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Will some one please listen, I need advice

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:21 AM in Degenerative Disc Disease
I just found out about 3 months ago that I have cervical degenitive disk disease. I am in alot of pain! My doctor has put me on disability, now I am at home trying to take care of a 11 yr old daughter with an income of $1080.00 a month. The pain seems to never go away. I take morphine and flexerrals for pain put it is not working! Anthem Blue cross is my insurance provider and they denied my surgery. I will lose all feeling in my right arm if I dont get the surgery. I tried to get medi-cal, they denied me. Told me to go after my ex-husband for more child support. Called CMS, They told me that there is nothing they can do for me! What do I do? Please someone tell me how do I live with the pain and the fact that slowly I will have no feeling in my rt arm and eventully my legs. I am 35 yrs old,scared and in pain. Does Any One Have Any Ideas!!!!


  • If your doctor put you on disability, do you mean that you receive SSI or SSDI? If so, you qualify for a medical card and it would cover your surgery and all your meds. But if you mean you are just off of work temporarily then I would go back to your dr and ask for his help and suggestions. Also check on something called a Community Based Waiver and if you get approved for that you can get a medical card and then you will be covered also. This waiver isnt based on your income (they do require the info but you cant be denied based on it either) but it does go on the need/disability. I tried flexeril and it didnt help me either but zanaflex does and it lets me sleep at night too. Also, what other programs have you applied for? For them to tell you to go after more child support seems pretty petty to me (like the people there just dont want to get off their butts to do any real work to help you). I hope I helped at least a little. If there is anything else I can do to help I will do my best to do so. I dont know what state you are in, each state has their own rules. You are more than welcome to PM me if you want!

    Take care,

  • hi i rieceved a SSI statement the other day and it stated i could get an additional $820.00 per child if i qualified .I don't know if this will help but you can atleast ask them about it.
  • Thank you! I will try that.
  • thank you, I am temporaliy out of work. Do you get the Community Based Waiver from sdi? Medi-cal and Cms are the only ones I have tried, o, and food stamps that was a joke I make to much money on disability to qualify. I really aprecite your advice! How long have you been living with pain? Its just been a couple months for me. I am having a hard time dealing with it! Pain just does not go away! How are handlng the pain? Any suggestions?

    thank you,
  • i got the waiver thru ACCESS. but ask about it in the same place you go to get the food stamps. they should know too. I have been living with my pain for over 8 yrs now. i am getting to the point where i think i will have to quit working too. i have really toughed it out all these years. i would have weeks that i would cry all the way to work (i drove an hour each way)and then i would try not to cry all day cause i didnt want anyone seeing me. sometimes it would get to be too much and i would go into the bathroom and cry. then i would cry all the way home. it wasnt because i didnt want to work, it was because of the intense pain i was in constantly. i know the pain never lets up! that's why i was finally able to go to the pain clinic here and they are trying different things to help me. i'm not pain free yet and may not ever be but at least they are trying to help me get there.

  • Hello there,

    im sorry to hear about your situation it appears that you are in a catch 22.

    I have ddd 12 years all types of medication, i had surgery 10 weeks ago deyenes stablisation l5 s1 it has improved my life so much, im 32 years old live in the uk.

    I was lucky to be offered surgery but before you think about major back sugery try to explore other options i had spinal probe thats help but only 3 days.

    US is diffrent because of insurance the lounder you speak the more you are heard but you could ask about the clinical trails on this site.

    But surgery is the last opition so really think before you try to get this.

    take care and all the best
  • sybildc--sorry you are going thru all this mess. It's bad enough to have pain and worry, but to have your insurance company deny your sugery sucks. What reasons are they giving you for this nonsense? Don't give up! Check the insurance part of this forum, do research, and keep pushing!--Mazy
  • Anthem blue cross is my insurance provider. The company that I worked for decieded to get ins. I was the only one that wanted ins. so my boss paid for individual insurance for me. I went to the doctor as soon as I was aproved because my rt arm was hurting. After 3 weeks of xrays and MRI I was told that I need surgery ASAP!!! Anthem blue cross has a propation period of 6 months since I found out that I needed surgery within a month of having the insurance, they are saying it is pre-excisting. I did not know that I had cervical DDD. The last time I saw a doctor was about 10 yrs ago. I am still fighting with anthem blue cross. If I do not get the surgery I will eventully lose all felling in my rt arm. I am slowing becoming disabiled! I am in so much pain! Nothing is working!!! My doctor wants me to just rest and dont do anything for risk opf paralizing myself. I am 35 yrs old with a 11 yr old daughter so how am I soppuse to do nothing? Thanks for listening!!!
  • Dr John Sarno has written 11 books and can ease your pain by reading what i read (name of book above) good luck!
  • Dr John Sarno has written 11 books and can ease your pain by reading what i read (name of book above) good luck!
  • thank you I will try that!!!
  • sybildc,
    Did you receive a booklet explaining your insurance benefits? By law they have to give you one. Look in the Pre-Existing Condition section and see if Anthem is following it to the letter, because I believe it cannot be considered a pre-existing condition if you had not seen a doctor or been treated for it before. If this is the case you could try to appeal their decision on that basis. Otherwise, they may still cover it after the 6 months are up.
    Good luck.
  • you are correct but the wording is if you have been seen by a doc, advised or medicated within 90 days of the insurance being effective than it is considered preexisting.
    sybildc, did you have any type of insurance at all before the anthem bc/bs? If so and you did not have a lapse of 63 days or more they also could not consider it preexisting. are you anywhere near a teaching hospital? you can get very good care there and they charge according to your income.
  • I got the insurance thru the companys farmers insurance broker. When we did the interview on the phone talking about plans I felt fine a little discomfort in my arm but I thought it was from doing yard work so when he asked do you think you are going to need surgery in the next six months i said no. I felt fine nothing a few eleve wouldnt fix. I did not recieve any anthem books untell 2 weeks after I got the insurance. It was the fist time in 10 yrs. that i got insurance only because the company pd for individual insurance for me. Last time I saw a doctor was in 1998. I really do not know were any teaching hospitals are. Thank you for confirming with what the ins. company says my family thinks I am wrong.

  • That's the same thing I was saying. I admit I only know about group policies, not individual and don't know what she has. The wording could also be different depending on which state the policy was issued in. Blue Cross networks are owned by different companies and not all of them are Anthem but they all have to abide by the same federal laws, but different state laws. The point I was trying to make is that she should check the language and might be able to dispute based on that. But now it sounds like to me the agent asked her if she had any pre-existing conditions and she told them about this so she'll have to wait the six months.
  • I'm sorry to hear of you troubles.I too have CDDD and was diagnosed in Nov of 07.On the 26th I'm seeing a surgeon because suddenly my left arm,and shoulder are causing me fits...but I don't know yet if it has anything to do w/the CDDD.I'll find out nect week I suppose.

    I'm already on permanent disability,but for other problems...however I do know that in this state you can get disability for DDD.Keep in mind that you may not get as much on SSI,but you wont have to spend as much on gas,work clothes and other work related costs.Dr. co-pays and presciptions are 3.00 per visit/per script,so the savings can make up a huge difference,even if not all.

    I truely hope things work out for you.Would love to hear you describe the pain in your arm.
  • Thanks for the advice! At first my rt arm just started to ach then tingled, felt like it was on fire with 10000 of niddles poking it. My neck feels like I slept wrong. Then with in the last three weeks my lt arm has started hurting and my left leg is starting to hurt. Slowly going thru my body like pioson. I also went to the emergancy room a couple weeks ago I was in a little fendr bender and in alot of pain about 4 hours after the acident, the ER doctor once he looked at my medical history told me you are not getting your surgery thru us, and only gave me a shot for pain after I told him I would just take the morphine at home. He ran no test. I was in pain I wasnt there to get surgery just to check me out to make sure I didnt do any damage to myself. So I went to my primary phys. he checked me out I had strained my muscle stap in my neck, basically didnt help the situation. The pain for CDDD SUCKS!!!! I just want my life back. Thanks for listening!!!!! How do you learn to manage the pain?

  • That's all can I do.I don't know if I'm proactive enough or not,but I have had pain much of my life for other things so I resigned myself years ago to thinking that it's just a fact of life.This is different though,and after years of not taking pain medications I am now taking them again,but I'm trying to be careful and stay on low doses.I've been using muscle relaxers religiously along with lorlab 7.5,but that is going to 10mg next month-I waited as long as I could-well,I tried.My Dr has asked me several months now to raise it,but I kept putting it off.

    The truth is,the only way to really manage the pain is to listen to your body,and understand that you are probably not going to be able to do a lot of things that you used to do.Try to keep as busy as you can (within reason,and following Drs orders of course),but when your body says enough,you just have to learn to accept that right now.I think that is probably the toughest part of this.

    Try to be positive-I know it can be hard sometimes. :)

  • If you've posted in other threads I missed it... :/

    I was reading back over some of the posts I had posted and when I saw this I started thinking about you..we both have CDDD,so I guess it's natural that I'm interested in your recovery.

    I don't understand why your Dr is telling you that you will have no feeling in your rt arm and eventually your legs.We seem to have the same symptoms.

    Way back in 1998 I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck (I had an injury and it was found on the x-ray).Since then I've always had pain in my neck,but this CDDD was found accidently last year when I had an MRI because I was being tested for something else.
    While I was in hospital having modules removed from my larynx(voice box)the Dr.ask me if my neck caused me pain and of course I said yes,it had for years.That is when I was told that I had CDDD.Actually that was July 07,but I was never treated properly for this,my PCP just put me on lortab 5/500 in August last year.I didn't ask for the medicine,though I was complaining of pain.
    Since then,it was raised to 7.5/500 in Oct.,I began with PM in Nov.07,and I've been taking that since then,along with muscle relaxers and other meds.Next month(next week actually) my PM is raising my lortab to 10mg,and I've had the injections in my neck and hip as well.

    Just this past Tuesday I saw my OS and he rec'd. that I continue with the conservative treatment...and I guess that brings me back to asking you why your Dr. is telling you that you will have no feeling in your rt arm and eventually your legs.Maybe your CDDD is progressing more than mine.I'm 48 yrs old.... :S

    In your first post you said "The pain seems to never go away",well,I agree with you-it never seems to go away.Some days are worse than others,but some days aren't so bad...compared to those bad days.
    I just hope that I never have to have surgery like some of the others posting have had.If my Dr.ever advises surgery,I'm going to put it off as long as humanly
    possible :T because it looks/sounds incredibly painful.

    I hope you are doing better. :)
  • I have 4 disc in my neck that are pinching my spinal cord and 2 of the disc are acumulating cervical spinal fluid. I dont know why this is happening I am 35 with no history of neck injury or any car accidents that would cause whipflash. What type of treatment is or Dr. doing? My Dr. does not want me to do anything. I am suppose to be having someone take care of me. I am a single mom, my family doesnt live around here. Thankyou for sharing with me! It helps to talk to someone that understands!!! Have you tried morphine for the pain? I am on 15mg of morphine and it doesnt take away the pain. I have tried fentanyl,tramadol and flexeril those dont work either. What do you do to manage the pain? I am getting depressed just sitting at home. How do you learn to except the situation? I have only ben dealing with this since may 2008. I had pain before this but noyhing like what I am feeling now. Any advice would be helpful!!!!! Take care.
  • Sybildc,I don't really know if I have accepted my situation as much as it has just become a way of life to me.Sometimes I do get depressed,well not really depressed so much as just sad about it.That usually happens though when I make the mistake of comparing my life to others.I try not to do that too often.One of the threads on the forum here was-GETTING BACK TO LIFE..or something like that,and I didn't click on it because those words alone crushed.I don't have much of a life compared to some people.

    To be honest,I think a lot of that is my own fault.I've let myself get into this rut.I mean,I am in pain,but I think I just sit here and let the world go by because I can't do the things I used to do.I do other things.I read a lot,watch a lot of news and tv,lol,and then there is this computer...you should see me panic when the power goes out :SS
    I was young when I had my first operation (not spine-feet) and I have always had pain to deal with,so I suppose I just adapted,but maybe not the way I should have.I've had 7 foot operations and other surgeries that are very painful so I do not want to have surgery on my neck.

    I wonder what's up with the spinal fluid in your discs? Have you had spinal taps? ugh,I've had about 4/5 of those because I had spinal menengitis years ago.I just don't like the sound of that...seems odd,but I'm new to this DDD so I really don't know too much about it,just what I've heard and read.

    My Dr. just wants to keep me on the conservative treatments as far as I know for now.Meds and all.Maybe because I've been through so much already,but really nothing terrible,I mean no heart or organ problems,and all of my bloodwork is good.

    The only time I've ever taken morphine was right after a surgery and the 2 times they put my shoulder back in place after dislocations.The lortab seems to be helping,but Thursday I'm going to 10mg.I'm seriously going to try to be more productive with my life if the lortab helps that much.
    I get tired of watching the world pass me by,and I feel guilty about it a lot.Plus I had gained weight the last 10 years because I'm not doing enough.Well the last year since I've been being treated for pain I have lost about 12 pounds,but the 9 years previously I packed on 45,so I have like ....33 to lose to get back to normal.

    I feel for you,my family doesn't live around here either.They all live in another state.Well,my sons are grown,and my mom just died in July.Both of my brothers are dead,and my sister and I don't get along.She lives out of state anyway,but no matter.

    OMG-I just read back over this and I sound pretty pathetic...lol.I don't feel as bad as I sound,but think about this-I was writing this initially to try to cheer you up =))

    Who did they say is supposed to help you around the house...I like how they always say not to do anything when they know that you are a single mother.Maybe because you are getting disability you can contact SS (socail services) and ask if someone can come in to help you around the house.I know they would have done that for my mother,but she would not allow them.

    Good luck to you.I'll check back soon.I have dinner to cook.Just burgers today.Happy Labor Day! :H
  • Hi! I really do not know if there is any relation to back pain and hot & cold spells. I am experiencing menopause for about five years now. I know that hot flashes are a major symptom, But I wondered when the pain I have could aggravate the hot flashes? Anyone out there know what I am talking about? Thanks.
  • So sorry to hear about the pain you are in. I know what it feels like to be in intense pain every moment! It will make you crazy if you let it. I have been fighting my insurance which is Providence and these guys deny everything, fought them for a year before they finaly gave in. That was due to my NS that pushed for me. My advice to you is to keep pushing! You will never get anything done unless you push the medical personel to do it. Sometimes makes you want to put them in your shoes and see if they still want to deny you something that works! Keep up the fight. :H
  • Hiya,Welcome to Spine Health >:D< .I am in pain all the time these days ~X( . But one thing i have learned is to relax more, the more you stress the worse your pain will be B) . You sound like me 2 years ago when i first had to give up my job :( . The one thing you must do is accept what is wrong with you, then you will be able to deal with it much better :) .I can relate to what you are saying and my heart goes out to you. >:D< I am sorry i cant advise you about your insurance as im from the UK :( , but cant your doctor help :/ ? Some teaching hospitals i believe take cases on when the insurance dont cover it :) . Ask one of our modorators for local teaching hospitals near to where you live.Sorry i cant be of more help to you. :H keep us posted about how you get on.You can PM me anytime if you want to vent :H

    Angie x
  • Just received my 4th rejection from anthem blue cross. I am slowing getting worse! The pain just does not want to go away. I just dont understand how an insurance company can pick and choose what they will cover. Some days I feel like there is no hope. I have been trying to find a differant NS. and primary are doctor I dont think the NS. is doing enough to push the surgery. I am learning that NS want to be pd in full before they will schedule you. I am a single mom on disability, how am I supose to come up with that kind of money. :''(

    Thanks for listening!
  • Just received my 4th rejection from anthem blue cross. I am slowing getting worse! The pain just does not want to go away. I just dont understand how an insurance company can pick and choose what they will cover. Some days I feel like there is no hope. I have been trying to find a differant NS. and primary are doctor I dont think the NS. is doing enough to push the surgery. I am learning that NS want to be pd in full before they will schedule you. I am a single mom on disability, how am I supose to come up with that kind of money. :''(

    Thanks for listening!
  • Just received my 4th rejection from anthem blue cross. I am slowing getting worse! The pain just does not want to go away. I just dont understand how an insurance company can pick and choose what they will cover. Some days I feel like there is no hope. I have been trying to find a differant NS. and primary are doctor I dont think the NS. is doing enough to push the surgery. I am learning that NS want to be pd in full before they will schedule you. I am a single mom on disability, how am I supose to come up with that kind of money. :''(

    Thanks for listening!
  • sybildc,
    I can relate to the insurance and waiting mess. I have been in pain since 1999 and had various surgeries on many joints in my body including my neck and at the end of the month my lower back. My insurance companies love me!! I have found that it is all in the doc and how they present your case. I am still fighting with one insurance company because the doc I had at the time (three years ago) didn't code things right. As I said, it is all in the doc. I would certainly switch docs and let your current doc know why. They may decide to help.
    You never get used to the pain or the feeling of rejection from the insurance companies. You simply find the right place in your life to put it so it isn't so painful. Some days it just creeps up on me and then I can't sleep at night. Most days I am able to fill my life with things that are more enjoyable, like watching my kids learn something new or talking with friends about anything other than my situation or going to a museum or to a movie, etc. I have found that I have slowed way down, accept when I can't do things some days and do what I can every day.
    It sucks. Plain and simple. Having said that what else is there in life that doesn't suck? Work with that, change the things you can (docs) and continue to reach out for support.
  • One of *those* days huh?

    What's the deal with paying the NS first I wonder..Have you ever paid for shoes before you recieved them..not me.If I went into a store that wanted paid first though I know I'd walk out.

    Just my opinion (of course),but I don't think the pain will get better..I think it's progressive.It can be managed or treated better..but cervicle DDD is not going to go away or get better.This is what my docs told me-I certainly hope they know what they are talking about.

    I was a single mother on disability too,and I just really feel strongly that if I pulled through that anybody can do it.I was a seriously dependant person way back in the day,but I'm so liking the person that I am becoming.I'm still broke(lol),but I'm not alone-I have my BF.

    I'm hoping that you do find a Dr/Drs that will help you.
  • Well I went for a second opion and the n.s. said I need a level 2 disceopy w/ spinal fusion and he was not worried about the insurance. I have waited for six months for my insurance probation ends. Once again they are refusing to pay for the surgery.At this point I do not know what to do. I cant afford to live in california being on disability. Between doctor visits and bills and cant afford to get grocies for my daughter and me.I have tried all the governments agentsies, and was turned down. Help I need some advise!!!! I cant go back to work because of the pain I feel helpless. More like depressed!!!! :''( ~X(
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