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Anyone one taking Chantix?

EwaightEEwaight Posts: 250
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:18 AM in Stop Smoking
I'm just starting week 2 on the Chantix. Should increase
to 2 blue pills today? I don't seem to have less cravings so far. I do feel really dizzy when I first get up in the morning and have had some pretty unusual dreams. Please let me know if you have used and what your experiences were with this med.


  • Erin from our discussion in chat:

    Week 1 - 1 white pill/day. go ahead and smoke.
    Week 2 - 1 blue pill/day. smoke if you want.
    Week 3 - 2 blue pill/day. stop smoking.

    In week 3 if you have real issues then cut back to 1 pill/day. I stopped smoking on week 3 and never looked back. I took the chantix for about 2 months. That includes weaning myself off the chantix. It is different for everyone.

    I'm going to go pull some of the data off the old site this weekend and try and make 1 thread on Chantix with all my comments in it.

    (Edited to clarify the last part)

  • I was a 40 a day smoker and my OS said I had to stop min 8 weeks pre surgery.
    I gave Champix (Aussie name for it) a go as patches etc have never helped me.
    I smoked for the first week then stopped altogether. Had to cease the champix 1 week prior to surgery and for 1 week after then went back on it.
    Now I am 4 months totally smoke free which is the longest without smoking for 32 years :O
    I did get an extra packet after the original 12 weeks as I know that post surgery and coming off the pain meds is a difficult time and that I have used smoking as pain releif in the past.
    I cant say I dont miss it. In the start I would still think of ciggs 100 times a day but it got easier and now I might think once or twice a day. Oh and it doesn't bother me to have friends around me smoking.
    I did get a lot of crazy dreams but no more then if I used the patches and they did settle as I got used to the Champix.
    My OS said that I must stay off the ciggs for at least 3 months post op as the nicotine prevents the bone from fusing, so I am happy to oblige and hope that I can stay off them.

    All the best to you
  • Thanks Z and Sara. I'm hanging in there with it! These posts will really help me incourage my husband who is ready to give up on it already.
  • Erin stick with it. It's a roller coaster ride for a while. You need to focus on doing something else when the urges come. He needs to stick with it. Some people it takes more time. Others less. It won't on everyone. Need to give it a month or two before considering it.
  • keep taking them work through the dreams (i had really really bad nightmeres)and when u wake up situp first and take a deep breath it will help with the dizzyness i smoked for about 30 yrs not real heavey but i still smoked. i have been cig free now for about 15 wks.thanks to CHANTIX. good luck and keep us posted eat lots of carrotts lol
  • Today is day 11 on the Chantix. The side effects are getting a little better. I had to report to Jury Duty this morning and stayed in the court house for 4 hours. Didn't get the usual cravings.
  • Well done, and dont forget to congratulate yourself as well. It is a big step especially for long term smokers and it will bring up a lot of emotional issues as well. Hence the crankiness and mood swings.
    But no cravings!
    That is what you will notice the most. That you have been doing something where you normally would have had a ciggi but didn't get the craving to have one. You'll see it as an after thought rather then a concious thing.
    For me the worst times were 1) After meals. 2)talking on the phone 3)Using the computer.

    Now I can do all these without a though of needing a cig to help me along.
    I did take to using just plain chewing gum, I have never been a fan but it did help as I was a menthol smoker and I missed the 'freshness'.
    I also set myself up with craft work to keep my hands busy during the evenings if I was to be watching television. So I have already made all the family Xmas pressies and my neices 21st gifts.
    Now thinking of selling some things at the markets! :O

    Blessings Sara
  • Yeah! It's a little better today than yesterday. Hubby quit with me so we had to square off in seperate rooms. Wasn't pretty. He usually appreciates my sense of humor and can bring it right back at me. For some reason he got really mad when i called him my
    b%%ch and told him to vacuum the house. Oh well, no blood spilled so that is a good thing.

    Still enjoying the really bizarre dreams. BTW if you are taking Chantix and dream that you are on the commode get out of bed!!!! TMI?
  • good luck with your quiting smoking ewaight...
  • I understand what you are saying and it most certainly helps a lot. Not sure about the 43% statistic but whatever. My wife continued to smoke and is only just now trying to stop. I'm almost 8 months smoke free. I sat with her in restaurants in the smoking section. Sat in sports bars with her and others smoking. I'm still smoke free. She isn't my smoking problem, I am. I can't hide from everyone who chooses to smoke and have no intention of doing so.

    Nothing personal. Starting back up because your husband did is an excuse. You are using him as a crutch to say it is ok if you do. It isn't. You know that.

    You don't both have to quit. It just improves your odds.
  • I used Chantix to quit too. I tried all the other stuff and had more success with Chantix. Im now out 1 year from smoking. I did have to go the extra month though. And the weight gain.... Gained at least 35 lbs including the 15 from the post surgery. Yeah I definetly found weight gain. I do feel so much better since quitting. Now to get my sisters to quit. Keep it up you'll be great.
  • I'm trying to jump on the treadmill whenever I get an urge to smoke. Doing good so far. Thanks again for all of the support!!
  • I quit smoking on Nov. 11, 2007 with the Chantix. The crazy dreams and weird behavior caused by the meds were worth the price. I stayed on the 2 blue pills a day for 3 months to make sure that I was "out of the woods." Best thing I ever did for myself. I do have to exercise a little more I have noticed or I start to put on the weight. Maybe just age?
  • I'm still on the Chantix after one month and will continue until I'm out of the woods. My husband could not tolerate it due to aggressive thoughts so he went off after about 2 weeks. It's been an interesting month with the battle lines clearly drawn between 2 addicts trying to quit. We just go to seperate parts of the house.

    Hubby is really having a hard time of it. I tried to be understanding for a few weeks but this weekend was the breaking point for me. One of us was going to get hurt. He knows that he is being a total jerk and trying to pick a fight when he wants a cig.

    I'm not laughing at him as much as with him. He has stopped himself in mid (mean) sentence twice this week and said "OK, I'll go to my time out chair."

    God I love that man!! I only hope our marraige survives this nicotine free lifestyle
  • Sometimes it might be best to do it separately. Definately need to set ground rules like smoke outside of the house. Give him the garage for foul weather. Take a smoking section but encourage him not to smoke at the restaurants. Break those traditional smoking times while reducing smoking. Some people may still need a patch with the Chantix. Only he and the DOC can decide that. DON'T force the issue. That always turned me off or away. Its a shame my sister had her boy fried tell her that he liked her better when she was a smoker. She went back to it and she's not getting any healthier. I miss it when I get highly stressed. Other than that I feel better. My neck improved with post surgery vs my lower back. I can't wait to get that part done again. Get 1 person done at a time. we're here for ya'll. Good Luck.
  • But my best friend told me that her Mother In Law had terrible thoughts of suicide, Very unusual for her. I googled this, and found a lot of really scary stuff about this. As a person who battles depression frequently, this really scared me. I have opted for the gum, and there is a really great online program you may have heard of become an ex (dot) org I believe. Has some really great tips for quitting, and I believe it is helping me. I haven't started to quit yet, I am practicing for now, not smoking during my trigger times (like when drinking coffee) I think I am almost ready.

    Any of you ever have depression, or suicidal thoughts while taking it???

    I don't wish to scare anyone... Please let me know how chantix works for you guys, as if the gum doesn't cut it for me, I may just give it a shot.

    I am very proud of all of you for taking this big step. I know how hard and scary it can be even THINKING about quitting, let alone to actually attempt it!!

    Good Luck!
  • Hi everyone. I had fusion on June 25th, L4-L5. I was on Chantix the week before surgery and when I was admitted in the hospital, which was my quit time. I did smoke on my way to the hospital. Of course, I’m not proud of it and don't need a lecture on it. lol

    Anyways, it's been 4 weeks today and I have not had a smoke since. I am currently taking Chantix once a day. I found that I can not take it at night because it makes me restless. Almost like restless leg syndrome. I have not experienced any of the typical side effects like depression or vivid dreams. However, I am more pissy than I was, believe it or not. hehe I do still crave them many times a day but I have not given in. In past attempts to quit smoking, I think 5 days was the longest I was able to go. I can only guess that Chantix was the key to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    So, whichever method you chose to quit, good luck to you all. :)

  • I've had a rough go with some of the dreams. I never had any suicidal thoughts from the meds. I've had a slight bout with the depression and still have my happy pills that I take. I hoped I'd a been off them by now. Once I get moving in the right direction with my back and job; I'll see about losing the happy pills. Your friend should consult with a Doc about that. Meds messing with your system should always be brought to thier attention or a pharmacists attention. Good Luck.
  • My friend was worried for me when I told her I wanted to start Chantix. It was her Mother in law who had the suicidal thoughts, and has since stopped taking chantix... safe and sound thank goodness!!

    Just curious if anyone else had this side affect... I certainly don't need any help becoming depressed!!!

    Keep on trucking peeps... I have faith you can all, along with myself, kick this habit!!

    Good Luck!!
  • Thank you BG, I appreciate your support. You may want to remind Z the "ignore" button is just one click away. ;)
  • Now you are actually not smoking hit that Ignore button all you want. :) You gals know darn well why I nagged you and offered to help anytime. So there :P
  • I snagged this from the old forum: (this is how I stopped)

    I'm finding out through researching it that it might be a good idea to wean yourself. Like coming off narcotics or other intense drugs. There have been a number of reports about anxiety, depression, aggravation, etc. attacks with people who just stop cold turkey.

    Pfeizer is not suggesting this. This seems to be a popular opinion. Take the information as you choose. There is no proof that you can't stop cold turkey.

    Suggested Chantix weaning process:

    Week 1 = 1/2 pill 2x day
    Week 2 = 1/4 pill 2x day
    Week 3 = 1/4 pill 1x day
    Week 4 = 1/4 pill every other day

    Note: They are difficult to cut into 4 pieces even with a pill splitter.
  • I appreciate you going out of your way for us guys who are still struggling to get the monkey off!!!
  • I meant off our backs!!!!!!
  • "get the monkey off"

  • Erin, you gals should call Pfeizer and let them know about this new side effect from Chantix :D
  • Chantix helped me, been on it a little over 2 weeks now and havent smoked in 10 days. :)
  • I have made it for one month without a cigarette and don't have any cravings for one. That is the good news.

    Bad news is that I don't recognize the person that I am becoming. I've always been a little "zany" but I feel as if I am headed toward Phycotic behavior. I totally forget to do things and have had conversations with my husband that I don't even remember. After only one glass of wine I have said some very hurtful things to him that were not even true and then did not remember doing it. I would almost rather die from smoking then feel the way that I do now. I woke up with thoughts of suicide and total despair this morning. Do not drink any alcohol when taking this medicine.(DUH)

    I ABSOLUTELY will not smoke a cigarette because I do not want to ever go through this again!! I started this thread to share my experiences with the Chantix. I was warned that this is some pretty serious stuff. I seemed OK at 1st but the longer I am on it the worse I feel. I am down to 1/4 pill twice a day and I hope to be completely off it by the end of the week.
  • Hi, I have been taking Champix for 7 weeks now. I have not had a cigarette for 5 weeks. I have smoked since I was 13 so it has been 34 years and I have tried everything over and over and nothing worked. I can honestly say that after 10 days on champix I didn't have the cravings for a cigarette as much as normal. I can't say I havn't felt like a cigarette because I have, but I forget about it quickly. The side effects have been bad for me, the dreams, feeling sick, dizzy and very angry. I have cut down to one a day now and will stop taking them soon. They are very cheap in Australia, $31.00 for the first month and then $31.00 for month 2&3 combined in the one pack. Good luck to everyone that has quit and best of luck to anyone who gives it a go. It has to be the hardest thing to give up, but honestly Champix do work.
  • I quit smoking for almost 3 months using Chantix. Many people on the old board were very helpful and supportive of me. Well, once again, I'm trying Chantix and I'm not tolerating the usual dose. I'm having a lot of trouble not smoking, and any encouraging words would be appreciated.Thanx.
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