hope you understand. ;-(
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • one of the reasons i waited 17 years to see a chiropractor is because of those "not exactly ringing endorsements" i was told by my specialists never to see a chiropractor as well but after so long and no relief from any of them i was at a professional level of fed up! and i can certainly see how someone could end up in the ER after a visit. the pain during and after is so much worse than what you go in with, especially at first. several times my first chiro checked on me during an adjustment to make sure i hadnt passed out from the pain. honestly the only reason i went back for the second visit is because i had no other option deffo nothing else was going to help me. but at that point in my life i fully understood why so many people in chronic severe pain end up committing suicide. two years ago something as simple as going to the restroom was a two man job if i was ever so fortunate to make it at all. and have i found a cure? on mercy no not at all. i still have to have 6 epidurals every so often, still have PT, taking pain meds, still have to shop from a wheelchair, and i still have to have surgery but even the specialist has agreed that my chances of any kind of recovery shot up 85%. a chiropractor did for me in about 2 years what teams of specialists couldnt do in almost 20. Ask a specialist some time about how likely their treatments are to cause permanent damage, not exactly ringing endorsements there either, pain meds, epidurals and surgery are not without risks either. and like you said even the chiropractor you seen was at least honest about what could be done for your situation and sent you back to your specialist. as was mine, he never recommended i stop seeing them, or stop taking their treatments, encouraged me to do just the opposite though i had long since given up on them. he was even honest about his serious doubts that he could help me, the pain i would have to deal with and the time and expense that would be involved. since then ive moved and had to switch from one chiro to another and got the same honesty and care from them as well. all i mean to convey is that it is an option and one that should be considered before waiting until your situation is so horrible you understand why some people could consider suicide. a single consult with a chiropractor is a small price to pay for a shot at recovery especially before your condition degrades over the years to the extent that mine did and you have to suffer through that.
  • sandisandi Posts: 6,343
    edited 09/26/2014 - 4:31 AM
    In some cases, a chiropractor can be extremely helpful, if it is simple muscle pain or a minor pull......too often though, chiropractors will do an xray and make a "diagnosis" of subluxation, when we all know that xrays are very limited in what they show- fracture, alignment, or some abnormalities in the bony structures. What they can NOT show is nerve impingement, disc tears, cord compression, facet problems, or other more serious issues that can occur in the spine.
    I used a chiropractor for 15 years or so, after a motorcycle accident where the brunt of the impact was taken on my spine.......I loved my chiro! I was NEVER once given even an xray.Just prior to my first surgery, I went through a flare up of pain unlike anything that I had ever experienced, after several months of hoping it would go away on its own, I returned to the chiro......still no xray, just heat, and massage........he had a new partner who was buying him out of his practice......the new partner was told in no uncertain terms NOT to do any adjustments.....had an emg, showed nerve damage, foot drop developed, and the pain was worse than ever...finally sent for an MRI, three herniations later, nerve impingement, stenosis and spondylolysthesis, radiculopathy, etc....I went in for my usual heat and massage, stretching, and the new partner laid me on the side, and suddenly did an adjustment that left me unable to stand. I mean that literally. I tried to stand up, and my legs were not there under me.
    To make a long story shorter, I wound up in the surgeons office at 8 AM the very next morning, because I barely made it home because of the spasms that kept happening , almost as if my legs were having seizures....I called the office when I got home to ask them if I should go to the ER ( they were WELL aware that something was seriously wrong- they had to walk me to my car), and he saw me fall in the office three times trying to get out of there). I never got a call back, or one bit of caring for the possibility of what they had done.
    I had surgery 10 days or so later.......it was the soonest that the surgeon could get me in to get the OR booked.
    While chiropractors , by and large are decent people, there are some that are unethical, and don't practice due diligence when it comes to their patients and ensuring that there is nothing serious going on that might cause further damage.
    I am glad that you are seeing benefit of chiro care, but as a first line of defense for people with suspected spine problems, my feeling is that until you have been cleared to have chiro adjustments done by a board certified spine surgeon, it is in the patients best interest to make sure that the risks are minimal in their case first.
  • In the past 2 years I've had to switch chiropractors because of a move and in both cases neither of them would even speak to me until they had x-rays, MRI, and nerve conduction tests. I can't see myself trusting a "doctor" that said he could fix me with out knowing what my problem was first. What you're describing is a horrible case of malpractice/assault and I cannot say how sorry I am that you had to suffer through that. Both of my chiropractors were adamant about me continuing to see my surgeons, that only surgery could offer full recovery and that I would most certainly still need it. They were very clear about offering improvement, and prevention ONLY, never a cure. And I have to be honest the only place I've ever heard such awful stories about any chiropractor is on here. I would imagine that with chiropractors, like anything else, there would be some good, some bad and some ugly but I am seriously starting to wonder if most of the people on here aren't all from the same town and all seeing the same doctors.
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