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Hoping for advice or even just encouragement

edited 04/20/2015 - 10:24 AM in New Member Introductions
Okay so I read the stickys and hope I do this correctly although it'll be long because of that reason. My name is Chris I am 23 years old and I have chronic low back pain and lately pain in mainly my right leg, normally from lower back down my right side butt cheek(anyone have a better term?) down behind my knee, sometimes the pain goes all the way down to my foot and sometimes my left leg hurts but only down to the knee(still on the backside). This has been getting worse over roughly the last 3 years. Now for some background info about myself. Okay so my first back injury happened on April 10, 2008. I was showing off doing one arm pull ups from the awning of a small shopping center, roughly 8ft(I'm 5'9) off the ground, I was 16 or 17 years old at the time and was into weight lifting and was showing off like an idiot and when I let go I landed leaning backwards, at first I couldnt even feel my legs but maybe 30 seconds later(seemed alot longer) I was in agony I'd say a 9 on the pain scale, felt like when I broke my nose and pushed it back in place myself and nearly passed out from the pain while doing that, if you have ever broke a bone you might know what two pieces rubbing together feels like well this the closest description I could give. Had an MRI done less then 2 hours later along with some xrays they said they didn't see anything abnormal, gave me some pain meds and muscle relaxers and said it should be better in a couple weeks. It took me 9 months of bedrest and taking it easy for the back pain and musclespasms to quit being an everyday occurrence, they never stopped completely, 3-4 days a month it'd give me trouble, I normally assumed I over did it or bent the wrong way, but I got back in shape(never did any deadlifts squats or anything that'd give my back a reason to act up). Well about a year later I "pulled a muscle" according to the doctor so I was given a week off work and muscle re!axers and told to rest up. After a week I was able to return to work on light duty. Well a few months later I went to a different job and still occasionally had my bad days then ended up in a factory working 7 days a week 12 hr shifts(seasonal job but money was great) after about 2 months I once again "pulled a muscle" this time I was taken to the factories personal doctor who basically gave me a look over with my boss in the room and then the boss asked the doctor if he could avoid any prescriptions that would raise their workman's comp insurance right in front of me and promised me I'd have a job after I recovered so the doctor gave me a tube of icy hot a prescription for benadryl and a muscle relaxer, of course it being a seasonal job when I went back a week later they didn't have any openings available and my job agreement stated that it was a temporary job and that I could be let go at anytime without notice or cause. Anyways, after that I did remodeling off and on with my uncle for a year then decided to look for a less strenuous or physical job so I tried out selling cars and realized that the back pain was progressing, maybe from all the standing? After 3 months my back pain got so bad I couldn't stand for extended periods of time and couldn't meet quota, I explained my problem to my boss and he offered me another position working part time for minimum wage,which I passed on and that's when I decided it was time to see a doctor and find out what was wrong. First I went to my GP, doctor I normally see if I'm sick or what not, and she did xrays and had an MRI done but everything came back as nothing abnormal, so she sent me to PT, I tried that for about two weeks before the pain got so bad I started vomiting from how bad my back was hurting this is also around the time the pain spread to my right leg my physical therapist told me that there was something else wrong to be causing so much pain and for it to be getting worse so she sent me back to my GP where I was passed on to a neurosurgeon who's exact words were "well I don't see anything that'd I'd cut you open over" so he passed me over to the physical medicine doctor at the same place who did a MRI with contrast, a nuclear bone scan, a nerve conduction study, did two different rounds of shots into or beside my spine on both sides and tried a couple of different medicines, one made pain worse(vistiril? I think was its name brand all my meds are generic) as well as neurotin which affected my eyesight and my left is not right but I can see good enough. He then sent me to his nurse practioner who was suppose to be a pain management doctor but I felt like she was just testing crazy nerve pills on me the worst and the last one I took was cymbalta, that stuff made me have some crazy thoughts and mood swings and made me feel like a danger to my family so I quit taking it and she wanted to try something else that i looked up before i accepted and it had tons of complaints about it affecting peoples thoughts so i figured she wasnt listening to me just throwing whatevr she thought of so i cancelled my pain contract with them and went back to my GP who said that she thinks I have anxiety as well as depression that could be caused from the constant pain and from dealing with doctors while they cant find any explanation for the pain. I also went to an arthritis treatment and research center and had some blood work done and that came back negative and the doctor actually told me to quit being lazy go to school and get a job that its all in my head, I nearly lost it, even her assistant was shocked and apologized that she had never seen her or any other doctor say stuff like that to a patient. Needless to say I didn't go back there. I'm currently seeing another PM doctor that my GP referred me to and once again had injections in my back, this time it was only a right side medical branch block in three facet joints which only agitated the nerve running through my butt and thigh, first two days it was a steady burning sensation like hot water running through a tube in my leg or something. Since then the pain has come back and is worse in my right leg and my back pain is still there although it hurts slightly more right on the left edge of my spine although I still have pain on the right too but its not as strong although its coming back. Currently taking 3000mg of Tylenol, 400 mg of ibuprofen, 440mg of aleve, 3 mg klonopin, 30 mg of flexeril per day and 50 mg of benadryl to try to fall asleep at night. I'm just hoping for some advice, someone who knows of something over the counter that might help, oh and the doctor wants to do some kind of injection into my well butt cheek even tho the last injection made it worse... If I don't want any more MBB or similar procedures will I be kicked out? Also PM do actually try and figure out why your in pain right?
Thanks and sorry for the long post I wanted as much info included as possible any question please ask oh and I've had at least 1 round of blood work at each place last month I know they said my kidneys were functioning fine (had to ask since I take so much OTC meds I know the risks but I need some kind of relief what little they give) I also own a TENS UNIT 7000 that I use frequently but it really only works while its on once you remove it the tingling stops a few minutes later. So guys and gals really I want to hear any ideas cause I'm about out of em and what do yall think about getting the second MBB in my hip?yes or no and why please.
Thank you taking the time to read about me,
2 young for this - Chris

23 years old
Back issues since 2008


  • LizLiz Posts: 7,832
    edited 04/20/2015 - 10:25 AM
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  • WoW this could easily take the prize for the longest post I ever read here :) and by the way it is called glute( the butt cheek) :)
    You should see a doctor Chris.
  • Hi TY,
    Also sorry you are having this experience. You will find lots of support here. Sounds like you have hit a wall doing what you can for yourself. Sounds like it is time to see a neurologist or neurosurgeon. I am not taking up for the rudeness of the medical provider but unfortunately for us back pain is one of the most misused BS excuses people who are trying to get narcotics use. That and you do seem awfully young to be having these problems (not unusual for these boards, though. ) I think the youngest I have seen in 19 but there are quite a few your age.

    The process for me was..1) symptoms, 2) family Dr., 3) MRI, 4) took CD of MRI to neurosurgeon, 5) have appt with NS Wed. Sounds like you are stuck in the circle jerk. Maybe you can start new and get some real help.
  • The only test I don't see that you have had yet is a discography, which would show if there are any tears in the disc. I am surprised no Dr did it yet. An annular tear often doesn't show on an mri, and if you show no other problems, that is the only thing I can think of that could cause that much pain.

    Look up Dr Michael C Brown's article "The Great Masquerader" , about annular tears. He has a lot of great articles. I am older and have a lot of problems but couldn't figure out why this one leg kept really getting worse. Then they found the tear that had been there but nobody saw it before. It was injected and I am now a lot better.

    Don't get discouraged.
  • I have been to every kind of doctor I can think of and I don't believe I have had a discogram, about the only thing I haven't had. Also I'm aware that back pain is the most common excuse ppl use to get narcotics but this has been progressing for 8 years. Now I had MBB done on the right side of my spine on the 7th and had no back pain till later that day however I had a burning sensation running through my right thigh afterwards and since then leg pain has been worse. Now they want to do injections into my leg.. Honestly I'm scared it'll just make it worse I'm already having stomach pains and heartburn from all the OTCs I'm taking and don't know what I'll do if it gets worse. My question is if I decline the nerve blocks into my glute an thigh area is it likely my doctor is going to quit seeing me? Also already been to neurologist and a neurosurgeon neither of which could figure it out and the later just looked at MRI said he didn't see anything he'd cut me open over and sent me to the former.
    23 years old
    Back issues since 2008
  • This began in 2008 I've been dealing with the pain mostly without having to deal with doctors for the last 7 years but in the last 3 its gotten far worse, like lay in the floor at Walmart when I have one of the really bad pain spells if I stand too long this has happened numerous times and at numerous places. Just don't understand how something so painful can be so hard to find. I don't want pills I want it fixed so i can have my life back but it'd be nice not to be in quite so much pain in the meantime.
    23 years old
    Back issues since 2008
  • Can you request a discogram? Also, I recall someone here having a standing mri, because they found nothing on a standard procedure. Other than those 2, I can't think of any other test to find out what is going on.

    There are other lesser narcotics available if your Dr will prescribe them. But you have to understand that all meds have unpleasant side effects. You might have to bite the bullet and take something. Declining everything they are prescribing and then if you decline injections is going to raise a red flag.
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