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Anyone have neck and rotator cuff issues at the same time??

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:19 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Hi everyone!

At my most recent Dcotor appointment to see an Ortho Surgeon for a sceond opinion (I do Have a neuo but my switch to the Ortho for any more surgery)The Ortho asked when my last EMG was and I said it was a few months after my car accident in Oct of last year. I have since had a Posterior Cervical foraminotomy. He asked if anyone ever took an MRI of my shoulder to look and make sure some of the pain is not being generated from the rotator cuff.

There was no question about what needs to be done to my cervical spine. Two level ACDF at C 4-5 and C 5-6.

I tried many times right after the accident to get my primary and PM, and then the Neruo to look at the T-spine and shoulder on an MRI. My PM sent me for an MRI on the T-spine but not the shoulder. So the ortho has sent me to have the MRI on the shoulder.

Has anyone had a neck injury at the same time as having a rotator cuff tear or some sort of shoulder injury. I did take a really hard hit to my arms and upper body during the accident as I saw it coming and I slammed the brakes just befroe impact and my whole upper bady with arms extendid out to the steering wheel to a good slam along with the neck.
I have terribl buring in my neck down to the scapular area. My left arm is very weak and the Ortho was way more concerned about it then the Neuro ever seemed to be. I also have numbness and tingling in the entire left arm but it is not constant like the burning is. It takes me a long time to get rollef over or scoot myself to the edge of the bed because the pain is so bad.

I don't know much about a torn rotator cuff or how both a neck and shoulder inrjuy that over-lap eachother might feel.

Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

I am in pain and now concerned I have been living with a shoulder issue for over a year on top of the neck issues!!!




  • hi chrissy I am going thru the same thing here, i feel like a ping pong ball. i go from NS, to my OS.
    went to ortho for my shoulder. he gave me a shot of cortizone in my shoulder. and steroid pack. went back in a month. still had pain, and told him my upper back and neck were hurting, and bad burning. he decided to do an mri on my shoulder, and my neck. well guess what? he found my left rotary cuff was torn, and a herniated dis at c5/6
    also some spurring at c3/4. i couldn't believe it. so here i am in pain with left shoulder, and neck, and weakness in issues all over my body now. so far nothing is certain, no certain surgery dates. i just keep living the same day over, and over. i know what you mean about overlapping pain. it is hard to tell which is which. i am such a mess. i sympathize with you chrissy, and hope you get some results also. can you keep me up to date on what they are going to do with you? take care
    LEO :?
  • Chrissy, i know exactly what your talking about on the burning of the shoulder. Thats exactly how mine feels. We are still in the dx stage or trying to (work comp). So far we know by xrays that i have cervical degenerative arthritis
    and disc disease c6c7 and narrowing. We are sure there is much more going on but we cant get the company to authorize anything. ugh. Anyway, yes i definetly have that burning pain in my shoulder, i have extreme weakness, mine is in my right shoulder and arm. It makes it so frustrating. Hang in there i hope you are better soon.
  • That is what I am going through right now.....left shoulder and arm pain....I can't sleep on my left side because of the pain and also taking my clothes off over my head is a big no no. I am hoping it is my rotator cuff and not my neck doing something again.....I don't see my surgeon until October but do see my neurologist this Wed and hope maybe he will have some answers.

  • Hi Chrissy,
    I as you was involved in a MVA. From the beginning I complained of shoulder pain and was so confused why they were looking at my neck. Anyway to make a long story short after three cervical surgeries that helped but never released the pain work comp finally sent me to someone to have my shoulder evaluated. The ortho did a fix a torn rotator cuff and and removed the collar bone. After two years it was also becoming visual. My shoulder had dropped several inches. Once the shoulder was repaired the remaining pain belonged to my neck. Finger crossed now as 6 weeks ago i underwent the forth cervical surgery. I can tell you this once the shoulder was fixed the pain changed and i could clearly give a description of the pain. The shoulder injury was caused from the seatbelt if that helps any. Good luck and keep me posted on what the orth says.
  • Chrissy,

    My problems are very similar to yours except in reverse. I was in a MVA in 1998 were I T-boned someone at 65mph. I fractured my C7 in the accident but it was my shoulders that gave me the most trouble. After years of complaining, I had surgery on my right shoulder for torn rotator cuff where during the surgery they found that I also had torn the bi-cep tendon off the bone completely. I have 2 screws in that shoulder as a result. During and after rehab, my left shoulder kept hurting and getting worse. Went to ortho and had a arthrogram. It showed I had torn rotator cuff and torn labrum. I also have a screw in that shoulder now. After the rehab of this shoulder is when my neck pain became unbearable. It was moving into my shoulders and creating the similar pain I had prior to surgery and I new I had not re-injured it. Went to Neuro and found I had bone spurs C4-7. Had ACDF C5/6 on 20 May and I am finally starting to feel normal again. I don't have any pain in my neck or shoulders. I feel great and can't wait to start running again.

    Well I hope this helps in some way. I feel very fortunate considering what could have happened in my MVA. I will say this though, if you have to have shoulder surgery, it is something you will have to stay very positive with. The recovery can be a lengthy process depending on what you have done. Rehabing from a rotater cuff surgery is not too bad though.

    Well I wish you the best and hope that you are able to get the relief you deserve.

  • Thanks everyone for the replies.

    So we already know for sure that the Neck need a 2 level ACDF of C 4-5 and C 5-6. I tried for a long time to get the docs to look at the shoulder and everyone shoved it off the table and deemed it unecessary.

    I hope this is a standard thing that gets ruled out before a cervical spine fusion. I hope it shows the shoulder in good shape.

    I justknow I will be in total shock and devastated to find out there is a problem in my shoulder. Oh... and a lot bent out of shape considering I begged that it be looked at to several docs and they all said it was not necessary.

    SO I was my own advocate yesterday and got on the phone first thing to the imaging center to see if the orders were in for the MRI for the shoulder. They had not received them yet and I asked if I could scheduel the appt anyway. They said they would schedule it but that if they did not hav the orders they would have to cancel the test. I once again got on the phone and did some juggling and pestering (in a nice way of course) and I managed to get the OS's office to fax the imaging center the orders.

    So we are all set for the MRI and i will go in today at 1:45 Nevada time.
    I am sure laying flat in the MRI machine will flare up my neck, but nothing I can do about that.

    I still am working on getting the EMG scheduled. Part of the delay wit the scheduleing from Ortho's office was the person who books the tests left early. SO I askde the person who finally ended up helping me to please make the appoinment for whatever location ad Doc for the soonest date available. SO hopfully the booking person will see the message for that today and I can get the EMG either for this week or next week.

    My shoulder pain is mostly underneathe the scapula. It is constantly, like my neck, burning. Some days the arm weakness is so bad I can not even dry my hair or lift a cup of coffee. The good news is I am right handed not left handed and all of this is on my left. ALthough on an occasion I do have right sided burning/pinching neck pain and right arm weakness.

    Please send out the prayers that my MRI will show all is good with that shoulder.

    SO those of you that have both issues of the neck and shoulder???---They did address the shoulder first...is this correct? Did some of the pain go away after the shoulder was fixed? Then did some of the symptoms stay and then get addressed with neck surgery??

    Do you think they will make me go through all the conservative stuff with the shoulder first or just go in and do surgery if there is an issue there??

    I have tried all kinds of steroid and facet injections on my neck and even some on my wrist way back when on workers comp for my wrist injury. None of these things really ever helped me at all. I only felt discouraged, more stressed more in pain and more helpless in knowing it was so out of my control.

  • In my experience with both of my shoulder surgeries, no ortho Dr would do surgery on me unless I had done some level of Physical Therapy. Because of my issues, the PT was of no help. From there I got cortisone shots which helps for maybe a week then I was right back in pain again. Not to scare you but you should be aware of what a Arthrogram is if you have not heard of this. Basically, it is where they inject dye into your shoulder joint then take you to have an MRI on it. To inject the dye in the joint, you are placed on a x-ray table for the Dr to guide the needle into the joint. I will not lie to you, this can be painful.

    My shoulder issues were addressed first because that is where my pain was the most intense even though I fractured my C7. After I rehabed my shoulders I did feel great relief from the pain in my shoulders. It wasn't until after my second shoulder surgery that my neck pain was getting much worse and my left shoulder began hurting like it did before surgery. That's when I went to get a MRI of my neck again and they found the bone spurs. My Dr told me that the bone spurs came as a result of the fracture in my C7. Once I had my ACDF, my pain was gone from my neck, shoulders, back and arm.

    I can't say whether it is the norm to address one or the other first. I think that really depends on the person. In may case they did look at both originally but didn't see my neck fracture until 4 months after my wreck. During that time I kept complaining of the shoulder pain so that is what the Dr's focused on. I did still have neck pain but at the time my shoulders were worse. I do think that you have to be somewhat aggressive with these Dr's in getting the kind of care you need. If I had just listended to them tell me it is just bursitis, Iwould probably still have problems with my shoulders.

    I am not sure if I answered all your questions, but if you need any other info on shoulder surgery and rehab please PM me. I am always glad to share my story especially if it can help someone else. Take care and I wish you the best.

  • I had shoulder pain for at least a year before my ACDF. that is the only pain i had was in the rotator cuff area. could not sleep on it elc. ortho did shots in it which did not help. then after a year pain got much worse in other areas of shoulder too and arm. After the surgery I was surprised i no longer had any pain in the shoulder that bothered me for a year to now shoulder feels completley normal. So really you never know how much of the shoulder pain in neck related till its fixed. probly visa versa too. So all you can do is i guess take care of the problem that the doctor thinks is the worse or most obvous first. They could have continues to treat my shoulder problem with cortozon and it would have never gotton better since it was actually from my neck.
    Sounds like you had both MRI'ed so that good, thats what i should have done but me nor the doctor even thoght could be coming from my neck since i had no other symtoms.
  • Hey Everyone,

    Well this thread has a lot of interesting information in it. The thing that gets me the most is that given the fact that I had decribed to my GP right from the start what I did in the accident. I explained that I had both hands on the steering wheel with the elbows locked and my back and spine pressed into the seat with both feet on the brake pedal. I know it is the worst thing to do to be all tensed up but that is a totally noraml reaction to me.

    So the possibility of having an injury in the C-spine, T-spine and shoulder seemed very possible to me.

    The MRI went well and I was taken out of the machine just in time because I had started out yesterday with the bad burning neck pain on down into the scapula and I could not get it under control until about 15 minutes before the test. I actually went to my 12 step meeting befor the MRI with my $4.00 ice bag from wal-mart to try to get the pain to go down. After the meeting I went to the MRI facility and parked in my car an put the seat back to lay for 15 minutes before going in. At the time the test started I felt a little better but after laying on the hard MRI table for 1/2 hour I felt the burning start to rise again.

    I will pick up the results today as soon as the radiologist has signed off on them. I do have the films but this facility no longer give the fims they give thenm to you on Paper. I could not tell anything from them even though in the past I have been able to see some things on MRI films of other parts of my body.

    As soon as I have the reprt today I will post it. Please pray for me. I know if there is something wrong with the rotator cuff and they need to do any surgery there too I will be very devastated. It will take some time and some work with my 12 step sponsor on the acceptance of it.

    I really do not want to try PT. I was put in PT after my foraminotomy and I am telling you it was to painful and I was told to stop going. No steroid injections or facet blocks in my cervical spine ever did anything so to try them in my shoulder is a waist of time inmy personal opinion. But...I know that surgeons usually make a patient go through any types of conservative treatments before doing any surgery.

    I am so tired of everything. The pain...my life and career on hold, a life full of nothing but doctor appointment after doctor appointment, medical poking proding and testing.

    If there is a rotator cuff injury on top of my neck that we already knows needs a fusion..I will then have to consider a new career path of following my dream to be a nurse. This is very sad for me to think about but it is the truth and I need to prepare myself that this career path may need a change. I will be 39 years old in Dec of this year, and because of my past drug abuse for 20 years I wasted so much time in my life that I have no real skills for a good paying job, and so retirement saving to really speak of. It is so very scary. I am just a woman trying to make a better life and I can't prepare for my retirement because I need to have my health in order now before the rest can happen.

    Okay...sorry all the venting. I guess my poor head is full of a lot today on top of the pain.
    Please pray for a good outcome on this MRI.

  • Hi Chrissy again,
    Hope you get answers for all your pain. I know my neck does feel better, I won't say I don't have pain yet, but not like I did before surgery. And now being on neurontin 300mg 3 x daily seems to helped with the nerve pain going down the arm. But this darn shoulder pain, still continues,
    my WC nurse told me this is double crushing. I thought that was just with carpal tunnel syndrome. But she has the medical background. Waiting to hear your results.
  • I wil say a prayer for you...
  • I am praying for you. God is watching over you and there will be better days. :)
  • Like a few others I have had combined neck/ shoulder pains and have had trouble finding the causes.
    My shoulders would occasionally burn just under the scapula for a few days, then get better. Muscle red hot and sore to the touch.
    I was convinced that it was rotator cuff or something else wrong with the shoulder. But the rotator cuff symptoms didn't really match up, and then it always gets better. Physio found nothing amiss, just massaged the very tight lower neck muscles.
    I believe it is the trapezius muscle that is causing the problem, and that it stems from neck irritation combined with a bit too much use of the arms.
    Mine is cervical arthritis, particularly C6-7.
  • Chrissy,

    I can understand your frustration with wanting to get your life back. I did the same thing in my wreck as you did. I locked my elbows with both hands on steering wheel and pressed back into the seat. And it seems like ever since my wreck I have been dealing with one issue after the other. It took me 4 years after my wreck to finally get someone to believe me that my shoulder wasn't right other than the rotater cuff. Once they did the surgery they found the bi-cep tendon torn completely off the bone. After the surgery it took me a year just to get full range of motion back and another year to regain my strength. A year later my left shoulder got worse and had to have surgery on it which took almost another year to recovery from. And now, 2 years later, I have just had one level ACDF. It is very easy to get discouraged when you are constantly in rehab but for me what got me through was being thankful that I was not killed or paralyzed in the wreck. Things could have been much worse. I tried not to forget that on those days when I did not want to do PT. But I did and I am thankful also for the therapist there who would not let me quit and would remind of those things I still wanted to do in life. And I can tell you that I still enjoy doing all those things. I am very active in sports. I rides ATV's with my kids, play golf, play softball on base, avid bowler, and I love to play pool. I refuse to let any of my surgeries stop me from doing those things that I enjoy doing.

    If you do have to have surgery on your shoulder for an impingement or rotater cuff tear the recovery time for that is usually around 6 months. But again each person is different. If you do, make sure you start the PT as soon as you can. If you don't start moving your shoulder soon after you can get frozen shoulder and it can hurt worse than the surgery itself. Your therapist/Dr can talk more about that with you.

    I hope that everything comes back okay with your MRI. I will keep you in my prayers. Take care.

  • I've had two ACDF's ... C6/7 in November 2005 and C5/6 in February 2008. I am still struggling with extreme shoulder pain. My NS finally found a small tear on a rotator cuff MRI and sent me to the Orthopedic specialist for PT and evaluation. 60 days of PT did nothing. Neck pain is now coming back in addition to shoulder. Now back at my NS and preparing to have another EMG and MRI. Drugged up with Tramadol, Lyrica and Zoloft. Life has been better.
  • Hi Chrissy,
    I am going through the same problems as you right now. I did already have ACDF on 2 levels C5/c6 and C6/C7 in March of this year. But the pain in the shoulder is still there causing the same pain it has caused since my injury. I finally seen a OS yesterday, and he is saying I have an Impingement of the Shoulder and wanted to see if an MRI will show anymore as to the rotator cuff muscles. Sounds like he was thinking surgery. Didn't want no PT, cortisone shots. I see him again Monday...Long trip 400 miles round trip to get results. I have been dealing with this pain for almost 2 years now. I sure hope if the arm needs fixing, they don't play around. I think I waited long enough, and things are just getting worse in their. I too can't sleep on the arm, reach with the arm, push a cart with the arm and even driving and turning the steering wheel kills... Let us know what you find out, this is a very interesting thread of me and others, will let you know my results too next week when I get them.
  • HI Chrissy,
    Just wondering how you are doing, and what you found out from the MRI report. Hope you are getting answers.
  • Hey everyone,

    Sorry it took so long to get back to everyone. I have another thread floating around in here wher I think I posted some things about my MRI, but I will do it here as well.


    GLENHUMORAL JOINT: No effusion or arthritis.

    BONE MARROW: No contusion or adema.

    AC JOINT: Very minimal arthritic changes more superiorly. Inferiorly, no significant osteophyte complex.

    ACROMION: Type 2. Moderate lateral Downsloping. Very minimal undersurface spur formation.

    ROTATOR CUFF: There is minimal bursal surface edema seen focally just posterior to the myotendinous junction of the supraspinatus portion of the cuff. Articular surface portion of the cuff is well maintained. There is a moderate amount of subacromial and anterior subdeltoid fluid.

    BICEPS TENDON: Intact.

    LABRUM: No gross tear or displacement.

    1.) Subacromial and subdeltoid bursitis. Minumal bursal surface rotator cuff tendinopathy, supraspinatus portion.

    2.) Lateral downslpoing of the acromion which likely contributes to the above along with mild hypertrophy of the coracoacromial ligament.

    I think that all looks good with no tearing, but I do know that bursitis of amy kind can be painful. I never had these issues until after the car accident.

    What do the comments about the Downsloping mean? Anyone KNow? Could this be from scoliosis? I have scoliosis in the upper-mid portion of the spine. My GP once said to me ..."Did you know that one of your scapula bones sticks out farther in the back than the other?" I never really knew, but now when I sit in church or in certain chairs I can lean back and totally feel that one bone will clearly touch the seat before the other.

    So the plan is to see someone in the group of Ortho's for the EMG. This will be done on the 1st of AUG. On the 4th I see my PM again. I tried to get in sooner but he is out of town. My pain is just off the charts and I am having a tough time getting it below an 8. Not fun!

    I will then see the NS who did the foraminotomy in Jan of this year and get his opinion on the new test results. Then on the 14th I will go back to the Ortho Surgeon (the doc who ordered the testing) and see what he thinks about the recent tests.

    Right now I ma just trying to keep my head above water here. I am in so much pain all the time. It is tough! I need to plan on going to fall semester of school untill I can get surgery on my neck. That is if the shoulder needs no intervention. I have crazy insurance and need to attempt to go to college fall semester for as long as I can because of the health insurance I get through the school.

    Your allowed to miss a four month period and I took the summer off feeling I would have surgery during the summer adn so my four months are up in Sept. So I need to try and keep moving forward with that for 1. ANd 2. I need to attempt to go to school for as long as I can til surgery to keep the insurance. The Insurance is a pain in the you know where.

    Well thats the update. Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for the support. i need all the prayers I can get becuse I am am in so much pain and it is really wearing me down physically and emotionally.
  • hey chrisy i cervical fusion in 05 i had both shoulder operated on both hands carpal tunnel ;impingement bicep severed etc.etc. i am not to good with the computer how ever i do have im and it jond702@yahoo.com or reggie7259@hotmail.com hit me ill explain more hope to hear from u

  • hey chrisy i cervical fusion in 05 i had both shoulder operated on both hands carpal tunnel ;impingement bicep severed etc.etc. i am not to good with the computer how ever i do have im and it jond702@yahoo.com or reggie7259@hotmail.com hit me ill explain more hope to hear from u

  • hey chrisy i cervical fusion in 05 i had both shoulder operated on both hands carpal tunnel ;impingement bicep severed etc.etc. i am not to good with the computer how ever i do have im and it jond702@yahoo.com or reggie7259@hotmail.com hit me ill explain more hope to hear from u

  • I think waiting for results of any testing is hard. good to know you do have any tearing in your rotary cuff. that is one less thing to worry about. i do not know what down sloping means. maybe someone else will. It drives me nuts not knowing what all those words means. your dr. will let you know though. chrissy i hope you get your neck done soon, it must be rough trying to attempt to go back to school, with all this on your mind. i understand about insurance plans though. I wish you luck on all your drs. appts. though. Maybe you will get something scheduled. LEO ;)
  • Thanks Leo,

    I know waiting for test results and appoinments and surgery dates is a huge drag. Right now I am just in pain and so tired of all of it.

    I do not know what the deal is for a neck injury and shoulder bursitis. I have no idea what they do for that or how it gets handled, but I feel that if the burning pain under the scapula is coming from the bursitis then it may be getting worse. But the other thing is when you look at the MRI films the area of burning pain under the scapula is not even an area the MRI scanned so I just am at a loss for what to think. I believe that the burning under the scapua area is secondary to the neck stuff, but I am not a doc so who knows.

    I am hoping that the Ortho will be ok with proceeding with the ACDF even though the MRI of the shoulder does show there is Bursitis in the shoulder. My fear is they will want to send me to PT for a few weeks to see if it helps the pain there. I have tried PT for my neck a few months back and the PT aggrivated everything in my neck and under the scapula that I literally had to lay in bed for almost 7 days after stopping the PT sessions. I just hate for there to be anymore delays in this.
    I know I am not a Doctor or anything, but I do know my body pretty good. I feel that is is time to move forward and see what happens. I am pretty positive about the ACDF and want to move forward with it because I am ready to be in the recovery stage and be walking and tryong to get better.

    I will be seeing my PM on the 4th of Aug. and we will need to discuss the fact that I am having high levels of pain that are no at the point they do not go below a 7 very often and when they do get to a 7 or a 6 it is for a very short period of time.

    I have been really making a big effort over this last weekend to rest but I can not really see much difference other than yesterday afternoon I had a pain level of 7 for out 2 hours rather than only 1/2 - 1 hour. SO i will take that as an improvement. Thing is life goes on and I am a single person and I have no children to care for or to help me with things and I am not in a relationship at the moment and I need to take care of all the house and grocery stuff etc etc on my own. So eventually I need to get up and take care of things. I try to do a little every day so as not to let it pile up to the point that it puts me out for a week or something like that.
    It is a tough time and I feel a lot like the drive to handle little things is not there. I just don;t feel like doing anything. I am not one to lay around, but what I mean is I just do not have the drive to make all the phone calls and do all the errands and go hear and do this. I would be content to just stick close to my home and take it easy as I can. It is just not possibel to do that but I try my best.

    Thanks for all the support and if anyone has any thing to add or share please please do so.

  • Chrissy,

    I can't imagine how hard it is to be in all that pain and have to do this alone. Well just remember, your family here is with you and we are praying you get the help and relief you need.

    Well, I remember before my first shoulder surgery the Dr's kept saying I had bursitis in my shoulder. They did find on the MRI that I had torn the bursa sac. That is the fluid filled joint that the top of your humerus bone rotates in I think. I am not a doc so don't quote me on that. If there is inflamation in that area, it can be very painful. That is where cortisone shots can be very effective since they are designed to reduce the inflamation in the joint allowing other areas of the shoulder to heal. Something else that may cause pain in other parts of your shoulder and Trapezius muscle is if you start favoring that shoulder or trying to protect it. Doing that can cause the surrounding muscles to become very sore and inflamed. But as always each person is different and I can only share the problems I experienced. But having bursitis is no different than tendonitis. Physical therapy can help but if you are in too much pain to do it then your doc will probably set you up with coritsone shots to try and reduce your pain level.

    Well I will continue to pray for you and wish the best. Take care.

  • Hey thanks for all the support.

    I for sure think that PT is not a good idea. I do try to do some stretching exercises when I can toerate them. Whe I see my PM doc on the 4th I will be taking the MRI report with me and I may even have the EMG resutls by then too, but I will not hold my breath on that one. I do not know if the cortisone shot can be done in his office or if it has to be done in a surgical setting. He my want to do that I do not know.
    It does make sense that the sac could have torn. I am a pre-nursing student so I knwo about the sac. Like Imentioned before I did press myself really hard against the seat of the car. Bad thing to do but I had just enough time to tense everything up and prepare for impact. This is a total natural reaction and it would not surprise me at all.
    The things going on it the shoulder do not seem to me to be anything that would cause me to have such great arm weakness on that side. Do you agree with that? I feel that the weakness is stemming from the neck and the fact the discs are torn and bulging. They are loosing there elasticity and becomeing dry and hard because of the tearing. No way to stop that.

    This has just been such a long road and I really would like to feel as though I am moving forward and not backward.

    I have my EMG on Friday and I am very interested to hear what the doc says obout it.

    i will make a post about that as soon as I know anything.
    Meanwhile because I have not surgery date I am signed up for one calss for the fall semester and if I need to drop later so-be-it!

  • Chrissy,

    I am glad that I can try to help someone by sharing my experiences with similar issues. And I hope that I have at least helped some. I do think that the arm weakness you are dealing with is coming from the neck. Nothing you described about your shoulder would cause muscle weakness in the arm. During my shoulder problems, my right arm felt very weak but that was because the bi-cep tendon was torn off the bone. But my left arm still felt strong. I just had terrible pain in my shoulder and upper back and neck.

    I hope you don't have to have shoulder surgery but if you do let me know if you have any more questions about it and I will be glad to share.

    Take care.

  • Hey JT

    Thanks again for the support. I di agree that nothing in the report corralates with a shoulder issue needing any surgery intervention.
    Still I do hope they do not want me to try and cortisone or pt. I just have had enough and I am ready to get on with it!! That is the hard part. But they are the Surgeons and I respect they want to make sure everyhting is in order before operating on me!

    I have an EMG on Friday and a PM appoinment on Monday. I hope the doc giving me the EMG will hint a bit as to what it shows so I do not have to wait for the full written report. It also will be nice to have to take to the PM when I see him.

    Thanks again.

  • I was a passenger in the front seat of a MVA in 1997. I had my seat belt on, driver did not and he flew out the truck. The truck rolled 3 times. I rem. my head being on the floorboard and that's all until I was sitting up on the side of the 4 lane with many people around me. CT scan taken, many issues with the ER. Fast foward to about 3 years ago when my shoulder and right arm became extremely painful. I had been pushing myself up from a recliner I sat in and assumed that's what caused the problems. At this time I had an MRI of lf. shoulder where I had explained it was the rt. shoulder where more pain was. So, I was sent back, finally for a MRI of rt. shoulder. It showed I had Rotator cuff tears, loss of cartilage, bone spurs. The surgeon told me that what I need is a Reverse Shoulder Replacement. He said that there had only been 3 done in the U.S. and that he wouldn't reccommend it. He gave me a steroid injection which did good and lasted a good while. Now, my rt. arm and hand is weak, drop things, etc. I read an article on this site about an exercise whereby you sit at the front of a chair and try to clasp hands together..I can only touch my fingers..and then you lean your head backwards. There was IMMEDIATE relief especially where I can breathe so much better. I have many health issues but wanted to tell about my shoulder problems to see if anyone can relate. Thank you all for any help. Merry Christmas.
  • So depressed. It's 3:00 am and I'm just going to stay up all night because I have a 7:45 appt with the shoulder doc. He saw me last month and gave me a cortisone injection which did nothing for me. The pain is through the roof in my shoulder and upper arm and near my collar bone. I also see a neurosurgeon for stenosis caused by bone spurs ay C5 and C6. He is pushing for fusion surgery but wants to rule out the shoulder as the culprit for pain. The shoulder doc is not a fan of MRIs??? Could this be because he has such a large ego that he wants his patients to think he doesn't need help from the high tech tests?? Sigh. Both these doctors are from Johns Hopkins. It's a great hospital with great doctors. I'm just frustrated and hoping the the shoulder doc will order an MRI. It was good for me to read here that others go through similar things with their doctors.
  • jdw_37jjdw_37 Posts: 1
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    Hi Chrissy
    Yes I have had left shoulder problems to start, I had left rotator cuff surgery 10/2013 and had therapy before and after surgery. The pain never went away so he asked if my neck hurt and I told him yes. And I told him that earlier And my right arm was hurting with numbness in my fingers in right side. He sent me for an MRI on my cervical neck..He found I had 2 herniated discs in my neck..c-5&c-6. He sent me for pain management. .I had injections in my spine. They didnt work. Neither did pain meds. So he sent me to neck doctor and he set me up for ACDF C-5 & C-6 anterior surgery. I still had pain so he sent me to therapy. Didn't help pain in left shoulder. I asked my family dr how long it should take for pain To go away after shoulder surgery. He told me I better see my ortho dr again. So I did. Without another mri he set me up for another rotator cuff ..left.. surgery. It was on 11/11/14. I have been through more therapy and still pain and can't lift my left arm up in front or out to side and up. The last surgery I had 80°/° tear. So in july... it will be 2 yrs since my injury. I'm still in pain..down my neck and my left shoulder..can't lift and tingling in my fingers..with much pain. I have gone to another ortho dr and they sent me for another mri of my cervical. I hope this helps.



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