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11 months post-injury, several tests, several docs - conflicting alternatives, help please

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:21 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hello all:

Injured 09/07. Brief round of PT (no more than a few sessions), sent back to work, and a second, more decisive injury in low back (collapsed to floor, couldn't move). MRI ordered, L1/L2 herniation with extrusion into thecal sac. Radiation into right thigh, feeling like a severe groin pull medially and into anterior thigh. Some paresthesia (pins and needles) in bilateral feet, bottom, more to medial.

Original doc diagnosed L5/S1 facet syndrome, despite my complaint of pain higher up, and MRI showing L1/L2 herniation. She injected at L5/S1, bilaterally, not epidural. Ordered PT. No improvement, second set of injection at L1/L2, minor and temporary improvement, more PT, and a final set of bilateral spine injections. I believed they were epidurals, but was told by the IME below that they were, in fact, not epidurals.

IME confirmed herniation, with treatment alternatives to include surgery, eventually, in the absence of any improvement with epidural injections. (IME is surgeon). Reports no "non-organic reporting of symptoms") (Negative Waddell's).

Original doc orders FCE. 20 minutes into FCE, BP spiked to 170/110, diaphoresis, vertigo due to extreme outbreak of severe pain. Sent to the ER on doc's order, and FCE terminated. FCE reports that though terminated, subjective reports of pain completely supported by objective findings (full and consistent effort, etc.).

Doctor orders second MRI, shows L1/L2 herniation largely resolved/resorbed. Closes file shortly after, no pain management plan, no further diagnostics, returning to full duty without restrictions (including a weight limit higher than I came in to begin with), despite continuing complaints of severe pain - night wakings, can't move/immobilized/severe pain, can't tolerate sitting, walking or standing for more than 15-20 minutes. She ascribed it to my low pain tolerance, and closed care.

I moved to the IME doctor, who is a surgeon. On viewing second MRI, surgeon sends to practice's physiatrist.

Physiatrist examines, tells me, in so many words, "odd, given MRI, but no Waddell's, so I'm not going to drop you." I ask for further diagnostics, as I cannot understand why I have the same symptoms as I always had, with nothing coming up in imaging. Orders bone scan, CT myelogram, though he literally told me "they're not going to show anything never seen an MRI negative with a myelogram positive. You're going to get fired, go through hell for about 6 months, and move on with your life." (I am not playing for effect here - this is literally what he told me this at our first visit ).

Bone scan neg., myelogram positive for right-sided nerve root impingement at L2/L3.

Sent back by physiatrist to IME/surgeon. Surgeon orders NCV, EMG.

Neurologist reports normal NCV, although tibial F-Wave is above upper limit. He ascribes the above-limit (59.0 ms) to my height - 6' 2", rather than any pathology. F-Wave peroneal is 53.9 ms.

EMG is normal except for lower lumbar 1+ fibs, 1+ waves.

Neurologist's Interpretation: NCV normal, except for the aforementioned tibial F-wave, explained away by my height; mild denervation in right lumbar paraspinal muscle.

Concludes (1) "No electrophysiologic evidence of focal or diffuse peripheral neuropathy affecting the right leg;" and (2) right lumbar radiculopathy, not otherwise localizable on the above data."


One is that during the EMG, the first needle insertion caused a surprising zinger - spasm in the thigh, sent through to back, and my back injury area - always a tightly defined locus - zinged as well. In this spasm, tried to relax, my impression is that he wasn't getting a good reading as he tried 3x, then he moved on. I offered to return to it, he said it wasn't needed. Since this right thigh - where he had it placed was in a good locus for the pain I feel - a definite poin medially/groin, to a band anterior thigh - seems important, I am concerned this was a poor marker/data.

I am most concerned that as with my first doctor, who simply closed care without considering more, I am faced with an injury that is debilitating and ongoing, but these objective findings are not supporting anything - symptoms include the night pain, a band of moderate paresthesia on the anterior of my right thing if I sit for any length of time (feels like lidocaine to the touch), the "groin pull" sensation, and my back pain. The intensity isn't constant, but when it hits hard, hard is hard.

The whiff of suspicion has weighed on me heavily - from my original "own" doctor's first ordering the FCE "for the purpose of finding out whether patient's subjective reports of symptoms are consistent with objective findings," to the phyiatrist's repeated statements to me at each of the two visits to his office that "you're not getting any money out of this - you're screwed," it gets old, when I am just dealing with what I am dealing with. It seems to me that it should be evident that if I was seeking a windfall, I wouldn't have chosen the insurance carrier's own practice group to render my care. I want to return to health.

At any rate, based on the above, if any have any thoughts as to what I can reasonably expect to be facing in terms of care, and alternatives to seek given that the back pain/radiculopathy has been with me the entire time, as well as the right side "lame leg" symptoms, I'd be deeply appreciative.

Many thanks,



  • Paul, I am sorry you have gone through all this rigmarole. It really is unfair when all we want is our health back.

    Like you I have a work related injury and you dont want me to start on about all that, though I will give you some advice.

    I have recently spoken (I am in Australia) to Work Cover which is a governing body for all workers insurance companies here. I phoned them as the info being told to me by my insurance company didn't seem right and suprise, suprise it wasn't. They had been telling me porkies (lies) just to make things harder.

    So I would suggest that if you have a similar governing body then to give them a call as they can override your insurance company.

    I would also be writing and submitting a letter to your employer and the Drs, stating that you do not feel ready to return to work and certainly not to return to lifting increased weight limits but as you have been ordered to do so, you will. This shows that you are being 'compliant " but covers you also.
    I would state in the letter the problems that you are still having (no emotions- just facts).
    See where this gets you and I would get a signature showing that these letters have been recieved.

    I know that with anything to do with insurance and w/comp there are so many layers of hoops to jump through (we could all be olympians) but sometimes just by persisting it shows them that you are serious.

    Now on to your health. Is there anyway you can do some streches, preferably in a pool??? Can you get a private PT to give you some to do on your own and you need to get your core stability up as well. The more your back is supported then the less pain you should have.
    Also I know that walking can be painful but it really is the best thing we can do for ourselves.
    Did these Drs not mention this to you, give you exercises or anything?

    I hope things improve and there is a thread for work related injuries on one of the other forums.

    Blessings and welcome
  • Paul, Im not sure if this is wc or not regardless get another opinion. You know your body better than anyone. MRIs dont always show everything that is happening. I went to a ortho who told me get this fixed or you will be fired. I also had a FCE and EMG so I understand a little of what you are saying. Get another opinion even if you use your own insurance. Good luck to you, if wc you might want to see a lawyer.........Hoot
  • Thank you both - I am in the midst of a WC claim, but have learned to be a good deal more informed going in, because the history of the last several months has taught me that if I simply accept what is being told to me, I would be jettisoned from care while staying in a horrible condition. It astounds me, to be honest, that my care has been this malleable - subject to my own self-guided research and informed arguments arising from it, as much as it is.

    Does anyone know if this forum is visited by people understanding the kind of data I posted above - what these may or may not portend?

    Many thanks again to the both of you - I hope you heal well, and quickly.
  • Welcome!!!!

    First let me say I'm a RN an in answer to your question, yes people who understand your info do visit here and some don't, layman's terms are always best and if someone doesn't understand we ask so what is IME and FCE AKA for?

    It's almost easy to "get lost" in the middle of the post. I'm not being critical I mention that because I think you'll get more feedback if we aren't getting lost.

    Let me say I know little about WC & I know every company is different but isn't it an option to ask for a second opinion? I know you have to play the game and maybe can't complain about how they are talking to you or maybe you can but what do you say to crap like that? That is unprofessional and unaccecptable! Frankly it's disturbing & trust me as a patient myself I've had some real doosies but I call 'em out. I'm not WC though so whatever... just my 2 cents because it drives crazy how brazen people are...

    What I'm confused about is where along the way was the nerve compression findings from the myelo addressed? The symptoms are consistent with that dermatome( an area of skin that is supplied by a single pair of dorsal roots) so they have not offered a decompression? Could it be that simple? Unfortunately we all have to be our own best advocate & even though it's WC in answer to some of your concerns I think the EMG/NCS can be a little subjective by whoever interprets them kind of like any radiology readings you can have 3 different readings maybe all saying the same in a different way or one that may mention this or that or also add something silly and insignificant.

    You also mentioned your concern about having to live with this even though you know in your gut something isn't right & you smell a fish.

    I think you have to keep pushing. Companies are looking out for #1 and so should you. Can you inquire about an appeal just on the basis that you're concerned because you're still symptomatic and not comfortable with the decisions? Are they going to monitor the nerve compression? I know you have groin pain but with L2-3 and nerves overlapping once past the conus,which as you probably know in most people ends around L1, so your symptoms could most certainly be a result of worsening nerve issues & trust me I am a living example of compression that got worse and worse and worse.

    I think you'll find alot of people who can relate it's a great place for support the back saga for all of us in our own way with our own stories but we can all get it as spiney's ;)
    So good luck
  • Pettynme,

    Many thanks for your post. I am sorry - I can see how my original post is pretty difficult to wade through, so apologies, all.

    For all:

    FCE - my original doctor ordered this, a "Functional Capacity Evaluation," often requested by an insurance carrier suspecting malingering, but to have my own doctor ordering it for this reason (and to dismiss my ER visit as a result of it as "low pain tolerance"), and to then simply close care with nothing further - when she misdiagnosed to begin with - well, yep, not a happy camper. I have heard horror stories about the FCE, and I just happened to be a ringer example, I guess.

    The IME, Independent Medical Evaluation, was ordered by the carrier, suspecting malingering. The surgeon, now my treater, dismissed malingering, dismissed Waddell's Signs (basically, during an exam, they involve various techniques to betray what's called "non-organic symptoms," or to put it more bluntly, faking, on the part of the patient), and confirmed my symptoms were entirely consistent with an L1/L2 herniation. My own doctor had been looking for sciatica into the calf/feet, and couldn't imagine correlating groin and thigh pain with the back injury.

    One thing I am confused by - the myelogram shows a transverse root entrapment at L2/L3 - so isn't this the L2 nerve root, not L3? And if this is so, at least by what I have looked at over the last two days, a referral in the medial aspect of the thigh/groin, into the anterior thigh, is classical. I am confused by the surgeon ordering an NCV/EMG according to: HNP L2/L3; Rule out: L3....shouldn't he have been asking to look at the L2 root?

    At my final visit with the original doc, she even told me there were other diagnostics that would help to determine why I continue to have my symptoms - then sent me back to full duty, lifting heavier than I came in with (she obviously never read my incoming file), and closed care, with nothing more - no diagnostics, no pain management, etc.

    So, around month 9 post-injury, I moved to the IME doc as my treater - this was my second opinion, all I am entitled to in WC - and he sent me, originally, to the physiatrist. At the physiatrist, I forcefully requested a myelogram, at the very least. This doc told me there'd be nothing, given the neg 2nd MRI I'd had, and he would close care as well. Once the myelogram came back positive, this physiatrist sent me to the surgeon (formerly, the carrier's IME).

    I am sorry for such a turgid bit of information. I've found myself in the middle of a maelstrom, and had to become as familiar with the relevant medicine in this injury as is possible for a layperson to do.

    I'm surprised, to be honest, I haven't been offered a decompression yet, either. I see the surgeon on Monday, and I guess I'm just gun shy I'm going to be tossed to the wind, but I will raise this issue with him as well. I'm so sorry for what you're going through - I hope your future brightens. Many thanks again.

  • hi paul,

    in the case of central and paracentral disc herniations in the lumbar spine, they usually affect the nerve root below. so in the case of L2/3 it is correct that the nerve root usually affected is L3. in the case of a far lateral disc herniation (less common) it can affect the nerve root of the same level e.g. L2/3 affects L2 nerve root.

    a thought, you could also have chemical radiulopathy rather than mechanical radiculopathy? In the case of mechanical radiculopathy the nerve root is directly compressed by the disc material. in the case of chemical radiculopathy there is a full thickness tear of the annulus allowing for nuclear material to interact with the environment of the spinal canal and cause chemical irritation of the nerve root. in this case an mri may show a mild disc prolapse only.

    chirogeek (cant remember if its .com .org, just google chirogeek) is a good website to explain the different types of herniations and how they can appear on mri.

    what makes your situation harder is that you are atypical in that you have an upper lumbar disc herniation, which appears to correlate with your signs/symptoms. in you case it wouldnt be surprising that flexion eases the pain and extension aggravates it??? again, this is the opposite to the typical disc herniation.

    good luck with finding a resolution and i hope your appointment with the surgeon goes well,
  • Rachel - thank you very much for a great post.

    Oops! Just re-read the myelogram report, and it concludes L3:

    "the asymmetric disc bulge to the right indents the right ventral aspect of the thecal sac and exerts mild mass effect on the ventral aspect of the right-sided nerve roots in the lateral aspect of the thecal sac, primarily in the region of the right L3 nerve root. This appears slightly more prominent than on the previous MRI, and could potentially account for the greater right-sided symptoms."

    I am puzzled by this L3 thing, since at least from looking at a site showing affected "bands," I have a very peculiar locus of pain on the medial thigh, like a quarter sized point, (what I've been calling groin) that seems higher up than L3 involvement. The pain radiates from there to a wide swath across my anterior thigh, and when sitting, as I said, I often get a wide feeling of numbness, to the touch - like lidocaine applied over the entire anterior thigh. Nevertheless, the NCV came back within limits, according to the neuro (although the tibial F-wave reading was out of limit, and the peroneal F-wave was very close to the upper limit, the neuro ascribed it to my height - odd, since I've short legs for my height, as I said).

    Given this, if I've read you right, I think there is an anatomical/mechanical issue here. While the surgeon sent me to the neuro with "HNP L2/L3," the myelogram radiologist reported no focal herniations, only a bulge entrapping at L2/L3. So I don't know what I have.

    I wonder if it's important to tell the surgeon on Monday that I only seem to have this numbness in the thigh when sitting - although the pain is constant - thinking had the NCV been taken then, we might see a very different picture. Thoughts?

    Thank you for the chiro sight - will explore.

    Bingo on the flexion/extension! Flexion has never been an issue, and extension has always been an issue (a very acute response), and this is what lead the original treater to diagnose facet syndrome at L5/S1 (??). However, flexing, and having to hold my back there without support, immediately starts to spike the pain. Loading the dishes, etc. In fact, during the FCE, this is the very activity that put me through the roof - doing a kind of astronaut training game of placing checker-like objects in a given pattern. Fine so long as one hand is on my knee, but when both hands are at it, and I leant over the table, very quickly, excruciating pain. I don't know what that's about.

    Thanks again, very much.

    Edited to add: Chirogeek.com is a fantastic resource - thanks for this as well! The discussions of chemical radiculopathy and "invisible" herniations are alone fascinating.
  • Sorry, forget to add, can anyone tell me what the "mild denervation of right paraspinal muscle," with an EMG data point of +1 "fibs", +1 "waves," (concluding the right lumbar radiculopathy)portends?

    Does this generally mean the likelihood of this resolving on its own is good, poor, or indifferent? It has been 11 months, and 1 6-week period of PT, 3 bilateral injections (the first at L5/S1), but nothing else. Does it seem to anyone, from this, surgery is a good, or a poor option?
  • AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
    edited 06/17/2016 - 2:24 PM
    Just remember, our nerve pathways don't always follow the textbook dermatome charts. 
    My problem is L4-5, but my symptoms follow L3-4. Go figure :?
  • Cali-Sue:

    My lord, your history...I'm really sorry. When are you scheduled for your procedure?

    The most basic, and most maddening thing for me, is that I just don't think I'm believed, and I would guess the findings of "mild" denervation, etc., has not helped. I am not prone to low pain tolerance - a former martial arts instructor, survivor of a host of serious injuries - but given my first treater's dismissal of the FCE/radical outbreak of acute pain as "low tolerance," her even ordering the FCE sniffing malingering, the physiatrist's continued intimations, and everything under the sun but any actual treating going on, I feel I have talked until I am blue in the face that I have now what I've had since 09/07, when it first happened.

    I did re-read the chiro pages on dermatomes - thanks. I iwll raise this with the surgeon on Monday, if this comes up "you've got an L3 problem, but your symptoms don't correlate."

    I have felt at times like just giving up, as I've even begun to wonder if I'm half-mad, or somehow psychosomatically causing this. But the night wakings (can't even move, at times - the only way is to breathe shallowly (deep breaths hurt badly, oddly enough, since this is not thoracic), and after awhile, force myself to pass through the knife-like pain in order to turn fully onto my back, stay there for a while, then gingerly rise), the daily feeling like I've completely pulled my right leg groin and thigh, etc. - well, preaching to the converted, just wish I could get one of the docs to hear it.
  • im not 100% sure of the denervation but im sure it refers to the fact that the paraspinal muscles are innervated segmentally and in cases of pathology/pain there can be a local change in neurological firing patterns of the lumbar paraspinals leading to local atrophy and possibly instability - a vicious cycle...

    here are a couple of articles that may be of interest,


    the numbness of your thigh associated with sitting could be due to compression of your femoral nerve or lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh (merelgia paraesthetica, although this is lateral and i dont think thats where you're describing it?) as they pass under the inguinal ligament??? just a thought? or it could be that your dermatomes dont match the 'typical' dermatomes, as calisue pointed out there is variation amongst indviduals.

    1 round of PT is not alot of PT, was there a specific reason for discontinuing?

  • Thanks Rachel, great info.

    Basically, I think my first treater was simply a loser. From the first, cursory exam, she had a theory going in, L5/S1 facet syndrome, and when everything that transpired after didn't fit her theory, she discounted me, and not her theory. She told me I should have responded more dramatically to PT, and simply told me she was closing it after a period of time.

    Interesting that all else aside, the physiatrist blankly told me he thinks the very issue of facet syndrome is bogus, a non-diagnosis. He also flatly dismissed the efficacy of FCEs at determining anything. I'd be curious to see other people's experience with these things, a facet syndrome diagnosis, and FCE experiences...this is a great site, and will dig.
  • Paul thanks for the sweet post and the info...
    I would say what the others said about where the nerve symptoms are from they can overlap so to speak it's hard to explain I think chirogeek explains it somewhere on the site, it's a great site, I've been there often. When you get to the worst area you can have a herniation/compression, yeah that would be me....anyway
    Assuming your going to the doc who listens to you some I would take these great questions & ask him/her. It's easier to have some things written ahead too.

    Try not to get overloaded with info I know you've had to research and that sounds like it's been a must do. Expect some answers at your appt and good luck!!!!!!!!!
  • I am so sorry you are dealing with all this in addition to being in pain! I was taken off work in 2003 for shoulder and arm pain....ended up having a acdf in spring of 04, no problems with my employer and everybody thought the pain I was having would be gone after the neck surgery. But it wasn't, and in fact it got worse and worse. It came time for my disability payments to be re-evaluated and my employer requested an FCE..the guy said there was nothing wrong with me, I was a "faker" and my disability was stopped. 3 months later my shoulder was operated on for a torn rotator cuff, large slap lesion, impingement ,and my collar bone needed to be shaved down! I sent the surgery report and doctors notes to the guy..never heard another word from him. And even though I knew I was truly hurt, I still felt terrible...I felt like an absolute loser when he
    said those things to me! And then I saw an ad in the paper for my job!! So you're not alone.....talk to a workers comp attorney...and find another doctor. ( My situation wasn't workers comp, but it could've been,I just wanted to stop hurting and go back to work!) Take care and keep coming here for support. Sagehen
  • Actually my MRI is nothing too exciting except for the spondylolisthesis. I finally had flexion/ extension xrays which showed a overt instability and that it what is sending me to the OR, and the pain of course. My problem is L4-5, my sxs are L3-4. Doesn't make sense, but this instability needs to be fixated so I'll be heading into the OR in about 8 more hours. Scarey! :O
  • Hello all - I hope this is within forum protocol - sorry to bump an old thread, but I've been away for some time, dealing with the maelstrom of my care.

    Since the above tests, it has been 3 months since any communication with my physician. I have hounded the office to try to move to next steps. I last spoke with my physician August 4, who indicated to me that he would call the doc taking the EMG and decide by Friday, August 8, what to do next. Weeks of nothing, despite many calls, and his assistant tells me several time the reason for the delay is "he's been having personal problems." I asked if I should come in, and was told, no, that the doc would be getting back to me soon.

    Finally, he orders an SSEP. The SSEP tech takes the wrong part of my back. It nevertheless comes back with "significant conduction delay was replicated at L5." My doc returns me for the SSEP, as he didn't take the upper lumbar. The doc doing the SSEP indicates the SSEP CANNOT find anything in upper lumbar, as it's outside the ability of the test to replicate "pings" in this area. My doc nevertheless insists on a retake, and it comes back the same - significant conduction delay at L5, only this time, it says the upper lumbar is "normal." (Despite the guy saying earlier it is impossible to get a reading for the upper lumbar).

    Weeks pass, hounding - and now my doc wants to close care, reporting "patient's symptoms are out of proportion to objective findings."

    My condition, meanwhile, has deteriorated - my right leg is now intermittently wobbling/collapsing, I've been to the ER once, and over this weekend, the pain was so severe nothing could help. I called my doc's office and the covering doc prescribed a massive bolus of oral sterolds, which I expect to be a temporary patch, and little else.

    Now - between my original doctor, and this doctor (again, this doctor was formerly the IME doctor), I am out of options as to physician care, as these are my "2 opinions," or so my lawyer says. I cannot believe an effective abandonment of care cannot be remedied under court review, in a WC claim - 3 months, no communication, much less action, from my doc; he does nothing but orders every test under the sun, all of them come back positive for nerve pathology, and now he, like my first doc, wants to close care. To be honest, desperate, I contacted a med mal lawyer as I am fearing the worst, and it was her first thought that this doc, being an insurance doc (I trusted otherwise, until now), was fishing for anything to disprove my reported symptoms. I hate to sound paranoid, but the care rendered throughout has been worse than abysmal, and I am fearing a kind of conspiracy, to save insurance $, and I am being tossed to the winds.

    Does anyone have any knowledge as to options, in a WC setting, when a treating physician has simply abandoned care, or worse, as evidenced by the above?

    Thank you for any thoughts.

  • Paul, I am so sorry to hear you are still entangled in this mess of substandard workman's comp care. I really don't know anything about comp, but just wanted to say welcome back and I know others here have dealt with these things. It seems to me if your doc won't even respond to you, that should be reason enough to demand a new one. I am so glad I did not try to go the WC route with my spinal problems (20 years of nursing I am sure had something to do with it). I had seen a co-worker pretty well fired as medically unfit to preform her job after her WC neck injury. Do you feel confident with your attorney? Sounds to me like these docs are just working for the insurance company. How do they sleep at night??? Good-luck, >:D< Cali-Sue
  • The only thing I know about WC injury cases is that my doctor canceled one to make room for me and my surgery in her schedule with a 12 hour notice for both me and the other guy.
  • Thank you both. I am deeply depressed, now, as the IME doctor's report came back today reporting I am at maximum medical improvement, and returned to full duty. It's a complete lie. The man is a respected surgeon, as I hear it, anyway, but is widely known to be paid off by insurance companies to do his work; a thriving business as an insurance company hired gun, cranking out IME's. I am so sad that "medicine" has come to this, and so despondent.

    All this, despite several diagnostics establishing significant nerve damage/degeneration and radiculopathy, with symptoms worse than they've ever been.

    I am to report to work Monday, or get fired. I can't even tolerate sitting, walking or standing for more than very brief periods. The surgeon I have been referred to, now, is in the same practice group as a surgeon I was earlier referred to (with this earlier surgeon writing an inaccurate report, as well - went off an MRI which showed my L1 herniation had resolved, but did not think other tests - later ordered - may tell another story. They did), and so that practice group will not allow the referral.

    In essence, a circle of doctors who refuse to treat, even though the several tests ordered all show this nerve entrapment/degeneration. Medically, I'm in a perfect storm of limbo, and in terms of workers' comp coverage, the insurance company paid the IME "doctor" off properly, so he has rendered his complete lie of a report.

    I don't know what to do, any longer. If anyone has any specific thoughts re: WC and stuff like this, I'd sure appreciate them. I have degenerated over the last several months, and the rest of my health is being affected - unable to exercise, my BP has spiked quite high, and I am experiencing other symptoms I've never had before.

    Thank you, any and all.

  • Thanks, Sara.

    I actually do have an attorney, though it does feel that so far, I've done the research and advocacy on everything. Today, my last hope was effectively snapped when the surgeon to whom I was referred refused care, citing a conflict of interest because he shares a practice with an earlier surgeon to whom I was referred. As of Monday, I will be terminated, and I have no medical care forthcoming.

    I really don't know what to do, anymore.

  • hey Paul
    don't give up or give in, I have no advice on your specific injuries, only that I am and have experienced similiar actions and attitudes from medical proffesionals, had recently gone for our public insurer's tertiary assesment at a hospital program, the PT basically says and using Waddells Sign methods that symptoms claimed don't match observed findings, disproportionate over-reactions, etc. It is so unbeleivable when some PT you meet one time for at most an hour will say what pain you have and suggest its either made up behavioral problems, she didn't like that I tried to complain about the last PT I went to for a YEAR after a MVA, rear ended and have pre-existing cervical spine injury.
    Just take some solace that you are not alone in the tremendous problems you face. I followed that last PTs advice and even had 200 units botox injected, nine weeks of horror, still having problems, cardinal rule - don't complain about one medical proffesional to another or even suggest incompotence. I really hope you get to some one who can help, I may lose my job too, been on half days for a year now.
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