Walking shoes that don't hurt

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Walking shoes that don't hurt

Does anyone know of some really good walking shoes that work for someone with a burning foot with aching toes. I just bought some Nike walking shoes and they felt really comfortable until I walk in them. Just my left foot burns after wearing them and my toes feel sore.

If I just wear my sandals my foot doesn't hurt near as bad. The sandals I have been wearing are very cushioning in the sole and since there is nothing pushing on my toes they don't get sore. Really they are like walking on air but I need good walking shoes for PT and to go to the gym.

sadie girl (not verified)
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I found a great pair of

I found a great pair of walking shoes. They are made by Brooks, style #S-257. I found them at a place called The Foot Store. From day one, they were comfortable...I didn't have to break them in AT ALL. They have lots of cushioning and support. They were perfect for my 2 mile walks that were required after my back surgery. Hope this helps!

mchell6789 (not verified)
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Well I found some Brooks

Well I found some Brooks shoes today. They didn't have the style you mention but I got Adrenaline GTS 7 and they seem good. They have mesh on the toe area which works nice and doesn't cut into my toes. The Nike ones I have the entire shoe is leather and at the toe it folds and crunches my toes and make my toes hurt. Which in turn makes my entire foot burn. I'll be returning the Nike ones tomorrow. Thanks for the info. These Brooks ones seem nice I didn't get any sharp pains when I was walking in my foot.

ctyankeegrl (not verified)
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i know what you mean

about the whole burning foot thing...i wear new balance 491 for walking. i pu tin the dr. scholls orthodics for back pain relief, omg, what a difference with them in there, makes the step more cushiony. love them! i always hated walking on the treadmil cause of my feet burning in sneakers, but i have to tell you with these new sneaks and with the inserts, i did the treadmil twice already this week with no burning, no foot problems at all! good luck to you!

mchell6789 (not verified)
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Thanks I was thinking about

Thanks I was thinking about trying those with seeing the commercials on TV for them. Good to know they really do work. I'll have to get some.

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Foot ware that doesnt hurt

I have had great luck with New Balance 805's. It was the only sneaker that provided the support I needed and remained comfortable

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Dont laugh at me

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New Balance 926

For walking they are about the best sneaker I have ever used. Great support and cushion. No problem walking miles on concrete or through trails.

These are not running shoes. Don't even attempt it. Great for everyday wear too. They are ugly though...

mchell6789 (not verified)
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Yeah I won't be trying

Yeah I won't be trying running again ever with my back problems unless a dog is chasing me..lol. I'm also not worried about the way the shoes look. I'll have to research where to find those shoes and try them out. The Brooks ones I have been using are pretty comfortable but I am feeling jaring in my body still when I walk. I just recently stopped walking outside in the heat and have been doing the treadmill at home for the last two weeks. It finally is really cool here so I have walked outside for the last couple days and I am really feeling the jaring on my body even my hip is hurting and I haven't had hip pain for months.

Z06 (not verified)
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The 926 and their high end

The 926 and their high end stuff is usually not in the department stores. You will need to go to the New Balance store. They almost look like hospital or restaurant shoes. At least the black ones do. I also got ones in a grey suede and they look a lot better.

As far as support. I can walk a few miles on concrete and no issues at all. No back, hip, knee, or leg pain. I wear them all day and walk twice a day in them. No problems.

The design enforces walking by rolling off your heel correctly. The center portion and shank don't flex like a running shoe. Hence why running in them is bad.

I also have some NB cross country trainers which I have been told are bad for people with back problems. I've done a little bit of jugging in them without a lot of pain. Not supposed to run so I keep it to a minimum.

Here is a link to the shoes on the NB website.


mchell6789 (not verified)
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I don't think those look bad

I don't think those look bad at all. They really do look like they roll well. I found a womens one that looks fine.

I can see not wanting to wear them on a night out on the town...like I ever do that..lol. They look fine to wear with exercise clothes. You should see my sandals they are ugly but I love them anyway so comfy.

Z06 (not verified)
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Ladies version looks nicer

They do look fine Michelle. The womens version looks to have the toe come tighter like running shoes do. The mens 926 the toe is more rounded. Very comfortable shoe. The black color probably makes them look worse. There is no way I would get the white ones. They would be stained up in no time. Mine are almost a year old now and you can feel them compress more than they used to and the comfort on the heel striking is not as good. So if you walk a lot you will need to get rid of them after a year. I just use them as beater shoes for working in the garage after a while.

I think some people get sneakers and wear them for like 5 years. Then they wonder why they don't cushion right. They all wear out in the cushion and support long before the outside looks trashed.