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Things we have in common here in spine health

William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 2,393
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:18 AM in Matters of the Heart
There are some things we have in common here in spine health.
For 1 we seem to go on and try living a normal life as possible, instead of curling up within a opiate haze and live out or lives in a memory of sorts.
We all have a dont give up attitude toward life in general,even though we may have wider swings than normals do,in the emotion dept. we are just as ordinary a everyone else.
what other similaritys do you see in our little spine health community on the web?
We seen to be a comunity of achievers here,,we seem to go out and do,instead of sitting in a fugue,yes ,it does get us in trouble too.but we seem to know the game pretty well,dont you think these are qualitys worthy of passing on?
teach those around us about our limitations and then how to act around them,now that is a worthy task of a spiney...then when said co-worker,boss,whomever goes forth into the world,they will be a better person for it!by showing a person how to act toward another..by example from you,then they will go out and be a part of a bigger solution.
what do you think..any more attributes to the spiney character?
William Garza
Spine-Health Mod

Welcome to Spine-Health



  • I like this post Ranchand,

    There are so many attributes that us spineys develop during our sufferings. For a start, we become stronger people, who can try to find a positive glimmer in very dark world. We don't always find this easy, but if we couldn't see it, then we would just give up.

    We are caring people, that's why we are all here trying to help and support each other through the hard times.

    We are compassionate towards others who are suffering here, and I think we roll this out to the normals too - although when they start to complain that their back is hurting, I sometimes struggle to be sympathetic in the early days!

    We become amateur spinal experts who are hungry to gain as much knowledge about our condition, treatments and surgery as possible, not only to help ourselves but to help others too.

    Speaking for myself, in the outside world I often shut myself away from people and exist in my own little bubble, but here I open up my heart to others. I bare my soul to complete strangers when I am looking for help and support but it is not weakness; it is a sign of strength. A strength that unites all of us spineys. That's why we love each other and share a bond that other people could never even try to understand.
  • I'm just like that Spicey. A very private person in the "real" world but a very open one here. I think that the curtian of anonimity gives us that freedom to express ourselves. I was a hairstylist back in the day and it took a lot for me to share my stuff; my job was to listen and I just shut down when people had a problem, listening only to them and living in their world for whatever tim they sat in my chair. It's taken a lot for me to come to this place and I like it. Though I often expressed "opinions" to my clients they were opinions that I thought they needed to hear, not necessarily what I felt. It worked for them... but not for me. I only speak my true mind now (or I shut up lol) and man, does it feel good! This board forces us to be real, to face the truth of what's happening in our bodies and our lives, and to go forth and be real with those who come after us.

    The common bond is amazing and I didn't think that compassion could exist at such a level. Without this place I would heal anyway, we all would, but the journey would be so much more empty. The fellowship here is rich and I, for one, would miss it dearly if it were gone. Some come here and don't feel it but others give their hearts and souls for those in need. There aren't enough awards on earth to give to those kind people. We can learn that, to give at that level. It helps us heal as well.

    I agree with what both of you said as well. Who would have ever thought that a message board could have so much to offer?


  • am always blown away by the strength that I see in spineys....that never give up attitude and even though we may be suffering terribly , we always try to help others that are suffering too. Spineys are the strongest people that I have ever seen....I have been humbled on more than one occassion by my fellow spineys here at SH.... :)
  • I think you all are amazing!!! You deal with your pain and all the crap that goes with it, yet you are always reaching out to the other members and giving advice, support, and true compasion. I think you all are the best bunch of people I have ever known, and maybe this is why we were chosen to endure the pain, there must be some reason. I thank you all for being you and being a place I can come to to feel understood and to try and reach out as well, because I have found that this helps me in some small way.

    Again...you all are AMAZING!!!

  • 1. varying degrees of insanity
  • :) agriman, speak for yourself! i am as sane as the rest of you! lol! Jenny :)
  • Once again, I come forward and say my name is Nancy and I am definitely insane! But in a good way, not in the bunny boiler, tire-slasher kind of way...

  • call the cookie truck......
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,859
    Well, I like this thread.....

    What we all have in common here is that in some way or another we have had to deal with spinal problems. There could have been surgery involved or not. We all have a degree of chronic pain that we have leaned to deal with.

    We also share a common bond because of these problems that make it easier to communicate and understand one another. Many times, we find it so difficult to discuss our problems with other people. Mainly because we feel like we are complaining or the other people really are not interested. Members here dont worry about that, we all know we can speak openly about our problems, at times to vent, at times to complain, at times to give advise.

    I belong to many different web sites and I have never found a member community that is so committed to the site and to each other. Members here love Spine-Health, it has provided them with information and a social environment that is so difficult to describe.

    I was very lucky to stumble on to these pain forums over a year ago.

    To sum it up, Spine-Health members share one major common
    trait: We all CARE

    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Our experience brings us together and that was the inference in my "where is chronic pain going" thread in that we are here to help ourselves, we are all entitled through lack of experience to only see the negative elements of the pain that consumes us and nobody should deny us the credit for transition.

    Many of our competencies go unnoticed within society and we can all relate as to how difficult the simplest task can be, where surviving the day should be seen as a positive. We are developing the skill to hone our tools and techniques to manage the pain better, and the godfather of pain management R Sternback et al said we should all assist each other to cope, we do have strength in numbers and those collective skills that we are all developing may well have gone un-required should we not be in pain. We have empathy for each other and our fellow man, in a supportive way, appreciative of a kind word thought or deed. We keep the majority of our concerns to ourselves in an effort not to burden others who are the recipients of our limited capability.

    Our mask is a game face in the spectrum of coping and at whatever stage we are we are understanding of how that feels and like elephants we never forget, invasive procedures are not something that anyone forgets and as Ranchand said we try to look forward to the positive, we should be reflective in how much we have progressed and give ourselves credit for the things that we can now do which at one time we may have not be able to do so, in spite and within the pain we all endure. The venting element should only be used a window of opportunity for improvement and not an ongoing lifestyle.

    We have supporters and partners who aid us to attain all these goals from a perspective of not knowing what to do for the best, we have empathy for how difficult guessing all the time can be, and this was certainly not the life of carer that my wife had planned when we were married and I thank her for her loving and continual support.

    The sadness is that time brings newbie’s toward a life of pain and the thought of that for everyone is not easy, we have some of the blueprints in how to live life strong as we do every day and give support to others whatever stage of development of chronic pain they are at, we do not judge and treat each other with respect dignity and a listening ear whenever possible.

    We see things we once missed and the beauty of it all, as a community we are improving, we are developing the timescale where experience can be aswaged through the knowledge that we have a clearer coping strategies to introduce sooner.

    We are making massive improvements in coping learning and sharing and long may it continue.

  • I would like to add,i thought that this forum was about us to be supportive of eachother,and with certain topics to be able to agree or disagree,now there are members here who only want it their way, if you disagree with a topic you are told to stay out of the topic,i wanna thank everyone who has supported me,i can not stay here any more,i have received a few hate messages simlpy because i disagreed with medical marijuana,it because of that i am leaving this forum,goodbye every one...
  • If you have received messages that are hateful and disrespectful, you need to send those on to the moderators. People that send hateful messages over disagreements need to be the ones leaving Spine Health.

    You have always been very supportive of members new and old.

    Don't let less than stellar folks chase you off.

    I'm not a person that begs someone to stay on a forum when they decide they need to leave. I am however a person that feels saying hateful things to others over a difference of opinion, is baloney!

  • i am going to stay.
  • Cory ime glad you decided to stay! never EVER let anyone try to dominate you or your spirit! there is enough of that stupidity going on in the real world, that they cant separate their emotional baggage from seeping out unto others.
    Every one has a right to opinion,as i said in another thread, its about unrealistic expectations of a person to SAY they can ACCEPT anothers point of veiw,then try to quash any other conflicting point of veiw. VS actually taking the time to LISTEN and THINK! about what another has to say. you listend and put forth your point of view,then were vebally smacked down,sad really. but be assured i may not always agree to something you say(havent yet) but you will always have the right to say what you want to! THATS GIVE AND TAKE! ITS PART OF A BIGGER SOLUTION...BE A PART OF IT!!everyone!
    thats another trait we spineys have , you develope a toplorance for everyday and not so everyday BS! if ya dont ya may go postal, pain has been a wonderful sieve in my life, i can separate whats really important from the bs, has it done the same for you?
    i mean, since youve got to separate whats important energy wise,effort wise , and emotional expendeture wise, there is only so much to go around so you learn to prioritize and cut ruthlessly here and there just to live a semblance of normal life...what do you think, any thoughts?
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • I resemble that remark.... 8}
  • a BS sieve is a pretty good definition. However, at the same time it's one of appreciation for the simpler things in life.

    One cannot know the joy of putting on your own socks or tying your shoes, until they've walked a mile in ours.


  • I would says we all 'hang-in'there and keep on keeping on. I am still in the pre-surgery mode. I take several prescription pain meds. I'm always pouring over the messages here gleaning all I can from you post-surgery people what I can.

    I've been out since June 3rd on disability. I'm thankful for a supportive family living with me through all this.

    I'm 56 years old. I've been an avid online gamer since online games existed. Lol. I spend more time than I should each day playing World of Warcraft online and tinker with some of the games on my Xbox 360. I'm sure I'll be severely curtailed from either of these post-surgery.

    I am very thankful for all of you here. We do much helping each other through all the pain, worries, ups, downs and sideways that come our way.

    Ken GreyEagle
    Western Band Cherokee
  • glad to see you on a positive note! it builds upon itself in a self feeding flame, and everyone who stays positive adds to the light...which means more people can warm themselves on the nights of the cold soul. thats a common trait we have, we care, we are a self sustaining community which only grows coz of the love we put into it, the best part of it is that for what ever little bit of love we can add,as we can, the warmth we get back is ten fold! just think of the great fire we could have for all the world to see if even more people added a little love!
    I think we could light the world..
    What do you think..anyone?
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Would be basking in the glow and someone would forget to fill the generator with fuel and the light would go out.


    It is great to hear you the most upbeat ever! Very cool!

  • if the fire goes out then we'll huddle together,,like a whle litter of spineys!
    Mr Grey eagle its good to here ya feelin better? hope the presurgury jitters have settled some. i hope the distress dont build too much
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

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