Aggravated nerve damage-weird pains in calf?

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Aggravated nerve damage-weird pains in calf?

Hey, wasn't sure if I should post this here or leg pain or in surgery post, but here goes

I am 27 F/history of back pain and then I herniated L5/S1 quite badly last June 07, severe spinal stenosis, could barely walk, stand, very bad leg pain (was taking max of pain meds). In addition to the pain in my lower back/hip and radiating down my legs (right side was much worse)was also those weird electrical sensations, numbness in right foot and back of right calf and right thigh, the works... basically incapacitated and doped up until I had a microdiskectomy and partial laminectomy last August.

Lots of Rehab, back pain up and down, and what felt like forever to me and finally have been feeling almost normal again. I did lose feeling in parts of my right foot and my right calf is still weird, just very tight no matter how much stretching, but nothing too bad. I have been biking at the gym since November, of course slowly/little at first, and now I am back to my pre-herniation form and doing an hour biking four or five times a week and the occassional rollerblading plus all those PT excercises. I have always been a very physical person, and for most of my life was a runner, for fun.
I went for a run for the first time bout 6 weeks ago, only ran for 15 minutes and of course was pretty sore the next day just cause hand't ran in almost a year. Tried again two days ago and went for 22 minutes and it was almost unreal how sore my ENTIRE body is. Was almost sore to the touch. Even though I felt fine running, my legs were shaking afterwards, very weird considering my legs are in good shape. My right calf has since been having weird pains, almost like little muscle spasms, kinda feels like someone squeezing parts of the muscle, i hate to say it but almost like the electrical sensations I had in my lower back/thigh cept a little more painful.. Its really hard to fall asleep cause the pains in my calf get worse when I'm lying down. Its now been over 48 hours since I went for a run and I'm still having them. Has this happened to anybody else/is this normal? As I've said I've always been a very physically active person and this level of soreness and weird calf pain is not the normal kind... Could I have aggravated nerve damage in my leg??

ailska_skelter (not verified)
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calf pains

Hi there,

I'm no expert but sounds to me like the running has irritated your nerve quite a bit.

I'm not sure what to recommend except ice, and next tiem doing less but more regularly so it's not a shock to the system as much?!

It sounds to me (again I'm no expert) that your herniation is still there, you've just got good at dealing with it! I think you just need to take it easy and never forget to stretch for at least 20 mins after each run!

Let us know how you get on.

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I have the same weird calf

I have the same weird calf thing. I had the same thing 3 years ago when I went through this and again now. My calf is also tight no matter what I do or how much stretching I do. It was like this 3 years ago when I went through this even after my first microD.

I never tried running though. Walking for 45 minutes really makes it hurt still if I tried running I'd be in horrible pain. It's just going to take some time for that calf irritation to go down. I just stick to low impact exercises now. I don't think I'll be running unless there is a dog chasing I always worry that the disc could herniate again from running it is hard on the joints. I was never much of a runner though. I've stuck with riding my mountain bike. I could go for hours last summer.

I hope your calf settles down soon. Maybe if it doesn't the doctor could give you a course of prednisone. When I've had flare ups they give me a medrol pack for 6 days and it really clears up the inflammation.

californiagirl (not verified)
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Thanks for the replies. It

Thanks for the replies. It has already started to get a little better, although leg & calf still feel funny. I think maybe my running days are over, prob not worth it for me if I enjoy other excerices that are less impact... Thanks again!!