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Chiropractor Anyone?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:20 AM in Chronic Pain
Got Desperate this week and decided to try a chiro. Picked one with imaging equipment and traction equipment.

After doing xrays his diagnosis was DDD type 2 ( Well on its way to 3 )through out my entire spine. The little xray chart matching the type of DDD he showed me matched my xrays. He also stated I had 75-90% movement loss in my neck and 90%in my spine. He stated that traction and chiro treatments would slow the further decline in my spine.

His treatment included traction of my neck and lower spine and some mild adjustments to my hips shoulders and neck. He did avoid manipulating my bad areas. My shoulders and hips do feel a bit better.

Its funny though... Chiro calls it DDD. Rheumatologist calls it Arthritus and The ortho calls it spondylosis. maybe they should all get together and pick a term lol.

Anyway... Any of you had luck with a chiro? Anything I should be cautious about? This going to do more damage?



  • I had a really bad experience with a chiro. Had double the pain after my visit. But there are some people who really like them. I'm not one of them. The question I have is if you have DDD in your neck, why would he adjust it? Isn't there a risk of futher damage? Also, can chiro treatments slow DDD? I am honestly curious about that. If that were true wouldn't all of us with DDD be sent to chiros? I'm not trying to be mean, just playing devil's advocate.
  • I fractured vertebrae in my lumbar area when I was 9 or 10 years old. I have seen numerous chiros, most of them pretty shady. One lady, would have me lay there for 20 mins with heat on my back, then come in position her hands on my back and with all of her weight lunge on top of me, for my back to crack. I was 18 then, and didn't know that wasn't how things were supposed to work. I have also heard stories about bad chiro's causing more damage than good.

    That being said, I Love my current Chiro. I have been seeing him for 5 years. He is my hero! He is so gentle, and helpful. Its like he just gently puts his hands on me, and everything "pops" into place. Once, I walked into his office hunched over, limping, hardly able to walk. After his adjustment, I stood up, still hunched expecting to still have problems and realized, I could stand straight, and walk without pain!!

    I had an MRI on my jaw, and found that my disks were displaced and degenerated. Basically my jaw joints were just bone on bone and grinding. My jaw had been locked for 4 months, I couldn't close my teeth together completely. My back teeth wouldn't touch, by like a centimeter. Even such a small space, made it impossible to chew. I couldn't "grind" my food, like you would be able to do with normal chewing. I had lost 10 lbs, from not eating, and I was also in excruciating pain.

    I asked my chiro if there was anything he could do for TMJ. He did this strange manipulation... similar to a karate chop. It hurt like hell! I left there, so angry that he had done that. He knew how much pain I was in! On the drive home, I noticed that while I still had some pain, I could finally close my teeth together! I was so happy and grateful I was crying. I called him immediately and thanked him so much for helping me. I went straight to burger king and ordered a big ol' whopper with cheese!!!

    Now, since my recent lower back pain began in December, I had been frightened to go to him. I knew deep down it was a disk problem, and wanted to get an actual diagnoses before I had him do anything, for fear that he might cause more damage without knowing what exactly was wrong. (I never knew that chiro's may have imaging machines)

    I see a neurosurgeon on Aug 16, and I plan to ask his opinion on seeing my chiro again. I truly believe he can help relieve my pain.

    Also, Don't feel an obligation to stick to one chiropractor either. If one makes you feel uncomfortable, see another!! Call around, and ask other Chiropractors if they agree that DDD process can be slowed by Chiropractic procedures. Try looking it up online... check with your doctors, see what they think. Although, I think a lot of doctors view Chiropractors kind of like ... cant think of the word. Witch doctors? I sometimes get the feeling that doctors look down on Chiropractors.

    Anyway, good luck!! I hope that you can continue seeing the chiro, and get some relief!!
  • I tried chiro for my back about 5 years ago.
    All he did was crack my back, show me excercise. Probably spent about 5-6 min per session with me, and charged like 25 bucks for his 5 minutes. Only short term relief. No long term benefit. Bottom line- I don think it was worth it for me.
  • Visit 3 this morning... Lower and mid back no change. Neck and shoulders are much better. My neck is no longer swelling up daily. Hope it lasts... :)

  • I went to a chiropractor before my first surgery when I was a young kid. I tried everything before surgery, physical therapy and a chiropractor a couple times and just kept getting worse until I had to have surgery. I dont know if if the chiropractor is to blame or the fact that I had a badly herniated disc and was going to school sitting in uncomfortable chairs all day long etc.

    In my opinion the first thing you should do when you start having bad back pain is get an MRI, it will show what is wrong. A chiropractors X-Rays and crap are not going to really show crap to do with disc problems. At that time when I was a kid I finally had an MRI and had a bad herniation sticking out and was recommended surgery. I did the surgery and went about ten years before screwing my back up again.

    In my opinion see a doctor before a chiropractor. However I have heard of chiropractors hepling people with back pain, its just if I thought I might have a herniated disc I would avoid them. Good luck.
  • Mine is a life-saver as far as I'm concerned.
    My pelvic joints either lock up or pop out quite often from sweeping/ raking-it's the twisting that does it, and my chiro fixes it immediately. Being well known now, I can get in very quickly.
    I also have a 3 monthly tune-up, where he loosens up the spine in general.
    The neck is not adjusted now as it is too stiff and arthritic, and there could be bone spurs to watch out for.
    Without a good chiro, I would be unable to go on.
    This one comes from Vermont, and was one that many had personally recommended. I can see why.
    I have since recommended him to others, and they have been extremely pleased, getting treatments for long time ailments that doctors hadn't been good with.
    You need to make sure that your ailment is one that may benefit from chiropractic.
  • I had a chiropractor for 2 visits and have been in severe pain since, that was 6 months ago. She was actually my best advocate through all of this and demanded my HMO get me various x-rays and MRI.

    I dont blame her for my problem, I had been fairly bad for years, but now I am on pain pills and muscle relaxors full time. I recently got a Discogram and found out one disc is completely shot and am now maybe going down the surgery route.

    I know that chiropractors help many people, just make sure you get a good one and if you are in alot of pain make sure you follow up with your doctor and get an MRI prior to. Good luck.
  • if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck then it must be a duck
    this is what i feel about chiro's. one always has alignment issues with them and all of that pressing etc does more harm than good in my humble opinjion. i realize that most insurances use them but i believe that is more from public pressure and the chiro lobby than anything. how does manipulating your back help herniated discs? you can't push back in a herniated disc. i amm sure some one will write in and swear by them and say it really does but i son't know how it can. it is like putting jelly back into the sandwich.
    just my humble opinion. i feel the same about alternative meds and natural meds also. most dr's don't approve of either methods. i would trust a md over a chiro and health dr. a guy i work with had pneumonia went to a health dr given herbs and almost died. he had to go to the hospital to get cured with real medicine

    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • I have had some wonderful chiro's in my life before, they have actually saved me a few times. Until I had a herniated disk that was all I ever needed! :D

    image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> Now, for after I had a herniated disk. I went to a chiro that I had never gone to before. I didn't know who to go to in town because I hadn't lived here that long. I also had always heard of the term "sciatic" pain but had no idea what it was. Well, that is exactly what I was having, or at least on of the many problems. He took x-rays and I had also had x-rays done at the Urgent Care Center. The chiro had found many of the problems that I had with my back over the years but didn't tell me what had happened to cause the severe pain that I was currently in. I had asked him one time what was causing the pain in my left leg, which I was dragging behind me when I walked. I hurt from my butt all the way down to my foot. His reply? "Oh, you have a little something going on down there". A chiro doesn't know what sciatic pain is? How insane can that be? Almost a year after I first started to see him I set off on my own and had a MRI. That's when I learned about the herniated disk. I stopped seeing the chiro immediately. But, because of the year that I had wasted with him, I was left with severe nerve pain on my left side that I will have to deal with forever. I don't think I can ever forgive him for that!

    :? So where do I stand on the idea of chiro's? If it's nothing serious, go ahead. It has helped me tremendously in the past. But if you have a herntaied disk or something else that is serious? Stick with a spine specialist! I've made mistakes that have changed my life forever but hindsight is 20/20. The best that I can do now is to warn others so they don't make the same mistakes that I do.

    :SS Good luck with your decision!
  • image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> I've had TMJ almost all of my life! It really sucks!
  • I gotta say I absolutley love mine! I was raised with going to them, and I've been lucky to have had only 1 that I didn't particularly care for. Do they work for everyone? Probably not but that is entirely up to the individual. Has mine been helpful with my back Problems? Yes to some extent he has. Hopefully if you do decide to go to one you will find one that is as wonderful as mine.
  • I started seeing a chiropractor in 2004 who saw some cervical degeneration in my xrays. He did some minor manipulations and light therapy, not too bad there and did help with some of the pain.

    I went to another chiropractor in 2005 as my shoulder pain and some sciatica was bothering me again. This one had every degree you could think of, came highly recommended, etc.

    He took the xrays, said there was a good amount of degeneration but no problem for him to get me back to 100% by manipulating my neck, relieving my pain and correcting my problems. Saw him for 3 months before I wound up in the ER with 2 discs herniated and completely compressing some nerves to the point I had total loss of vision in my left eye from pressure on the occipital nerve.

    I'd kept asking him during the 3 months why the pain was worsening instead of improving and he told me that was a good sign...meant things were loosening up and healing. X(

    He manipulated and loosened it up alright, right into my spinal cord.

    I obviously can't say with certainty if it was what he did that brought my condition to such a severe end but I also know he tried to avoid turning my xrays and charts over to my neurosurgeon after he requested them.

    Not the type to sue and he was a friend of my ex's but personally, I'd never go near a chiropractor again nor keep my mouth closed if anyone I cared about plannned to.

    You just don't mess around that close to the spinal cord in my opinion, not worth the risk.
  • My chiro is my life saver. After being in an accident 13 years ago I started going to a chiro. Even during my first pregnancy I visited him on a regular basis....to help keep things aligned. I stopped going for a few years, then after having too many headaches started going to someone new (whom I found out later was my cousin!). And he is absolutely amazing. Not only did he help with my headaches, but he kept my back in pretty good shape. I had monthly "service" appointments lol. When my back finally did "go" over 4 years ago, he was the first one I went to. I was seeing him about 2 times a week, for a couple of weeks. As soon as he realized I wasn't improving, he refered me to an Ortho right away. He wasn't going to keep me coming around if he couldn't do me any good. I still go to get adjustments, and I take my children to be adjusted as well. He doesn't do anything to my lower back anymore since my fusions, but he works on the upper part of my back and my neck. He also does work with the muscles, which helps alot. Seeing a chiro is a personal choice. Some swear by it, and some refuse to go. Just make sure you are informed, before making up your mind.
  • The last chiropractor i saw had me laid out for a week. Pissing in a damn bottle. Apparently she pinched a messed up nerve in my back.
  • terrific advice jewels
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