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Severe foot pain after L5/S1 discectomy

Hi, my name is Stephen and I had my L5/S1 discectomy 2 weeks ago for a bulging herniated disc with severe sciatic pain in my left leg going down to my foot. My foot was so bad I was barely able to walk at times, and when I could, I was limping at best. My symptoms first started 5 weeks before the surgery. I saw my general practitioner who prescribed 5 mg oxycodon, robaxin and an anti inflammatory . I also tried a chiropractor, but this was only temporary relief. I saw 2 orthopedic surgeons who both recommended surgery given the size of the herniation. I just couldn't take the pain any longer and agreed.

Decided to have the surgery and woke up worse - this wasn't really unexpected, back surgery takes time to recover from which I fully understood. The first week was just awful. I was eating 2 oxy every 4 hours and convinced the surgery wasn't successful - the Internet has a lot of horror stories! But I began noticing improvement over the next few days. My hamstring pain went away, calf pain gone, and back got better and better each day. However, the foot pain started getting worse. It started with the limp coming back - basically I find myself walking on the outer side of my foot because the pressure on the inner portion hurts tremendously, especially on hard floors. On top of that, I now have a burning sensation on top of my foot with severe jolts of pain in the toes occasionally - those make me wench and almost cry at times. At this point, even with the extra pain, I was wanting to reduce the oxycodon and got it down to 8 a day.

I had my 2 week postoperative appointment yesterday and the doctor prescribed me neurontin. I felt some relief from the first does and actually slept 5 consecutive hours last night, but did take it with 1 oxycodon (I'm down to 4 a day now). That's the most I've slept in 3 weeks. But I'm still feeling the stabbing, burning sensation in my toes. If I weren't tired of the groggy feeling and worried about addiction, I'd just take more pain meds, but they make me useless and unable to work, much less anything else.

I wonder, have others experienced the same foot pains? Will the nerve regrow itself? Did neurontin work, and if so, how long before you were able to stop taking it? From my understanding, it can take weeks to build up in your system and I was lucky to get any relief from its first dose. And the doctor prescribed 3 months worth. Does that mean I'll have this foot pain for that long? I was starting to feel better in the 2nd week but now I'm getting depressed again. I know it's still early in the recovery, but my doctor seemed surprised I wasn't one of the 90% who supposedly experience an immediate relief. I have 3 kids and it's so hard not being able to play with them and help around the house.

Thanks in advance. Trying my best to stay positive as I realize it can take time.


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 5,430
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  • Hi Savage and thanks for the reply. I've read the rules and searched 100s of posts (which have been extremely helpful) but haven't found information specifically related to my foot issues. And it seems like any that are close, the original poster stopped posting their progress - a small pet peeve of mine. I wish those who post would post follow up information saying they're better or not.

    As an update to my original post, I find that wrapping my foot in an ace bandage seems to help with the walking, but adds to the burning. I wonder if it works similarly to the compression socks which I took off after 1 week post surgery. Should I have kept those on? And lastly, I never mentioned in my original post, before surgery and now, my lower leg is cold to the touch - from the knee down.

    Any advice would be helpful.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 5,430
    Seems you are only couple weeks out of surgery.
    Did you tell your surgeon about the symptoms and or questions you are having post op?

    I'm glad to hear you say that you think you felt a little better on the second week.

    But your questions about the nerves, how fast neurotin worked,...would be better explained by doctor.
    None of us here are medical professionals, ....and I'm not even a very good patient. :)

    Your doctor should take the time to assess you, and or guide you, and or reassure you. Even the compression stockings you refer to, I think, would have been prescribed to you by doctor and he should have left instructions re when to remove for good.

    You said one of your legs is cool to the touch...feels differently than the other.
    I would mention that to doctor, also.

    You mentioned pain pills make it difficult for you to work. Are you back to work? Are you on your feet a lot? Walking? Sitting?
    Did doctor explain activity levels and or any limitations for a period of time, post op?

    If you are able to rest regularly with your recovery your body might be able to relax somewhat.
    Spine-Health Moderator
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  • Thanks Savage, I appreciate you replying. In my postop appointment, I did bring up my concerns to the surgeon. He seemed almost dismissive and just quick to say it's the nerve damage and to prescribe more medications, in this case Neurontin.

    My wife and I looked through the paper work they gave us and it basically said wear the compression socks until you are back on your feet again. I started being more active after the first week and decided to take them off - they were excruciating to wear and put on due to the burning sensation on the top of my foot.

    I'm not back in the office, but I am able to work from my laptop in bed - I was off the first 2 weeks. The pain meds just make it very difficult to concentrate. If I could, I'd rest for another 2 weeks, that's just not an option unfortunately.

    Update: I'm down to 3 oxycodon a day and can already feel less groggy, but can't find another OTC pain reliever that helps nearly as much. Currently trying Aleve - doctor advised trying each to see what works best for me as each of us are different (ibuprofen vs acetaminophen vs naproxen). Early on I tried 4 Motrin with little to no effect. Just trying to deal with the pain...

    Still have terrible insomnia waking up every couple hours, averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night. Having a hard time with this. Wife thinks I should try a sleep medication like ambien, I'm debating discussing with my general practitioner as my orthopedic surgeon said he doesn't prescribe sleep medications.

    Pain about the same. Extremely sore leg as I walked a lot more yesterday (close to saying overdoing it), but I suppose that's normal and at least I'm walking vs limping - ace bandage still really helping with that.

    Thanks again!
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 5,430
    Re your hesitation to discuss your continued insomnia with your surgeon, ...personallyI refuse to let past experiences dictate my want to continue to take care of myself. You're your best at needing to advocate for yourself.

    I would continue to report all my symptoms, any improvements, any continuing or worsening symptoms.

    If he again says that he does not prescribe sleep meds, .....personally, I would ask for guidance on what he suggests that I do?
    (I know that sleep deprivation can be crazy making and for me less able to cope with pain)

    If he is unable to give you advice, I would return to my primary doctor and explain the sleep deprivation to him.

    Initially, my primary doctor prescribed some sleep aids, but ineffective after after a time.
    I then saw psychiatrist, and he continues to manage my sleep medications. I also take antidepressants and med for anxiety.
    I still may have one or two nights without sleep during a week, but overall, I'm so much better, happier and able to better function.

    It takes a village to help keep me stable. :)
    Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

  • footpainffootpain Posts: 22
    edited 06/20/2015 - 8:29 AM
    Sorry about all the medications you have to take. With each new bottle of pills I get, the more I feel the same. I called and talked to the surgeon's nurse. She said he recommended calling my general practitioner - I plan on doing this first thing Monday.

    Last night was terrible! I slept maybe 3 hours, not consecutively. I am so tired today but don't think I should nap as it may intefere with the insomnia? Horrible, horrible, horrible - I'm dying to get through the day, but scared about tonight.

    On third day of Aleve - jury still out. Don't feel much different and pain definitely still there - almost ready to chop my toes and foot off! Not seeing much daily improvements, in fact feel worse, but that could easily be the insomnia.

    Depressed extremely badly today, I hate insomnia!!! Almost worse than the pain in some ways, definitely amplifies it.
  • brandis77bbrandis77 Posts: 195
    edited 06/21/2015 - 5:10 AM
    It's hard to describe to others how intrusive localized pain can be. Before this "journey" of mine, if someone had told me their arm felt numb or hurt all of the time (my first cervical symptoms), I totally wouldn't have gotten it. But I definitely feel your pain (literally) and understand the insomnia and depression.

    Are you working right now? For me it is a bit easier when I can't sleep because I'm off work until mid-August, so I'm not really on any kind of time schedule. But it can still be hard to feel productive at 4am when I wish I was asleep but am instead doing a Netflix binge hoping I'll get sleepy. Sometimes I don't know if Netflix is a good or bad thing! LOL

    Anyways, not much advice to give here outside of echoing what Savage said about talking to your GP about the sleeping thing. As I've said before, sleeping meds don't work for me when I'm taking most opiates, but I hope it's different for you.

    In the meantime, have you ever tried melatonin? My sleep doctor suggested it when I was having my worst insomnia, but I was very hesitant because in the past it had given me terrible nightmares. :( But she said that the higher quality, more natural brands don't seem to have that side effect - she recommended "Now". I took it once and felt groggy in the morning, which wasn't ideal when I was working, but maybe I should try now that I'm not. My husband also had problems with nightmares and is not having that problem with this brand. Ambien in particular is very addictive and I hated not being able to sleep without it. I wouldn't recommend it as your first stop along the road of sleep meds, that's for sure! I've been seeing a sleep specialist for years and the order of recommendations (as far as meds go) has always been 1- melatonin, 2 - either sonata or lunesta (my personal preference), then 3 - Ambien.
    L4/5/S1 scar tissue removal surgery, plus unexpected L4/5 microdiscectomy #2 October 2015
    L4/5 microdiscectomy May 2015
    2-level ADR C4-6 (Mobi-C) February 2015
  • footpainffootpain Posts: 22
    edited 06/21/2015 - 5:56 AM
    Hi and thank you for your advice - very interesting timing as I actually got 6 straight hours of sleep last night!!! What a wonderful Father's Day surprise! And it was all because of my father - I love that guy!

    He came over with what he coined a "sleep cocktail". I was a little hesitant to take it since I'm taking neurontin and still on oxycodone, but at this point, I was willing to try anything. The magic ingredients: valerian root, chlortab, and you guessed it, melatonin! I did wake up extremely groggy - took nearly 10 minutes to get up - but I can live with it since I actually slept. Praying it works again tonight, I'll definitely report back tomorrow.

    Unfortunately I do have to work now, but my employer lets me work from home. I just couldn't think straight with the oxycodon - I'm down to 3-4 a day, so my brain is functioning again, just with a little more pain. For which, I'm taking aleve and tylenol arthritis strength (650mg). The combination seems to be taking the edge off, but of course, not completely.

    In regards to depression, sleep really helps. I'm starting the day trying to stay positive, but as we all know, pain is the enemy of positive thinking. But I do think the pain is lower today - good rest makes a world of difference.

    Thanks again to you both. This site is absolutely amazing!
  • footpainffootpain Posts: 22
    edited 06/23/2015 - 12:50 PM
    So it's been a couple days since I last posted, and wanted to give a quick update. I'm now 3 weeks post surgery.

    Sleeping -- Insomnia came back unfortunately, only the 1 good night's sleep. That "sleep cocktail" didn't put me to sleep the last 2 nights. I'm not giving up on it though as it does make me tired, makes me ready to sleep, the pain in my foot has just made it to where I could not get comfortable. My general practitioner can't get me in until next week to discuss :(

    Pain -- I am happy to report that the burning sensation has definitely decreased from the top of my foot. I suspect the Neurontin is working as when I'm late on a dose, the burning sensation comes back. It actually decreases its effect after about 8-10 hours, while my prescription says take one every 12 hours. Have a call into the doctor to see if I can increase to 3 a day every 8 hours to mitigate those last couple hours where the burning comes back. Still have the bad foot pain on the bottom of my foot, but the ace bandages are still helping with that. However, without, I still walk on the outside of the foot which is why I had the surgery in the first place. Frustrating... In addition to the foot pain, the muscles and joints in my leg feel tired, weak and sore. This is unfortunately a new symptom, but could be related to my increase in walking over the past couple days.

    All for all, I do feel like each day I'm doing better overall since the surgery, but given the original pain on the bottom of my foot is still here, it's quite depressing and makes me wonder how much longer will this last. I honestly wonder if the foot pain might be caused by something else, but I'll continue to hope it was due to the nerve damage associated with the herniation and that over time, it will get better.


    BTW -- Brandis77, I haven't seen any replies to your last post about reherniation. How ya doing? Wishing you my best!
  • Well, here I am up at 3am thanks to that stupid steroid pack. :( I took lunesta and Valium, but I guess that wasn't enough. I will take my own suggestion and try some melatonin now that I know this will definitely be a problem. My sleep doctor suggested taking 1 a few hours before bed, 1 an hour before bed, and one getting in to bed. Maybe that, or just taking at least one, will help both of us? But it won't take the pain away, which sounds like a big problem at night for you. Why can't our nerves just listen to us and calm down? Ugh.
    L4/5/S1 scar tissue removal surgery, plus unexpected L4/5 microdiscectomy #2 October 2015
    L4/5 microdiscectomy May 2015
    2-level ADR C4-6 (Mobi-C) February 2015
  • That really sucks -- either have pain and sleep well, or have no pain and don't sleep. You think they could figure out how to relieve pain and sleep at the same time!

    I can definitely relate -- was up a lot last night. This is one of the biggest problems I'm having now. I'm on my 2nd day without taking the oxycodone, but my sleep hasn't improved at all. I do get sleepy when I take the Melatonin, but even with the yawning, I don't always fall asleep. And when I do, it's only for an hour or two. I haven't tried taking more than 1 a night. I wonder if I should try more. Can you let me know how it worked for you?

    I can tell my foot pain is slowly decreasing -- I think it's because I increased my Neurontin (hopefully doc won't get mad at me, but they haven't called me back). And my sore leg isn't nearly as bad as it was. Very happy about that -- guess I just overdid it. Also, I was actually able to walk a little without the ace bandage. So all for all, the pain is definitely decreasing. But given the ups and downs, I fully worry/expect another bad day to come...

    Thanks again for posting -- I hope you get some rest soon!
  • So it's been a couple of days and I wanted to check in and post an update. All for all, I can definitely tell things are improving. Yesterday I felt a lot better, so naturally I overdid it and am paying that piper today. But it's not really all that bad.

    The Neurontin seems to be managing the burning sensation on the top of my foot (80% better perhaps), so I'm happy about that. I do worry since I've increased my dosage from 600mg a day to 900mg without hearing back from the doctor - been waiting for 4 days - I hate how "responsive" they are. The original dosage was 2 pills every 12 hours. I'm now taking them every 8 hours instead. It definitely helps with the pain better though.

    How long will this last though? Doctor said it was the nerves refiring, but at times the pain can still be pretty bad and definitely makes it more difficult to sleep.

    The Tylenol and Aleve combination seems to also be a good replacement from the oxycodone and managing the pain alright, but even there I'm taking 4 Aleve and 6 650mg Tylenol a day. Both really high doses I know. Still wearing ace bandage, but walking more each day. Baby steps for sure.

    Insomnia, that's still my largest problem. Now on day 4 without oxycodone and last night after sleeping a whole hour, I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I felt extremely edgy inside almost like my skin was crawling - could never get comfortable. I might have gotten 2-3 hours all night. I pray I never need to take oxy ever again! Doctors appointment Tuesday to discuss sleep medications.

    Best wishes to all recovering!
  • brandis77bbrandis77 Posts: 195
    edited 06/27/2015 - 1:57 PM
    I'm glad the neurontin is helping! If my pain is it better when I see my surgeon on Tuesday, I think that's what he will probably suggest. Have you had any bad side effects? Is there anyway that is related to your sleeping problems? Have you tried the high quality melatonin? I would definitely caution against going down the Ambien road before you've tried other things. But, of course, I'm no doctor. :) And I definitely understand the frustration of lack of doctor responsiveness! Luckily, this time someone actually answered the phone when I called and I was able to reference my ER visit and name drop the on-call neurologist, then I got to talk to everyone I needed to (including the surgeon!!) within an hour.
    L4/5/S1 scar tissue removal surgery, plus unexpected L4/5 microdiscectomy #2 October 2015
    L4/5 microdiscectomy May 2015
    2-level ADR C4-6 (Mobi-C) February 2015
  • footpainffootpain Posts: 22
    edited 06/28/2015 - 3:18 AM
    I've been taking the Neurontin now for almost 2 weeks and haven't noticed any of the usual side effects - I was worried about weight gain in particular but thus far, no issues. As long as you're aware, I think that is a big deterrent of gaining weight.

    Could it be causing insomnia, I can't rule that out since it is listed as a potential side effect. But for me, the insomnia started 5 weeks ago, about 1 week after I started taking oxycodone. And even though I'm on my 5th day without, I do believe I've been experiencing withdrawl symptoms from it, and insomnia is an extremely common one.

    I've never had sleep problems in the past and I truly feel terrible for all those that do after my recent experiences. My mother-in-law is a nurse and she and I spoke for a good hour last night about my issues and potential options. She agreed starting with Melatonin is the first approach. Lunesta seems to work well for many of their patients and helps to keep them to sleep longer. Ambien seems to work quicker for their patients, but a lot seem to wake up after a few hours and can't get back to sleep. This is where they recommend taking a time released version of Melatonin with Ambien and allows for those patients to get back to sleep. Since I've tried Melatonin on its own (multiple brands), she recommened discussing Lunesta as a good starting point. However, it didn't work for her (she's had severe sleep problems for years) and she's currently taking Ambien and the time released Melatonin.

    Now I was extremely hesitant to take it since your posts and after reading several similar posts on other sites, but I have to say, I slept 7 hours last night (waking up once to use the bathroom). After I woke up I was worried but as soon as I laid back down, back to dreamland! Guess the Melatonin helps to keep you tired even after you wake up. My only complaint thus far is I've been "awake" for 2 hours, had a huge cup of coffee, but still feel groggy. But since I did sleep, I can live with this feeling for now. I do want to switch to Lunesta and hope to have that resolved Tuesday after I see my general practitioner.

    Oh yeah, how's the steroid pack working for you? Hope you're feeling better. Every day I can still notice improvements, as slight as they may be. Take care!
  • footpainffootpain Posts: 22
    edited 06/30/2015 - 9:01 AM
    Overall, definitely getting better each week. Happy that things are going in the right direction.

    Quick story -- on Sunday I was feeling so well I unwisely chose alcohol and skipped some medications (including the Ambien) . Not worth it!!! Repeat, not worth it!!! Couldn't sleep, stomach hurt next day, and I must have overdone it because my back and leg were killing me. Moral of story, drinking is bad for recovery -- took me back 2 days -- 1 feeling bad and 1 to be back where I was.

    Finally got information back from the nurse about the Neurontin (only after calling again and staying on hold for 20 minutes (they are so useless after getting paid). They called in a new prescription increasing my dose from 2 300mg pills to 2 600mg pills a day. For the past several days I've actually been taking 3 300mg pills a day and it's been helping around 80% (very manageable). I'll let you know if the additional increase makes it even better.

    Lastly, I just want to say I can tell my wife is having a difficult time getting use to doing more and more, really running the entire family. And who could blame her -- at times I feel useless! Just the little things, ya know -- grocery shopping, picking up the kids, cleaning up, making dinner, etc. etc. It's just such a slow recovery -- we really weren't expecting all of this.

    Wishing everyone the best!
  • This is becoming more of a blog of my progress than a post with questions, but I'm ok with that, if for nobody else, for myself! Definitely continue to see progress each week, very happy about this. I did mention on another post concerns about possible reherniation when dealing with my daughter, but after 2 days, I don't think that's the case and more likely I just irritated the area.

    Walking: I've been able to walk/limp the past few days without the ace bandage, although it still feels better wearing it. But happy to be walking without it. This is the first time since after my surgery that I have been able to do that -- yeah!!! Leg itself feeling very tired, especially from the knee down. I assume this is natural though and will improve with additional exercise and walking. Wouldn't quite call it foot drop, but do slide my foot on the hard wood from time to time. Honestly just happy to be walking though so I'll take what I can get.

    Medication Update: Still taking 1200mg of Neurontin per day (2 600mg doses) and it continues to be helping about 80-85%. Have some burning at times and some sporadic stabbing sensations in the toes/legs, but much better than it was before the Neurontin. Still taking the max dose of Acetaminophen, but have stopped taking the Aleve (had some stomach issues with it). Unfortunately still having insomnia and was prescribed 10mg Ambien by my GP (finally got in to see her yesterday). Told to take it for a week, then taper off to 5mg for the following week. Considering I've never had sleep issues, she's confident I'll get back to my old self really soon and agreed that the Oxycodone was most likely the culprit of the insomnia. I do feel groggy during the day, at times very tired, and somewhat blurry vision, but not terribly, almost hazy. Not sure if this is the Neurontin or the Ambien or a combination of the two, but would rather sleep and have less pain in the foot than worry about it for now!

    I have a 6-week follow up appointment with my ortho next week. I'll report back in a couple weeks or sooner if anything changes. Thanks again to all supporters.
  • I have the exact same problem as you do...with the burning foot pain and weakness in my left leg. I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this too. I am 3 months out from a laminectomy/ Microdiscectomy for a herniated disc, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease to my L5-S1. Because of the job I did my PCP just kept sending me to physical therapy and maybe give me a muscle relaxer and some pain meds and give me a slip off work. I tried everything available given I live in very rural America. After getting the run around I chose to go to the city for my surgery since they were the only ones to order any sort of tests and a week after our first meeting I was going under the knife.I was rushed around from room signing a lot of paper work but the day of my surgery I still wasn't clear on what was happening or what was wrong. Like you I didn't know what I was getting into. I can't help but think that i should have went home and thought this through. Other friends that had the same procedure assured me I would feel so much better once I woke up. I also had some radiculapathy but nothing prepared me for the amount of pain I had on waking up in recovery. All my doctor would say to me was that he was sorry and that he didn't know it was that bad. Apparently My sciatic nerve was shredded at the nerve root. Maybe that happened to you as well. I still have back pain and still walk like I'm dragging my foot around. I recently had an EMG ( Nerve Conduction study) It's maybe something you ask your doctor about also My doctor set me up with pain management and they have been wonderful. Sometimes even when we think we are doing ok handling the pain through the day it can disturb our sleep. All sleeping pills will do is make you sleepy but not manage the pain. I tried that too and there is nothing worse than being ubber tired and in pain too. Neurotin did take most of the sting out of my foot though I would stop taking it sometimes because of the side effects . My feet swelled up really bad then the doctor lowered my dose now it's ok back on the higher doses. I wonder why there isn't many articles about nerve damage?
    Anyway, I wish you all the best in your recovery and I hope you stay in touch so we can follow your progress.
  • Hi Pam, and thanks for your post. There's always comfort in knowing we're not going through something alone! I'm now at 7 weeks post-op and I was really thinking things were improving, but Friday night I had a problem. While my left foot has always been cold to the touch and had a slight red discoloration, it got noticeably more red than the other foot Friday and then I noticed my toes were bigger -- yep, it started swelling. Interesting timing with your post the day after my symptoms started!

    I spent the weekend with my foot elevated and that seemed to keep the swelling down, but anytime I walked, I could feel the pressure starting to build up in the foot and ankle again. Back in the office today and praying the swelling doesn't take over -- I just keep looking down at my feet, feel like a stupid chicken or something pecking down every few minutes.

    I just had my 6 week post-op appointment last week which went pretty well, although my doctor was still concerned about my limp and discussed possibly having a new MRI. I'll definitely ask about the EMG as well -- thanks for that. Ironically enough, I've been on 2 doses of Neurontin a day and he recommended increasing to 3 doses a day (from 1200 to 1500 mg). I now wonder if this small increase could be related to the swelling. I'm going to go back down to 1200 mg and see for myself. I called the doctor, but god knows it'll be days before I hear anything back from that.

    Sleep Update: I'm finally off of the Ambien and can sleep on my own again!!! I've been off it for about a week now -- extremely excited to be able to put myself to sleep again. Insomnia was one of the hardest things I've had to deal with. Good bye 3 am television -- you won't be missed!

    I seriously curse this condition! But I really am trying to stay positive. Just difficult when 1 week you're feeling like things are finally improving, and then wham, reality strikes and you're back to bed... I'll give an update later in the week.
  • Hi! After a brief hiatus, I'm back, and wanted to post about my progress. After the setback of the fireworks blowing up my knee and then the concern about possible reherniation, I have now finally had a few days in a row of feeling significantly better! I'll post a more detailed update on my other thread, but basically, my surgeon and physical therapist both said it could take up to a year for my foot to be back to normal. I thought the typical healing time was around three months, so it made me feel better to know that what I'm experiencing is not completely unusual. Plus, the pain isn't that bad, so it is easy to manage.

    I know that it is definitely possible that I will have setbacks, but hopefully in knowing this, it won't affect me as much emotionally.

    I'm so happy to hear that you are off the Ambien and sleeping normally again! But I'm sorry about the foot swelling. :/ I've never had that problem but I've never taken nerve medication, so I'm not sure if those things are related. Have you heard back from the doctor yet?
    L4/5/S1 scar tissue removal surgery, plus unexpected L4/5 microdiscectomy #2 October 2015
    L4/5 microdiscectomy May 2015
    2-level ADR C4-6 (Mobi-C) February 2015
  • Hi Brandis, I'm so happy for you! I've actually had a couple good days in a row myself and although I still have some pains, I can definitely tell an improvement.

    I did finally hear back from the nurse. She said either deal with the swelling or deal with the neuropathy -- great right! It's an unfortunate side effect of neurontin. However, I'm happy to say for the last couple days, I've had no swelling, I think it just took some time for my body to get used to the increased dose.

    All for all, doing better every week. Excited to say we're heading to the beach this weekend! A little worried about the car ride, but we plan on stopping as much as needed. Healing takes a lot of time, but seeing improvements definitely make it more manageable (as does thinking about relaxing in the pool and the sun!).
  • Well it's been a couple of weeks since my last post and I wanted to give a quick update. Now at 10 weeks and finally starting to see real improvements. After a fun beach trip with excessive stair climbing, my walking really has improved and my limp is almost completely gone. I still can't run, but I'm the best I've been in months.

    For those out there just looking for help and answers, time is your best friend in recovery. I know it may not seem like it, but it will get better, people just recover differently. Wishing everyone the best!
  • I'm so happy to hear this!! I agree with your statement about time. I have had the same experience with both my cervical and lumbar surgeries.
    L4/5/S1 scar tissue removal surgery, plus unexpected L4/5 microdiscectomy #2 October 2015
    L4/5 microdiscectomy May 2015
    2-level ADR C4-6 (Mobi-C) February 2015
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