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Short term didsability

AnonymousUserAnonymousUser Posts: 51,513
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:19 PM in Health Insurance Issues
Okay so I went out on leave on 6/9/08. I was approved for STD. My STD was suspended on 7/1/08. My ortho thinks I only needed 2 weeks out. My primary thinks I need alot longer. I was referred to a chiropractor by both. No one is listening. I am going back to the ortho tomorrow who will probably be mad that I took more time off then they recommended and did not follow up with the chiropractor since after I left the evaulation my pain level was at an 8. Now since then my symptoms have increased. I am going to see the PA at the Orthos office tomorrow. I did get the xrays back from the hospital that the Chiro had requested. I found out that I have mild thoracic scoliosis( adult on-set) and DDD. I am getting worse everyday. I am frustrated. What is the best way to approach the PA so I can get documentation so that I can get paid by the benefit I should be entitled to. Also, I recieved a letter from work that my FMLA had been approved yet I never requested it because I figured the STD would be enough to get me fixed and back at work. My work can not accomodate my limitations because my job is 80% bending. I am just trying to get better. Should I be contacting an Attorney?


  • it wouldnt hurt to talk to a lawyer..
  • Thanks Bigcat I know I should it just helps to hear it from someone else
  • Why not try and get a second opinion from another ortho? Some surgeons have the god complex and think that if they operated, you should be healed.
  • I have an Mri sceduled tomorrow and may be seeing a neuro next week
  • Hi there,

    I hope the MRI will give your doc more clues about the source of your pain. Short-term disability and FMLA work together. Short-term disability covers you at a %of what you were earning after a brief period. The FMLA leave insures that you will be able to keep your benefits for 12 weeks. You will need to pay the company you were working for on a monthly basis for these benefits. Good luck. It took me many years to find the source of my back pain. By the time they decided that I had DDD and a lumbar scoliosis that needed surgery I was really a reck. Now it is a year later and my SSDI has been approved. I feel so much better after the back surgery but mine was really radical. They fused seven disks in my back.
  • You know, I have actually had docs tell me that if you ever have back surgery, use a neuro. Orthos are bone docs and seem to be rougher during surgery where neuros are used to dealing with delicate nerves and are much more gentle during surgery.
  • I really appreciate it. I am kid of nervous about the injection tomorrow for my MRi. I know silly after the all the needles I have had this year. I am actually going to write my PA a cover letter for a fax for tomorrow so she can remember to send the paperwork in for my benefits. Surgeons offices are rough because they do not like dealing with the benefits part just the medical part. i hope she can get this right as far as documentation and does not think I am not a lunatic.
  • they are working for you. Do not feel bad about following up with a phone call to make sure that the fax was sent. Good luck tomorrow. I am sure that you will be fine. But post back and let us know how things went.
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