Doctor that treated me in hospital not in network

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Doctor that treated me in hospital not in network

How do you handle this?
I went to an in-network hospital. This particular doctor looked at me - not my choice - and he is not in my network.
My insurance will end up covering at least 50%. Should I call the hospital's billing department too?

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This happen to me. I was never told that my Doctor was going to use an assistant that was not in network and I received a huge bill from them. I call their office and ask who requested this Doctor to be in my surgery? and the secretary said "Your Doctor ****** did, and I said, well since he did, he should payed for the assitant not me! If I knew that an assistant out of network was going to be used, I would have said; Nay-Nay Fluffy to them!find one that is in network. So, have never heard from the again........

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Out of network doc

Hi Cranky, Barf Sick

In a case like this, I would call everybody (better still, I would write so there would be a paper trail). starting with the insurance company, hospital then the network doctor. Let them straighten it out. Sometimes in a case like tis they give me thew benefit of the doubt, saying since I did not know it I am not responsible. Just don't set it aside, because it will not go away by itself.

Good luck,

Kin Wink

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Out of Network Docs

Hi Cranky,

I don't blame you one bit. I work in a hospital and actually do insurance verifications for scheduled surgeries. Our hospital recently started using all hospitalists to see in-patients most of which are not contracted with the same insurances as the hospital, which I find insane. On top of that, they contracted a new radiologist group in another state to read the xrays etc and they are not contracted with our biggest insurance group..

I would recommend that you write a letter to the CEO of the hospital, the Ombudsman and to the Hospital Board. You'd be surprised what a hospital will write off for an unhappy patient. You might even consider a letter to the editor of the local paper. Until they hear people scream they will never change. Also, most hospital will send you a survey form to complete, please complete it! You'd be amazed how much attention they pay to these as it ranks them nationally and impacts their bottom dollar which is really where their heart is............

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surgical assistant out of network

I had the same thing happen when I had surgery in January. I got a statement from my insurance saying they weren't going to pay for this Surgical Assistant because they were out of network and to send in my operatory reports. I called them and asked what the heck? They said I needed to sign the form and send it to the Surgical assistant's office. LOL, I told them I didn't even know who it was, I was under anesthesia in surgery, DUH! I didn't order up a surgical assistant. I made them make notes in my file. Weeks later I got the same request this time FROM this mysterious surgical assistant's billing office. I called them and told them I wasn't going to pay for someone I had literally never seen, asked for OR heard of. If they wanted to run it up the flag pole with the insurance company, go ahead, but they will not get a dime from me. I told them if I got any further communication from them I'd report them to every medical, insurance and business fraud association I could find. Never heard from them again.