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chenier1cchenier1 Posts: 1
edited 12/19/2014 - 3:37 AM in Pain Medications
I have chronic pain for 10 years I have tried every thing but when they put me on OxyContin 3 years after I couldn't bare the pain I was a the end I tried to hang myself and I am positive it was because of oxy I was addicted and I think it did bad things to my brain. Now I'am much better I went to see a toxicologist he gave me suboxone to help take me of oxy it was gret no withdrawal . Now I'm still on suboxone every day for pain and it's great ,I found that It doesn't give you a high and you d'ont get addicted to it. Suboxone is a ipoid atangonist with It is not a full narcotic. I come fron Canada and Ived read on YouTube that some Dr. In the U.S.A are starting to prescribe suboxone for pain manengement and they all agree that it is safer then full blown narcotics. That was most hope it helps someone. One thing I've learn over the years is that never give up get informed find a good Dr. AND NEVER LOSE HOPE BECAUSE THE NEXT DAY IS BETTER THEN THE ON BEFORE AND IT DOS GET BETTER FOR ME ANY WAY.


  • LizLiz Posts: 7,832

    Liz, Spine-health Moderator

    Spinal stenosis since 1995
    Lumber decompression surgery S1 L5-L3[1996]
    Cervical stenosis, so far avoided surgery
  • It's great that it's helping your pain and everything, Chenier! I looked it up and it says "Suboxone is used to treat narcotic (opiate) addiction. It is not for use as a pain medication." So maybe they are finding that it has more benefits than just that, and it IS good for pain. It won't let me post links on here but it's on drugs dot com.
  • There have been many conversations on it here. It's prescribed in VERY low doses for pain in Europe. I don't know anyone who's ever used it. From everything I've heard here it's apparently great if you have addiction issues but can bring its own problems, particularly if a high dose is prescribed. We've had members find it incredibly hard to get off of. We've shared their struggles & it's been heart breaking.

    Chenier. I'm really pleased you've found a solution to your problems.

    Anyone who's considering it for only pain management...Do lots of research!
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • Suboxone is used to treat addiction issues and is a mixed opoid agonist and antagonist, but Buprenorphine by itself is being used in the US as a pain management tool.
    Suboxone has a ceiling effect when used in pain management off label, with the lower doses working far better for managing pain than the higher doses used when treating addiction issues.
    Suboxone can be very, very difficult to get off of, after being on it for some time. There are many threads that have discussed suboxone and it's use , as well as it's use in pain management on these forums.
  • I have been totally disabled for the past 23 years as a result of a very serious case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Chiari Malformation. Due to the severity of migraine quality headaches, severe nausea, severe muscle, joint and nerve pain coupled with severe fatigue and exhaustion I was totally bed ridden for the first 11 years of my illness. Subsequently, I had a combination of neck, head and brain surgery to address the Chiari Malformation but I have still endured all of the debilitating symptom I've always had. Although I am not totally bedridden all of the time I remain unable to participate in any kind of physical activities due to the Orthostatic Intolerance issues I have plus and Ischemia. Frankly, any kind of mental , emotional, cognitive or physical stressors exacerbate my symptoms and can cause me 10 plus levels of pain either by themselves or in combination with each other. In short, I've tried just about every medical modality known to mankind and most every drug invented and have failed to find anything that can relieve my pain very effectively at all. The best I've been able to do is manage the levels of my pain with PERCOCET. I've tried stronger medications etc but they do not work as well or effectively for me as PERCOCET. Anybody who has studied anything at all about Chronic Long Term Pain knows that every individual is different and their bodies react to all medications differently and there is no "One Size That Fits All" pain medication that works effectively for everybody. Although I have maintained about the same dosage of PERCOCET these past 23 years I've had to supplement it at times with DEMORAL, AMBIEN and VALIUM to get enough pain relief when things just get to really out of control and the PERCOCET on their own just can not mange it sufficiently enough. Furthermore, I've never been able to achieve "Pain Control" where I wasn't feeling any pain at all after taking my pain medication. The best I've ever been able to achieve is managing the pain to tolerable levels so it doesn't completely overwhelm my life 24 hrs a day. The symptoms caused by the diseases I have on their own are already totally debilitating so I do not need to experience catastrophic amounts of pain on top of that to survive my day, night etc. In general , I am very sensitive to most any kind of medication and practically every medication gives very strong, unwanted, ill side effects. However, PERCOCETS have always been my best overall pain remedy. Recently, due to some rather strange and yet to be fully determined circumstances, the physician who has been prescribing me PERCOCETS for the past 23 years was no longer able to do so under a new medical corporate policy. Now to the CHASE. I get referred to a prior pain management specialist who no longer does that but uses SUBOXONE to detox people and get them off opioids etc. He tells me that SUBOXONE is half of what the normal opioids are but just as effective with pain control but without the "feel good" sensation of the PERCOCETE etc. I politely told the doctor that I've always had way too much pain to manage to ever experience that so called "feel good " element of PERCOCET . However, as long as the SUBOXONE gives me adequate pain management I really don't care what I am taking as long as it is viably effective.

    I immediately stopped taking the PERCOCETS and have been using SUBOXONE for several months and have not experienced the slightest amount of pain relief from it. I have worse side effects and weird body sensations from the SUBOXONE that I never experienced with PERCOCET which for me, were nothing other than constipation. Which by the way, SUBOXONE causes the same amount of constipation without any of the pain relief benefits. I have not found SUBOXONE to be the least bit effective for any kind of pain relief. I should know, I've been managing chronic long term pain for 23 years! It also give me horrible "Dry Mouth." I wake up in the morning feeling "Hung Over." The side effects for me are so strong that I can't even use it during the daytime. Keep in mind, I was using only 25% of the daily recommended dosage. I titrated up all the way to 200% of the daily dosage just to see if it was ever going to provide any pain relief whatsoever which it did not!

    SO.............Congratulations to anybody who receives any kind of measurable pain relief using SUBOXONE! AS far as I am concerned, it does absolutely nothing for pain. At least any kind of measurable pain.
  • is the pain killing part of Sub. I have been on the patch version (Butrans ) for about a year, and it is wonderful for pain but the side effects got the better of me.
  • How much suboxone are you taking per day? One of the major issues is that suboxone when used in a pain management setting has a ceiling effect, meaning that the pain relieving properties don't improve with higher doses, commonly used by doctors who are treating addiction issues.
    When suboxone is used in a pm setting, the dosage is usually around 2-4 mg,, and no more than that, because of the ceiling effect.
    Perhaps, your best option might be to find another pm office, and talk to them about perhaps trying the bupe patches, which contain no naloxone, and seeing if those might help.
    As far as your medications never eliminating pain, that is a misconception about the purposes of being in pain management. PM is all about managing the pain levels, not eliminating them. Chronic pain wouldn't exist if they were able to eliminate the pain completely.
  • Just curious, What surgery did you have for the Chiari Malformation. My daughter has it & has a VP shunt. She's had it 13 years & luckily we haven't had a revision.

    Microdiscectomy L5S1 January 2014
    Microdiscectomy L5S1 March 2014
    Fusion L5S1 11th August 2014
  • 10 years ago I developed a horrible addiction to Vicodin. I tried tapering, cold turkey...everything....nothing worked. I made the tough choice and went to a methadone clinic. I was on methadone for 3 months and then read something about Suboxone. It sounded wonderful...go see my regular doctor once a month and get a 30 day script and problem solved. I got down to 80mg/day of methadone and then switched to Suboxone. For the first month I felt fantastic. I was at 8/mg a day. But then reality set in. After one month, the suboxone started to make me feel depressed, and it got worse as the months went by. What was happening is that it was removing my ability to feel emotions. (this is common for long time users). I tried to get off of the suboxone but soon found out what the doctors and manufacturers never told me. They told me that the withdrawals would not be as bad as full opiates like hydrocodone, morphine etc., what they did not tell me is that the withdrawals can last for months and in some cases over a year. People say that suboxone is not as powerful as full opiates but they are referring to intensity, not duration. Suboxone most likely has the longest half live of any opiate on the market which means it brings on the longest withdrawals. This means it can be the most difficult drug to kick after long time use.
    In my opinion Suboxone or Butrans should never be used for pain management unless everything else has been tried and you plan on being on it for the rest of your life. I have been dependent on Suboxone for years at 2mg/day.
    Suboxone has unique properties. It binds to your opiate receptors in a manner that it blocks or kicks off any other opiate that tries to replace it. So as a long term suboxone patient one of my fears is that if I am ever in a bad accident and need pain relief, there will be almost nothing they could give me that would relieve pain, other than steroid based meds. Suboxone is at its best when used as a short term medication to wean off of full opiates like Vicodin, oxycontin etc. I would only consider suboxone or Butran (sub patch) as a pain management drug if I was going to be on it for life. And I would only choose it as a last resort. It is my understanding that Burtrans is a relatively new drug...not sure what kind of long term studies have been done. I didn't read the full thread, but it sounds like you were given suboxone not Butrans correct? If it is suboxone, switch to Butrans. it is designed for pain and is absorbed differently than the suboxone film or tablets. It also has a much lower dose. People should never be using more than 2 or 4mg/day of suboxone unless they plan on being on it for life. Suboxone is an amazing drug and has helped millions of people, however, it is also not fully understood by many of the doctors who prescribe it. People taking 24 or more mg/day are taking way way to much. Butrans has the same drug in it as suboxone and it delivers the medication in micrograms which is 100 times less than 1 mg. Please be careful with Suboxone, it may be perfect for your but how you feel on the drug the first month is not going to be how feel on it forever. And increasing the dose will not bring back the feeling you had on it the first month. I am very skeptical of suboxone being used for pain management, because it is not fully understood. Suboxone also has a drug in it called Naloxone. This is a drug they give to patients who have overdosed on herion. When taking suboxone correctly, about 10% of the naloxone enters your blood stream. Naloxone was never designed to be taken on a long term basis. So if you are taking suboxone for pain make sure you are taking either Subutex (same as suboxone but has no naloxone) or take the Butans patch which also does not contain naloxone and it is dosed more appropriately for pain management. My point is....please be careful with suboxone, do as much research as you can during the first month or two because after a few months you may be dealing with a different animal.
  • horselady21hhorselady21 Posts: 174
    edited 01/21/2015 - 1:28 AM
    Good post above. Also READ about the side effects of the medicine you are taking! And watch what combo of meds you are prescribed, because, trust me, no one else does! Not the Dr., not the pharmacist! Butrans (buprenorphine) can cause serious, sometimes fatal, depression of breathing. Mixed with other meds, they can cause even more serious problems.
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