Waterskiing and running

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Waterskiing and running

I was told that I could water ski and run after six months and probably run after six weeks.

Now I am reading that may not be possible.

I had fusion in neck 4-7 with disc removal three and four level fusion, a metal thing with eight screws.

And swimming I love it. Are all these things out now? So much of my life has been taken away these past 17 years because of the woman who was reckless and without insurance, including my ability to have children.

I just want my life somewhat back.

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hi again jasmine

believe me i understand your anger with the accident and i'm awfully sorry what youve experienced.
i had 3 level fusion and i too like swimming. i think theres a big difference between waterskiing and swimming. i swam 3 months after surgery and i used a snorkel so i could keep neck straight
as for waterskiing there is a tremendous amount of torque on your neck when you fall and hit the water. if it was me i'd wait at least 9 months

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love to water ski

I love water skiing-did it for 15 years-can understand how much you want to ski again.Ask your doc-was told that hitting the water and taking a "header" would possibly ruin my neck.I quess my neck is more important to me than the skiing-I gave it up.If you have ever fallen and taken a "header" you realize the way it snaps back your neck.You must be feeling great to even be considering that kind of thing this quickly-so you have a great attitude.Just ask your doc before any of that kind of sport.Good Luck

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Hi Jasmine

I used to love water-skiing!!!! However, I'd be afraid to now, because of those "headers", I used to have some doozies, but mostly because of my own stupidity (ie showing-off LOL). That, and I certainly don't miss the resulting wedgies!!! :))(
As for running and swimming and other activities, defintitely discuss with your doctor first. I was told that I could go ahead and try to do different things, and if it hurt, wait a while before trying again, but not to give up!!!
Good luck, and I do hope you're able to get back to doing what you were able to do before, but don't be upset if you aren't able, you just have to find that substitute or a different way of doing them!!

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