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methadone, is anyone here on this, and having good luck with it

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,622
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:21 AM in Pain Medications
my pm dr just put me on mscontin ER and IR, and for some reason, just not excited about being on freaking 'morphine',, although all this stuff is basically is the same stuff, i just have an issue with it, however, speaking with my pharmacist yesterday, he was shocked my pm dr didnt put me on methadone considering the back pain and nerve pain i have, he fills lots of methadone for nerve pain..


  • My doctor put me on methadone for about a month. All I can tell you is I can't remember much, it helped the pain, but I slept about 18 hours a day just could not keep my eyes open. If you have a higher tolerance it did control pain.
  • Hello bigcuddly, I was on methadone for approx.
    5 years and it did help the pain but, as time went on
    it had quite a few side effects that looking back on
    could be life threatening. Please do some homework on
    this. Also, the detox was terrible!!!
  • thanks for the replies i appreciate it,, i am confused.. i can agree with the withdrawals, ive experienced that with oxycontin 2 yrs ago, and WAS NOT NICE.. thanks to suboxone, it helped out lots once i found out about it. however, due to this damn pain im in , ive been dx with failed back surg syndrome, arachnoiditis,, and more stenosis,, the pain is just through the roof.. i was doing somewhat decent on norco, but i was taking 8-10 a day.. yes that not good, so the pm dr said time for an ER med , so i had a problem with oxy dependency in the past, prior to 4 back surgeries, went into treatment, , had surgeries, and im back again, in pain, so, im learning to face it ill be on meds for a long time.. not by choice or habit.. anyway, the pm dr put me on ms contin, ER and IR, with zanaflex.. im trying to back off a bit and take something not so harsh, although methadone isnt a baby med, but, im asking, is it a slight bit less harsh than freaking morphine for gods sakes?? i just cant accept taking morphine after having 4 bk surgeries, going throug a treatment program and felt so good completeing it, and now this.. i know i need meds, but im trying to down scale .. im shocked she went that strong at first.. plus i have nerve pain and i have read that methadone is also good for nerve pain.. ........im so lost... i do have a call in to the pm dr.. still hasnt called me back..
  • I take methadone AND mscontin daily, and they work great. I still have breakthrough pain frequently, but this is the best pain control I've had, and with the least side effects, no dopey 'drugged/high' feeling, just, normal.

    Can I say something about your concerns with meds and how strong they are? You said '..not excited about being on freaking 'morphine'..'; are you worried that anyone close to you might look down on you for taking these meds? If so, it's a valid concern for sure. If not, and you just think they are strong, well, don't worry, mscontin 30 or 60mg is much much weaker than, say, 20 or 40mg oxycontin. Don't feel bad about it, give it a fair try, and let your body tell you if it's too much or too little. You've had MAJOR back surgery, and if you are in pain, you deserve to live life with less suffering.

    Good luck finding the right balance between meds and your pain!
  • hi my name is jond just read ur concerns about taking ms cotin i am on that and i have had good results it suppose to be a time release pain meds i take 30 mg every 12 hours i donot get that high feeling from it also iam prescribed other pain med for brealk though pain its prescribed for prn usage. i too had the same feeling when i found out it was morphine. i tries methadone for about 2 days was sick to my stomach and i ate before taking i had cervial fision{failed} both shoulder. both hands spinl cord infection {disctis}. i take these meds for pain not for pleasure i hate taking them but i know that there are days when i need them and there are those rare good days i dont need to take that much.most people who know me know what iam going though i cant fake this pain they know when ia am in serious pain and i ask them how they can tell. they know by my face,voice and how i walk cause i do try to hide it.as other wrote do what is right for you if it controls your pain and you take it as perscribed i wouldn't think twice about it you in pain were all in pain or we would be on this site good luck hope you feel better.jond
  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,732
    Big Cuddly,
    I've been taking methadone for about a year. I've taken many other scripts. But they either didn't work well or I just had too many side effects. my pm. doc. had me on 60mg. @ day. which worked well for the chronic pain but also side effects. so I cut it back to 50 mg. Meds effect me much differently than most people. So I still have to put up with a lot of side effects. But it does control the pain pretty well, I use hydrocodone for break thru. I sincerely think that all meds will have a different effect on different people, we all are individually unique in that no two people will have the same exact reaction to any particular drug. Me, I'm REALLY different. I sure hope you'll find the right combination for you. And I'm sure you will If you give them an honest chance.
    Good luck, Jim
    Click my name to see my Medical history
    You get what you get, not what you deserve......I stole that from Susan (rip)
    Today is yours to embrace........ for tomorrow, who knows what might be starring you in the face!
  • I have been on it for 8 months now and it is amazing for pain control. Another very nice thing about it is that it is dirt cheap! I only pay $1.98 for a 1 month supply. Works as well or better that alot of the really expensive narcotics. Also, it has been around forever. So I don't worry about it showing up on one of those commercials for lawyers saying have you ever taken this drug because we have recently found out that it can kill you and have an ongoing classaction suit. Might be just me but I feel much better using proven drugs that have been around for awhile so that there are no surprises. Also, just like you I plan to use suboxone to detox if the need ever arises.
  • hey pain in the back, well hey everyone, thanks for your replies and input, i appreciate it all. well today is monday and since last wednesday ive been trying to contact my pm dr. ive left 4 msgs, no call backs.. this p*&$%# es me off so much.. i have read too many good versus bad things to not try the drug, and i cannot tolerate this morphine. i can vomit at the givin word, i drove back from our fishing camp in mississippi yesterday, only an hourand a half drive..i had to pull over twice i was dozing off and i know its the meds, i go home for lunch , grab bite to eat, and wake up 3 hours later with a ham sandwich on my laps,, thats just not me, ended up buying some of those 5 hour energy things you drink, it helped, i made it home, well as soon as i contact my pm, ill ask about the methadone and give it a try. and yes the suboxone is an awesome dtox aid.. also, it is a great pain reliever..
  • bigcuddly. please keep us posted on how you make out. I can't do morephine either. Every year when I get my rhizotomy done they would give me morephine. I would not make it out of the surgery center parking lot and would be vomiting. I got my husbands truck pretty good a few times and he refused to take me in his truck anymore. just my car. lol Any way, I had to tell my doc to stop with the morephine now he gives me demerol with phenergan.
  • BTW- for anyone that has problems with nausea go to the grocery store and get a ginger root. slice off a piece and put it between your cheek and teeth.(kind of like chewing tobacco) it really works to get rid of the nausea. also lots of times when you start a new med it will make you nauseous until you get adjusted to it.
  • I was actually rather surprised when my Dr. put me on Avinza. I take 360 mgs a day and all it does is keep me out of pain. Sometimes I get tired from it, but mostly, it keeps me pain free. No high or woozy feeling at all with this drug. It is a 24 hr time release morphine sulfate that uses the SODAS system. It releases 10% of the drug at once and then the rest is released over a 24 hour period. It is rather unique and like I said, it keeps me out of pain. The only side effect I have experienced is mild constipation. I highly recommend Avinza to those of you looking for a long acting med.
  • hey herrball, how are ya.. i tried avinza years ago.. and ive always heard good things about it but wow it didnt agree with me,, similar to the ms contin i was just recently on,, well im now on methadone 5mg 2x a day,, i can tell its gonna be a good med for me, so far anyway, but im way under dosed on it, i need to crawl b4 i walk with this stuff,, but its working ok for me.. well i hope things continue to improve for ya... thanks for the input...

  • do not be surprised if you can take much less of the methadone and still get pain relief. it stays in your system for like 36 hours and it also builds up in your system. thats why most docs do not make any dose adjustments for at least 5 days after starting.
  • I strongly agree with painintheback's last statement; methadone does take a few days to build up to it's peak in your system and you wont need much compared to other meds. It's definitely a 'sensitive' med in this manner, so adjustments should always be made carefully and in small increments. I felt sick after my first day of 3x5mg, then I decided to start at 5mg/day, then 7.5, then 10, 12.5, then 15mg. That worked nicely over a few days and resulted in great pain relief with no nausea. I'm up to 25mg now, but that's because I no longer take mscontin with it. Also, methadone has a very long half life, however, it's pain relieving effects are shorter than it's half life, so it is common to take two or three doses daily, not one. Once a day of 20mg is not as good as twice a day of 10mg, one morning, one at night (for pain).

    I'm not really adding too much new to the post here, but just want people to know my experience I suppose. I pay cash for my meds, and in that respect, it's a godsend for me. Just refilled for 14 bucks for 75 10's. Love it.
  • I just started Suboxone today for pain management. My Pain Mgmt Doc and I had discussed it a month ago; and I researched it alot myself in addition to all the info she gave me. I took my first dose (2mg) in her office about 3 hours ago. She had me relax in the office for one hour after taking the first dose. I am really pretty lightheaded and dizzy right now. Supposedly that will go away...but it's pretty intense now.

    Anyone out there who has some experience with Suboxone for pain relief....Would appreciate hearing from you.

    Richard J.
  • Id rank it equal body maybe slightly less helpful for pain than MScontin Believe me when I say keep the mscontin unless the cost is killing you in which case id go with the methadone it has a great half life and it isn't as peaky as some drugs its a pretty even painkiller when taken properly
  • Methadone didn't help me, nor did MSContin. People are highly individual in how they react to different medications, and it can take a long time to find the right combination. Generally, a long acting medication with something for breakthrough pain works best for around the clock pain.
    If you have nerve pain, neurontin was a lifesaver for me.
    I have had severe problems with nausea for a LONG time, before pain management, and ginger is the ONLY thing that helps me, it is like a natural miracle cure for me.
    Suboxone is a thebaine derivative (oxycontin is a thebaine dervivative) 25 to 40 times more powerful than morphine, but works much differently than other narcotics because it doesn't deplete dopamine (natural painkiller) in the brain, over time increasing the perception of pain like other narcotics do. I would suggest anyone try it for pain before they get into medications they are uncomfortable with because it does have powerful analgesic properties. However, the misinformation/lack of Western literature on this drug as a painkiller is probably the biggest deterrent, so do careful research on "buprenorphine", and not the information the drug company puts out on it (it was marketed as a opiate blocker in the US as the only one of it's kind with only methadone to compete with, instead of being introduced as a painkiller in an already Billion dollar painkiller industry, and the information is not correct! (For instance, naloxone is not a opiate blocker as is commonly thought, naloxone was put there to prevent abuse, IV, but the bupe has a much higher affinity than the naloxone, rendering it ineffective for this purpose, not that I am suggesting abuse of the drug is safe, I am only pointing out a few of the inaccuracies in the data, naloxone basically serves no purpose in the US prep of suboxone) before you consider it as a alternative. I have been taking suboxone for nerve pain & ovarian cancer with complications for 10 months, and had 2 instances of breakthrough pain, MUCH better than I was doing with the Fentaynl patch/dilaudid I was taking previously. I realize not everything works for everyone, but as a pain management tool it has some definite advantages, as well as a few drawbacks, and I would encourage anyone to research it , it has been used successfully in every other country- for chronic pain associated with neuropathic, cancer, etc, and even post op pain (PCA), for more than 10 years, therefore, they have more information on it than the US (Australia, Europe, etc) and was only recently introduced in Europe as a way to get off of opiates. Unfortunately, there is no bupe pain patch in the US, maybe someday :) Best of Luck to all to find your best path to a pain managed life! peace&love J
  • I was on Done (methadone) on/off for 25 years. Been up to 180 mg a day and didn't do a thing. Even if I took another 50mg, it would not have mattered. It took years to get off.Methadone is a long long acting drug, the half life can last up to 59 hours. So if you stopped taking it, you wouldnt actually begin to get really sick from withdrawls until like 5 days later. Its stored primary in your fat tissues. Hard on your liver and bones. Your memory also gets bad. This drug was not designed for pain, although it does work to an extent because of the opiate receptor properties. Suboxone is a Narcotic agonist-antagonist analgesic drug, they use naltrexone to counter act over dose from opiates. So DO NOT TAKE SUBOXONE if you are taking an opiate, or you will go into immediate withdrawl. Buprenorphine & Suboxone & Subutex all the same. It still has small amounts of opiate to cover your opiate receptors in your brain, however it is not all opiate. Concerning Nerve pain, I dont think it directly works on nerves, unlike Neurontin. But for Pain in general, it does cover your receptors, masking pain. I do not recommend Methadone to anyone, yes it is very cheap, but unless you are planning a long long treatment plan, you will never get off easy. I am also in Catch 22, do I take addictive drugs so I can have quality life?? OR not take anything and be completely immobilized? There is no middle ground, I tried everything. PT, ACU, Injections, epidurals, decompression,.....I have compression fractures, osteoporosis, DDD, 4 herniated disc protusions, all in my lumbar. Cervical DDD, thoracic fractures, and I live with burning pain from my L5 down to both of my feet. I switched to MS100er and OC 30 IMM. But I am not Pain free, it just helps me go on with my life.
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