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Doc says I'm fused!!!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:19 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
So I saw the surgeon today for my 7 1/2 week visit and I saw the x-ray results for myself...at 4 weeks it looked like threads going through it and today it was pure milky white. Now the problem, I'm in horrible pain. I was so uncomfortable in his office I was close to tears and he could see it. He said I was like a jumping bean the way I was moving around in the seat trying to get comfy. So his next thought is that a nerve is getting pinched or my L4 is giving out on me. He finally gave me a little stronger medicine and said I can't go back to work yet.

I'm worried about not going back to work at 12 weeks like expected but I honestly think it's for the best. I'm NOT ready. And I can't sit more then 15 minutes without tons of pain. So I left a message and email for my HR person and hopefully they get me the LTD paperwork soon..though my doctor didn't give me a date yet. I go back in 2 weeks and he hopes I'm doing better...if not it's MRI time. Funny thing about work is that when I left I turned all my projects that were open over to other people...there was an email from one of them saying she was turning it back over to me because I'd be back by the time the customer was ready to move forward....interesting how she knows that???? Bet she's going to be sad if I'm not.

Still no PT allowed or driving..he said "you need to lay low!!!"

So here's me....laying low!



  • I can relate I had my accident on Nov. 29, 07 where a car hit me from behind and pushed my car into a Tahoe and the Tahoe into a school bus. I woke up an hour and a half later in the ER and don't remember anything about the wreck. Thank God for small blessings. Hopefully, you work for a good company and will be able to rejoin them soon. I am sorry your op left you in so much pain. That's really a bummer. Hopefully your doc will figure out why and get it fixed. I'll pray that it is an easy fix.
  • I am sorry that you are still in so much pain, but I am glad that your Doc was able to recognized it and hold off the back to work slip, some Doc's are not as good as yours. Now about your co-worker...... I guess like everything else, the grapevine gets busy when we are gone for a while and there is always someone that spills the beans, which is not right!
    One of my former co-workers was in charge of a National event last Friday and he flopped, even though he has been working for the department for 15 years, and when I spoke to one of my co-workers today, I found out that he blamed the flop on me not been there??????? :? I was terminated at the end of May!! :O I guess he does not know how to organize a simple event and send out a press release, oh well....... not my issue! I hope that management will step up at your job and get things taken care off before they flop too. You just take care of yourself, take care of what you need to take care of and remember that our health always, always comes first! Good luck! ;)
  • I'm just hoping it doesn't cause too much grief at work :)
    Though the one who decided to turn the project back over to me isn't one of my favorite co-workers anyway..so I can't say it breaks my heart to disappoint her. She's one of those kind who call everyone "honey, sweetie, or baby" but don't turn your back on her....Lord knows what she's saying!!!!

    I guess we have those types everywhere though. My biggest complaint with the doctor is how HE does all the talking and is Mr. Dramatic....it's almost like he doesn't want to spend the time to hear how I'm doing. But at least he's not pushing me back to work and he FINALLY gave me better pain meds..
  • Okay took the new stronger medicine last night before bed. I started hearing Def Leppard playing "Pour some sugar on me" I thought my daughter and her friend must be blaring their TV so my hubby got up to check...nope...no music in the house. Then I could heard the Brady Bunch humming right before I feel asleep.....it was in my head!!! This medicine is not going to be fun these next two weeks!

  • Hi Rotten,

    Congratulations on your successful fusion! As for the meds-perhaps you should take a smaller dose as you get used to them. image. I do not think hearing things that are not there is good. Good luck in the next two weeks and try not to get tooo board.

  • Yeah I'm a bit of a weakling when it comes to medicine. I can't take much without getting every possible crazy side affect listed...not really sure why but it's just the way it is. My husband thought it was highly amusing! Even after me making him get up and check on the girls..when I finally told him what I thought it was he was laying in bed nearly in tears laughing... image

    I'm glad I could entertain him at least :)

    Yes the bone looked beautiful....now if we could just figure out why my pain is WORSE instead of better life would be good.

    I found out today I don't need additional paperwork for LTD, I thought that was kind of weird...hopefully it's not a problem though.

  • Hopefully the pain will decrease or leave completely :) prior to MRI time. Those are not fun image

  • im glad to here your fused hurray!!!!!!!!!

    and I had some really bad nerve firing pain after my L4 L5 and S1 fusion, not at first but my god it would bring me up out of a dead sleep, mine was in my right foot and big toe, it felt like someone was staqbbing me under my big toe nail and down the arch of my foot with a hot needle...
    and I also fused quickly so maybe that is the down side to that, you think your getting better and you really are but then that darn nerve starts firing OMG
    best wishes

    ps: neurotin and vicatan and flexrill helped me...but now im med freeeeee...
  • So you are saying the nerve issue fixed itself eventually? I swear I am in more pain now then I was before the surgery and even at 4 weeks post-op. I get a lot of pain going down my left leg but my lower back is the real problem. It hurts bad!!!!!! I can't sit for any length of time or my hips/butt area screams at me. And if I stand in one spot the left leg sort of goes numb and the foot feels like it's in a vice grip. Some days for the first time I'm thinking I did myself more harm then good with this surgery......and I never thought like that before.
  • Very cool that your fusion is progressing so well. I am sorry that you are still hurting. Maybe the new meds will make you a super star singing sensation????

    PS/Maybe you doctor had a compassion class since you had seen him.

  • Actually Julie I think my doctor is just nuts...and I really mean that. My Mom and husband thought he was joking when he met with me before my surgery because of the way he was acting. Yesterday when I was telling him how bad I was hurting I said something (can't remember what) and I smiled and he told me "this is no joking matter, it's very serious"...okay weirdo! Then he was showing me my x-ray and turned down the lights and starting writing on my x-ray the word Patient and kept saying "it's really all about the patient...the patient...the patient" and was circling the word...my husband looked like he was going to bust out laughing at any moment. Thankfully he contained himself. My doctor really is a weirdo but I think he's an excellent surgeon so I stick it out with him... I think he's a D.O which I think means he has a more holistic approach to medicine which I thought was cool...until he was stingy with pain meds. I am not one to take medicine at the drop of a hat but I guess he doesn't know me well enough to know I'm not a druggy!

    Okay I'm rambling again....one of those days.

    Thanks for the laugh (music sensation)....Lord help us all!

  • I was just thinking have you tried any massage on your butt? I had some really bad sciatica which they thought might be primiforms syndrome (sp) and I used a combination of meds and massage/manual stretching to get the nerves loosened up. It was expensive and painful but looking back it was well worth it.

    My husband had to physically stretch me- I just layed down he did all the work. The chiro showed us how to do the stretches. It was 2 person kind of thing.

    LOL@ your NS being a nut. He sounds like a Woody Allen film.... Genius comes in many forms :P

  • image
    That is a picture of the rock band playing at your house! Exactly what type of meds are you on - and where can I get me some? :D
    Good Things: You are fusing, You have good drugs, You have an adoring husband, Your kid has cool hair

    Bad Things: Nerve pain - that sucks.

    Butttt - you have more good things then bad things!
  • Leave it to you to find the good in my hallucinations...but just think of how much money I saved by hearing it in my head image not paying for concert tickets...after all my prescriptions are free! I'm only on Percocet (the bottle says it's Oxycodone though) I'm not really very good with medicine at all. I try not to read the side effects, I like the surprise of discovering them all by myself...because Lord knows if they have some...I'm going to get them and some they don't mention as well!!!

    Yay me!

    I am assuming you mean the Redhead child of mine! Yes that is a nice color but Lord the damage it did to my bathroom...don't ask me how she got the color all over the walls, the floor, the sink etc. The hubby says he will have to repaint to cover some of it! Oh and she ruined the bathroom rug, upside is that it looks fabulous on her (at least I think so!) After all I did pick the color out!

    P.S. I'm so glad you are back image
  • Hi Rotten,

    So glad to read your thread and hear you are fused! That's quite remarkable, well actually everything you have been doing up until the birthday week was amazing. I salami you! But now, listen to your Dr. and lay low, don't feel guilty either. You have been Forest Gummp long enough. Let someone else take the baton and walk the spiney marathon.

    I hope you saw the posting I left for you in the REocvery Room, thought I could add to your music collection in your head.image

    Love you girly girl! Pebbs

    P.S. How's my puppy Brady doing? Are his bags packed yet for Florida?
  • is not feeling so well...I think he has another ear infection. When we got him both ears were really infected and I'm not sure the meds completely cleared them up. He was a mess when he got him, WAY to skinny, 2 ear infections and his fur was just dull and not healthy looking. I am happy to say he's gained quite a bit of weight since he's been with us and looks fabulous but those ears continue to be a problem. He's such a good boy though...he sits and lets me clean them out with Q-tips almost daily.................

    Yes I am going to lay low and listen to the doctor, I'm honestly too scared not to. I'm afraid of what he thinks could be wrong... I don't want more surgery and I'm worried about work.

    I sent my HR lady an email today and in it I said I was concerned about losing my job and she just didn't address that...she said "I'm going to put together a chart for you of pain, unpaid and STD" and email it to you..whatever!!!

    Yes I saw your music choice for me...silly girl!
  • Hi Rotten,

    You use Q-Tips for the ear infections? I use cotton balls. Does the Q-tip work better? My lab has an ear infection too- always during rainy season.

  • Hey Rotten,

    Heck, I wish I could have some Def Leppard hallucinations with my meds.... especially some involving Joe Elliot.... :P :D

    Ooops, sorry! Back on track... I'm glad to hear that you're fused, but sorry to hear you are still in so much pain. You just need to do as the dr says and lay low, and forget about work - you will get back there again when you are good & ready, and not before. I hope this turns out to be a blip and not something brewing on a another level.

    Enjoy your rest and Def Leppard tunes :) Hugs, Spicey
  • but I to me it gets more of the gunk out. He has an appt with the vet next week (earliest they could fit him in)...sorry Pup...so for now I'll just clean them out daily!
  • As always you're right, rest now...worry about work later.

    I sent my HR woman two emails today and told her i was worried about losing my job and very concerned, what she sure I didn't need to do anything else for LTD...no response...nice!
  • I"m glad you're fused but sorry for your pains right now..
    I've been reading your progress and felt you were doing too much,too early and like all of us who were doing this had to pay for it one way or another.. So, please take it easy and rest and follow your dr's orders not how great you feel.. that's the mistake we all do when we feel good we push outselves a bit too much..

    Remember that Patience is the name of Spiney's game!

    Hope all will be well wtih you and rest rest rest, did I say rest!

    Keep us posted..

    Lotus :)
  • I'm one bed-ridden chick these days. I get up long enough to eat and shower...other then that it's me, my laptop...some books and my pup. We occasionally even let the hubby get in bed too :-)

    I hope and pray this is just a matter of me doing too much and it will settle itself down..but I'm worried. I've been resting for the past week and don't see any improvement (though the new meds do give me some relief at least).

    Thanks for the good thoughts and reminder :-)

  • Hi Rotten,

    More rest!!!!! Hope you are doing better today. I think I will try the Q-Tips.

  • Rotten...did you ever get the post I wrote you shortly after your original post? ---

    It was about questioning that you were already fused. I thought you should know that it isn't physically possible for you to be fused at 7 1/2 weeks. Even with the best technology. Also, an xray alone cannot soy for sure if it is fused 100%, it can only give you a good idea of how it's progressing.You need a CT to be able to say that for sure. My first fusion surgeon tried telling me that at 6 months I was 100% fused, which would be 50% fater than normal...as it takes one year for the fusion to be complete...well, he was dead wrong and my fusion never took. The reason you are having so much pain is that yes...you ARE doing too much. Believe me, I was there just last year. I had to have a new fusion and I didn't get beck to work for 7 months! Talk about going crazy...but I had to be able to lift 50 pounds before I could go back and at 7 months post-op...you shouldn't even be doing that yet. Incresing your pain meds is not the answer, all it will do is mask the pain of your body telling you "too much!" and you risk interrupting your fusion. I am a surgical tech who's specialty is spine fusion, and a two time fusion patient (5 surgeries total). I know what I'm talking about. I guarantee if you slow down...and I mean slow down...you will notice a strong decrease in pain. I'm not telling you this to discourage you, but to help you understand what's going on in your body and to protect yourself. If your fusion doesn't take fully, because you are pushing it...you will need yet another fusion. The process of fusion is a long and picky process. It doesn't take too much to interrupt it. Your body is telling you that you're doing too much...trust me on this. I used to try to switch the laundry or load the dishwaser...I was soooo bored! But even those would cause pain and my surgeon yelled at me for my own good. It got better when I stopped.

    I'm sure that you saw changes on your xray, and I've been looking at them for years and still have a hard time seeing what a true fusion looks like.

    Most people who take an active role in doing what they should during recovery...start to feel like they are finally over the hump at around 10 months. Most people can go back to work at 3 months if it is physically undemanding work. But you will bet very sore and very tired. You don't realize how hard your body is working to form that new bone. It takes a lot out of you. I know you are in a rush to get back, I can understand that, believe me...but it's worth it to take your time. This is no light matter...this is your future. Take care of it. Best Wishes, Tracy
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