Keep WC benefits but work somewhere else?

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Keep WC benefits but work somewhere else?

I want to ask yall if anyone knew of anyone working for the company where you have wc benefits but work at a different place? Like I work for Kroger but looking at Walgreens. Do I have to keep working at Kroger to still get WC benefits and my checks?

I hate my boss he's a Jack A** and he runs over everyone but he has pets that he likes and lets them do anything they want to but if I wanted to do anything he says NO!

I had personal injury but was under health ins. Everyone thought it was WC and I claim everything under WC but I don't but anyway, when I had my work injury it took them a week to send off my report and I wasn't able to be seen by anyone until my report was sent off. I have herinated L-5 disc and L-4 along with S-1 is gone.
What could I do I'm not getting paid being on Medical Leave and can't get paid for sitting at home now.

Can anyone help me please????
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If you go back to work,or

If you go back to work,or work for another company,wc will stop your benefits,you cannot collect wc if you are working....and like Paul said talk to a lawyer or ask wc if you can work and collect benefits.....

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Sorry i was not more detailed

I'm at the moment out of work due to hand surgery but I'm still getting WC benefits, but I was wanting to go work for someone else but still collect benefits.

I've been collecting since 10/2007 but I'm getting tired of my Boss giving me eyes when I walk in or when I'm back at work doing my job. He starts trouble all the time. I just want to find another job without him in my face all the time. That was all I was asking,

Thanks for getting back what happen to the old spine-health website? I lost all my stuff and had to start all over. Sad

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I was just wondering if I could or not.