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Chronic pain and exposure at an early age

William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 2,356
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:18 AM in Depression and Coping
Hi guys. I am curious. Some of our members and the people at large out there have dealt with pain and health problems from an early age. Do you thing that this early exposure to pain has helped you to better endure the grind? Its not just back pain,its the attendant effects.
Do you have a better view? a better understanding of yourself that helps?
William Garza
Spine-Health Mod

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  • Yes,I had my first surgury at the age of two and the last one on my ears at the age of 12,i had 22 surgury s in all when i was young,i am glad you asked that,it made me a stronger person,i appreciate life more,i had to struggle when i was young,just to be normal....
  • hey bigcat,yea i was curios,if there was a difference,in the outlook in different groups,newly hurt and been hurt,and those who have been dealing for ages like yourself.
    i wonder if it makes a difference in the perception,of pain.
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • And I have been dealing with this for 8 years and have struggled!!! You guys are strong to have gone through so much so young!!! I bow to you both for keeping the fight up!!!
  • I probably have accepted my limitations better then some people,because i have just had to deal with alot from a early age,one example,once a doctor pulled a tube out of my ear when i was awake,i try not to live in the past,but sometimes i do have nightmares of my early surgurys,i can remeber being in a hospital crip,and being scared when my mom left,i was alone that always scared me the most...
  • That has to be traumatic! i cant imagine the thoughts running through your head at the time.
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • I just wanted to share my experiences with you,it was hard, but like i said, i dont live in the past,i look towards the future....I have only talked about that a couple of times,and i still havnt shared my whole story....
  • Bigcat, I can't imagine how brave you must have to be as a child to endure so much of that alone. Years ago parents thought nothing of leaving their children in that situation without someone there- I think it's a different story today and that not many children have to go through that because of the way the world is.

    Ranch, I agree, the perception and acceptance has to be very different with those who have had to deal from a young age and those who have had traumatic incidents or sudden onsets. I remember reading an interview with Ray Charles and the interviewer asked him if he'd been blind his whole life. He replied "Not yet.". I was amazed at the attitude and still am. I had a client with a devestating neure-muscular disease who wasn't supposed to live past the age of 10. She had a goal to graduate from high school and she did. I never heard her complain and she was completely accepting of her fate in life. Unfortunately, she died within 2 weeks of graduation.

    I need to remember people like that and you, Bigcat, more. I'm so humbled by those stories.

  • :) i have had chronic pain most all my life. i had polio as a child and wore braces and special shoes till i was about 12. there was alot of pain involved with growing and wearing the braces. i ruptured two discs in my back at age 15. i was so young they did not want to do the necessary tests on me and so i suffered till i was 24 and had emergency back surgery. i was in a wheel chair by then. i have not known life any other way. i sometimes get frustrated hearing people complain of pain they have had for 3 or 4 months and that they could just die! i think some people need a reality check! having pain of 10 and sitting there posting just doesn't happen! i have learned patience and a strong regard for people who are suffering. i have never been "normal" and do my best to live a regular life. pain just doesn't make that so! i learned acceptance a long time ago. once i did it made life so much easier! Jenny :)
  • thanks for the comeback! i am glad you see what i was getting at.sorry for your pain!I think its the patience that sets some apart from others,"a patience born of suffering" Big cat i had a friend ,david, who had similar operations in his ears,loved that kid,,always had a smile in the worst of times.
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • That's definitely a good question. I've had health problems my entire life (although my chronic pain started at 14). I think having pain for so long really has made me "used" to my condition. All I know is that I don't want to say I've had pain my entire life 5 or 10 years from now! :(
  • I have had pain since I was 16 with my Early DDD and Buldging Disc and Something Else. I can't read what is on the PT Paper. Lol! I got hurt when I was 16 and that was what made my doctor catch my DDD because it irritated it. I was scared of course but you know what. Talking to a famous psychotherapist, Dr. Mary Jo Rapini from the "Big Medicine" Show, has made me feel a lot better. She puts it in words that I can understand. She makes me feel like I need to live for something greater in life which technically, I am living for god. Trust me if I didn't have the support of Dr. Mary Jo, My 2 Church Faimlies, My Faimly, and My Friends I am not sure where I would be at. It's great to have support of friends when your only a teenager even if they don't understand you. I am now 18 and we didn't know I had this Early DDD when I was young but the doctors said I did have it since I was a baby but just now discovered it 1 month before my 18th birthday. I hope this have given you insight. Try to cope. Support groups help. The chat on here helps! Don't give up!
    Love Y'all Forever,
    Jessica (Jess)
  • Glad to see you on the new board :)

    Any news on about going to see a specialist?

  • Hi,
    I am a better person for having chronic pain, in my healthy persona I was a driven individual and the most important thing was myself, pain experience has been imposed on my capacity and even in if I never acknowledged limitations I have to live with the game face approach all the time.

    The transition from no pain to living with pain is a bigger transition than the knowledge that you will have to live your life like this. Dilauro mentioned his acceptance of his future in pain and this is very poignant in facing up to the fact that most hope has gone and your condition is your life. It is a big difference from accepting and embracing your limitations than accepting not of fight the “beast” as he calls it.

    My boy is disabled from birth and some express the view that he has never known the ability to be able bodied, although this is an understandable view, it does a disservice in that it is no more accepting at this age than any other. In the realms of perspective I had my youth and nothing must be more debilitating than having stated life and growing up in restrictive circumstances, it is not as if he had an alternative option, although you may have had no alternative that does not facilitate acceptance of disability and although you may have had to change, deep down you would wish things were different, seeing others doing things they you yourself cannot do.

    I represent 50 limbless children and disability at this young age is unfair, and my perspective is that I did not have to endure this imposition and equate my predicament with that rather than with my healthy persona of able associates, which could make me depressed over time. I have chosen to look at the things I can do with positive tenacity and dammed hard work and not at the things I cannot.

    My son’s growing up has been impacted by unimaginable trauma that even now I have difficulty in expressing other than with pride and awe at his determined acceptance and historic achievements, I am worthy of walking in his presence and understanding of how he actually gets through each day, I will never yield to the tears behind the game-face and support his enthusiasm with every gram of my vigour. He has been sent here to help me and more effective than my words can ascribe.

    My thoughts are with those trying to get through, whatever age.

    Be kind to yourself. John
  • I am glad there is a good person to represent those children!
    i am glad for your son to be able to have a dad like yourself!

    we are all lucky to have kids like your son who inspire determination, and give strength to others when down ..but never out!
    i think if dealing with issues from an early age, gives a better perspective than dealing with it in a later stage in life.

    keep up the great work!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Ranchand.
    Those children thank you for you kind words and understanding, we are all proud of our children but the ability to manage oneself having endured circumstances not of your own making take a special person, although I will acknowledge my son has had hundreds of independent supporters, he is surviving and achieving beyond what one would surmise even for an able-bodied person through his own volition. This is about everyone and not just reflective of an individual but the concept and ability of us all to achieve with the right attitude and close support. He will not be defined by his disability or bow to its perceived limitations and lives stronger than seems humanly possible.

    As with Bigcat many continue looking forward and a positive role model in how to define your future, we are understanding of the gift of achievement and receptive of how difficult this can be, our praise should be focussed on those who started earlier than most and the fortitude needed to accept those circumstances with good grace, serenity and non disclosure.

    We can all learn something.

    Take care John

  • you are one incredibly strong person.... :)
  • I hear you. I am 22 years old and I have been suffering from a debilitating herniated disk in my thoracic cavity (T7) and it's only been 2 years. When my fiance comes home and complains that his back hurts, I want to smack him. I envy you though, you are a strong person. I can't stand this pain any longer, I just don't know what to do.
  • sorry to hear of your pain, two years is two years no matter how you look at it pain wise.
    You have all the tools you need to perseveer,down deep inside! you and your special other will hold each other up and do what it takes to make it right, dont give up or give in to the frustration,anger and depression, younger bodies heal fast and better than older , seek all the relief you can and hang tough grrrl! when yas need to reach out ..do so ,its not worth holding in any anger or soul pain, it'll act like a poison and bring you down!come here and talk anytime you need coz there is someone who has walked in your shoes,or will and will follow where you go, its hard being young and in pain, but dont despair,there will be better days! welcom to the little village on the web!

    You said i am a strong person... i think ime not but what i am is flexable, i bend with the wind so to speak,m instead of always fighting myself/body/mind/ i just let it go,just let it flow over me and soon it isnt as bad. holding on to your pre injury self may not be the course you want to take right now,accept your new limitations, i know its harder than it sounds, but it will help take some of the frustration of daily life,at least it helped me.

    I hope you find some comfort in the words, hang in there mama!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • i've had spondylolysis since this past febuary and my doctor's scared. he's afraid that its slipping, becoming spondylothesis [sp?]. i had been and still do now experience severe back pain. we've been discussing surgery along with physical therapy and injections. i used to play volleyball. i used to be an elite dancer, expected to attend a prestigious arts school. but now thats not going to happen. all i feel like doing is crying. not from physical pain [i'm used to that. fractrured my ankle 4 different times and broke my collar bone], but from the emotional. and saddest of all: i'm not even out of jr. high.
  • Hi VB chic, welcome to Spine Health.

    Hey you don't have to kiss all that stuff goodbye yet. There's still an excellent chance this can all be halted and you can rehab it just like you did your ankle and off you go.

  • :) shsvballchic29, i see this is your fist post and i want to welcome you to the forum! =D> please have every confidence that your doctor and your parents are doing the best they can for you and you will recover!! there is a section called "Good News" and you can read of successful surgeries there. we have people who are back riding their horses! people get well without surgery as well!! so please cheer up and feel free to come here and chat anytime!! Jenny :)
  • ranchhand- I too experienced health problems as a youngster. I think that I had to go through all kinds of phases to try to get to the other side. Sometimes, I feel that I have alot of empathy and compassion and then I also have the hard edge to pull people out of the pit. It is no fun falling in the pit when things seem bleak.

    It helps to have people who love you for you. But it is important to reach out to your self and to also lean on a power greater than yourself.

    I learned alot when I was alone in the hospital when others were not around and facing the uncertainity of mortality. I learned I really was never alone... :))) jade
  • Never give up on any dreams of yours ok? dont worry too much just yet. Your body has a wonderful capacity to heal and /or adapt to new perameters. Your gonna fly! you have so much talent and abilitys ahead of you..now... since you have such superb abilitys early on you will have to face this problem earlier than some others here. Loss of some abilitys. its not the be all end all injurys, your gonna play smart and less harder, its a more mature way of staying in the gamew longer and being able to do the things you love. since your still growing into that wonderful body you were given, now isnt the time to do any more damage. ybou cant help what has been handed to you, you will learn to adapt and overcome and come out all shiney on the other side!

    Your art form you want to do comes from a soul yearning to express itself to the world! let it shine! the world needs more beauty in it ,ok got to go for now, but more later!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • sorry for the delay. now back to bizness. learning to adapt may be the hard part of the deal. if you constantly are fighting your self and your emotions your can run into a dead end. depression is a part and parcel of long term chronic pain and injury. how you learn to eal with it may well affect the future outlook you have on the issue. some people want to fight the inevitable, and rant and wail thier position they find themselves, I thing you already fall to the other side,you are gonna meet this with the same grit and determination and hard work it takes to be a winner. staying positive is most important ,and this will help you better deal with the trials that may come your way.
    Hold your head up and be proud of who and what you are. a superb athlete, a wonderful creation destined for greater things. keep ypur love of yourself up..
    your no different inside than before OK? every drive and courage you ever had is still there, it will never leave you and will carry you through the rough times, all yo got to do is believe.
    believe in yourself, you have other attributes you may not have discovered yet, you may be the leader someone yoiunger than you is looking for, on how to deal with things that get in the way of dreams and desires. some one watching you will admire and want to copy you and your courage and grace under fire, dont be so hard on yourself, this is really going to be the beginning of a wonder and joy filled life,
    so some dream may have to die,others will come along even more wonderful and fulfilling to take thier place in your life. your growing and changing into another better form of "you" what you are is what you do when it counts.
    be brave and graceful under pressure(you already know how to do this) learn to bend and not break,rushing headlong into any obstacle will usually earn you a headache and some regrets. dont fear for your future, your gonna be ok!
    remember your young and strong inside and these attributes will grow as you do.
    It's ok to cry, younhave to or else you will build up unhealthy emotions inside which can hamstring you. be honest with yourself and be brave and true and love yourself as hard as you can!
    There is something wrong with your back, THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR SPIRIT AND SOUL!
    Ime sorry you had to deal with this now so early on in your life, but this feeling of hopelessness and helplessness will pass if you want it to and if you let it,thats a secret i'll pass onto you,from my heart to yours,you can let things pass if you try and learning to let them pass is a way to heal your wonderful spirit!
    Dont give up the fight
    Dont give in to despair
    Dont give up trying to achieve ...ever
    when the world begins to bear down on you
    1. Put hands up
    2. chin down
    3. start swinging!
    your going to be fine! there will be bad times
    there will be good times
    and always there will be better times
    in yourself
    in your loved ones!
    good luck to ya! dont be afraid to come here to the spine health family, some have been in your shoes
    some will walk in the prints you leave behind
    but most important you will never walk alone K?!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

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