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Anyone suffer migraines

Laurie AnnLLaurie Ann Posts: 47
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:19 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
I had Cervical fusion on C5-6, I seem to be having migraines alot! Anyone have this? Vicodin 750mg dosnt help.


  • hi. yes. contrary to my stupid, ignorant doctor, migraines started after the neck injury.
  • But I have suffered migraines my whole life. I've found sometimes that vocodin can make them worse. Naproxen or Aleve, works well for me, and if that doesn't cut it I take Zomig. Its prescription, no real side affects. Made me a little sleepy at first but that was about it, and it can be taken with pain meds. Ask your Dr. if you can try it. Another good one is Fioricet. Works great, but its a barbituate so most Dr.s don't like to prescribe it.

    Good Luck
  • I had my surgery last October 17, 2007. My migraines tripled after my surgery and I had a few after my injury in July 2005 but before the injury had never had any in my entire life. Doctors don't know why they got so bad after the surgery. They have me on migraine management meds now. Topamax. Made me feel really weird at first. I was off work for the first months after surgery instead of just six weeks because they were so bad and about three a week and was hospitalized with them. The vicodin won't help them. It's not made to. You're better off taking Extra Strength Excedrin Migraine. Vicodin is made for an injury to work between the site of the injury and the brain not for migraines. When I get mine I try the Excedrin first then if that doesn't work I move on to the Imitrex. The Topamax I take every morning and every night daily. You might ask your doc about it. It's working for me, it does help with them sometimes I only feel the pressure instead of a full blown migraine.
  • I get migraine/tension headaches they start at the back of my neck and end up over my head i have to lay quietly in a dark room cold towel on my head and neck and then pray i dont throw up
  • Yep I too get migraines, and they can be beyond painful!! Right now I usually use excedrin migraine or heck even the Wal-Mart brand(Equate Headache Relief---it has the exact same ingredients as the Excedrin) and usually that helps. Once in a while I get the headaches where they last for several days :sick:. Since my surgery it seems like I am getting them more frequently, but I think it is because of the stress I am under from the surgery that is causing them.
  • I too just had ACDF L 5-6 6-7 on 6/26 and have been experiencing excruciating headaches at the base of my skull on the left side that comes over the top of my head. I am taking 10 mgs Lortab 2-3 x a day along with valium 5mgs 2-3 x a day and was just prescribed Inderal a beta blocker for the tremors i'm having in my right hand since Feb. after having my 2nd CEI. The neurologist is supposed to be prescribing me something for the headaches / migraines this Wed. after I'm totally off the Inderal which was doing a number on my heart. So, you're not alone. Just scared as to what all these meds are doing to my vital organs.
    Hope you get better and let me know what you find that helps relieve your headaches.
  • boy do i know what you are all talking about. i have never been one to suffer from alot headaches in the past. so i am really feeling it. it was one of my first symptoms with my neck. the pain goes from the base of my neck up through skull. i have one starting right now. i have only been up not even an hour. when i go into a store , you can bet i will be leaving with one. i am not sure i guess the moving around stirs me up, and tenses up even more, i keep saying this is not normal. so needless to say it interfears with doing my grocery shopping. two nights ago i had one so bad, i layed down, could not get comfortable, i was so sick to my stomach, i know it was from the headache. so i feel for all of you who suffer from them. always LEO :sick:
  • I get migraines, but usually just the aura - not the headache. I was diagnosed a few years ago when I went blind at work one day. Had no idea what was happening. I got the scintillating scotoma, and over the course of about a half hour it covered most of my visual range.

    Now that I know what it is, it doesn't really scare me. I get ocular migraine, loss of hearing, tinnitus, persistent echoes, and even olfactory hallucinations.

    Very rarely I'll get the headache, usually the ice-pick stabby headaches right behind my left eye.

    My GP put me on Frova to take when I first notice symptoms. It was working well for about the first year, but now it doesn't seem to be as effective.
  • I started getting one about an hour ago :sick:. I took something for it but it hasnt helped yet.
  • Hi.


    According to my NS they are cervical headaches gone bad. Okay, that doesn't mean they aren't caused by my neck issues.

    I feel it usually, in my neck, work up the back of my head and then into the front of my head, eyes, face, etc.

    Migraine meds seem to work (ie. Imitrex, Replax, etc.). Percocet is hit or miss.

    The nausea is the worst at times.

    I really didn't understand migraines until after my accident. Prior to that I would get a rare tension migraine from work but nothing like I get now on a daily basis.
  • EVER stop? Ever since I ended week 1 of post op I have had atleast 3 migraines. Man something has gotta give and soon!!!The headaches had stopped after surgery, that is until week 1 post op ended and now the exact same headaches I previously had are back :(. I am starting to think that they are from stress and just being utterly exhausted from lack of sleep!!! I guess I'll talk to my surgeon about that tomorrow as well as other things.
  • the worst thing is they make you feel worse am on inderol they have eased but still get the shock in the neck and the shooting over the scalp feeling then your eyes go and sleep is the solution. worst one lasted three weeks. was sick and low
  • Are they on one side or both? Front or back?
  • Have them for 45 years . Slightly better since menapause . Every single day without fail I have muscle tension HAs and couple times a week they turn vascular pounding one sided, nausea. Then they can switch sides :(
    Today I am really suffering with migrane..think it originated from neck. Car trip to md ( hour and half each way) by body and unstable neck are jostled in the car) and MS doc does length neuro exam which I think I am reacting to. This too shall pass. I hope the folks on this page r still writing on this thread. Have a good nite. Alsmom
  • odouglassoodouglass Posts: 264
    edited 10/31/2013 - 3:46 PM
    Yes, I've had them my entire life. I don't have any cervical spine problems, besides slight scoliois. I saw a new neurologist and I am on zomig 5mg for them- totally worth seeing one because nothing, not even the strong painkillers that I had after my fusion, would help relieve them!
    Olivia Douglass
    MIS TLIF L5/S1 on 5/1/13
  • Hi Olivia. Your profile pic look as tho something very bad happened to u. I am sorry. My history is typed under my info-user name...migrane and daily HA is my long standing problem that began in my early teens. Never a day off. Last 20 years I have TMJ and fibro myalgia, MS, and several cerebral aneurysms. I find every day to be a challenge. I don't want too many yeasr like this, ahead of me. Do u kno what I mean? Looks like u have many years in distress...it is no picnic. It's good to make a connection with another member in this club we'd rather not be. Best wishes, Alsmom
  • Hey There!

    I apparently was born with a pars defect which, in turn, caused issues with my lower back over the years. Then, after way too many years of seeing a chiropractor with no real answer except that I had a slipped disc in my back, I finally got an answer. After being rear-ended I had pain down my leg and went to, yet another, chiropractor and was told that the disc slipped more and was now hitting my sciatic nerve. That pain went on for 4 years and I finally saw an orthopedic who did an MRI and diagnosed me with the pars defect (fracture of the pars usually at birth or a young age), large disc herniation that was pinching my nerve, degenerative disc disease, and spinal stenosis. I went through the normal treatment- steroids by mouth, epidural injections, and physical therapy without ANY relief. I finally was referred to see their surgeon but decided to see a highly recommended neurosurgeon. He recommended a fusion, and 6 months ago I had that done (5/1/13). I feel GREAT. I still get migraines, don't think they'll ever go away and still have nerve pain down my leg but each day is getting better! At 26, we are looking to start a family and I hope these issues rectify themselves instead of getting worse.

    Wishing you the best! :)

    Olivia Douglass
    MIS TLIF L5/S1 on 5/1/13
  • I was told from my dr tat it is caused from the stress in the neck. The stress in the neck causes stress to the nerves in the back of your head. I was put on neurontin and it does help my headaches. I just wish it would help my neck pain. I am going to find out tomorrow to see if I have fused or not. My ns just keeps telling me everything looks great but no pain relief so I went and got a second opinion in which she has sent m to get new mri's. She is the same one that helped get my headaches under control.
  • Migraines are not the same as tension headaches. If your headache is caused by muscle spasms from your neck or back, that would not be considered a migraine. I went to see a neurologist who diagnosed me with tension headaches. Since the cause is different, the medication should be different, too.
    2011 ACDF C5-6 for Spondylosis with Myleopathy
    2012 L4-5 herniated disc and hernated disc at C4/5 2013 Taking Amitriptyline for headaches
  • edited 11/09/2013 - 7:25 AM
    Yes, I don't know what it would feel like without a migraine! My first neck surgery was 3 years ago but the 3 herniated discs had been there for at least 17 years so I do not think the surgery or condition in the neck made the headaches worse. None of the doctors will believe me when I say I can predict 50% of them due to hormonal changes each month. The Beta blocker Maxalt (now available in generic) is great along with a pain med - Fioricet, Fioricet w/codeine, Tylenol #3 or Lortab. I have to rotate among them as I get too used to them because they stop working. I am also taking meds at night as "prevention" or at least to reduce the intensity because they always last 3 days. So if I can go to work and function while I have a migraine, it is a good day. Be careful of Topomax because it can cause extreme weight loss quickly and you just don't realize that hey, maybe it is that medication. Once you are acclimated, it is better. I just have to stay with Tylenol based products because I don't tolerate anything else. But also keep in mind that many of these over the counter meds for migraines have loads of caffeine, which is one of the top triggers. If you get to the point where nothing is helping to break it and you just need a minute of rest and darkness, I use dramamine, motion sick pills, (learned from a pharmacist) and it is just enough to help calm the nausea and relax to allow the meds to break the migraine. But my neurologist and back/neck surgeon all swear the migraines are not related.
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