Pilates Here I Come!

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Pilates Here I Come!

I had a massage this past Sunday and really enjoyed the therapist. She's also a Pilates instructor and zeroed in on my muscle/pain idiosycrises She seemed to really understand anatomy. So after this meeting and the fact I just gave up an expensive gym membership, I decided trying a small Plates Studio with the notion of getting personalized care at half the cost. A better choice at this point vs. from when I started with the big gym. Unfortunately this therapist/instructors studio is some distance from my home and I want to set myself up to succeed. Anyway there is a small studio in my little town. So I checked it out today, got a little tour and even tried out some of the machinary under a instructors care. I was impressed there were a number of elderly working out whom were seriously hunched over and even one middle aged woman whom obviously had a stroke ---all working out in their own way. Never something I'd see at my gym. I mostly felt lost at that gym. Anyway, I decided I would give this studio a try.

I was suppose to have ear surgery this week (hearing implant--I'm deaf) but I'd worried this surgery would create even worse pain then I'm already struggling with. So I cancelled it. I've rescheduled for Oct and will work towards strengthening. So hopefully with this Pilates work by October I'll be in a better condiition on many levels.

I start my Pilates instruction tomorrow! I'm excited. The instructor/owner is a Naturalpathic doctor and Pilates instructor. We'll start on the machines. I'll receive instruction w/my workout once per week and work out on my own two or more days if I like. Kee p you posted!

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For me yoga works better,

For me yoga works better, but they are quite similiar... good luck with your Pilates!! =)

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Is any of your pain or

Is any of your pain or problem in the thoracic area? I was a huge pilates person..but when discovered a lot was coming from thoracic herniations- I was told to stop Pilates completely.. it causes more mid back strain. Check with your Dr first.. I LOVE PILATES and am so bummed!

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slow movement is my motto,

slow movement is my motto, does not matter what it is, but Pil is good. I have used it for years.

Yoga is what I was introduce to in pain clinic.

Slow is still key for me.

I hope you enjoy your new program.

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hi bridgie

my vote is FOR pilates. i believe your issues are in the neck. i too have neck issues as well as upper thoracic and lumbar. i believe that pilates will strengthen your core muscles and help with your pain.
however be very carefull to have support for your neck on your strenuous moves.