STD Aggravations

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STD Aggravations

Hi everyone:

I've been seeing a DO for over a year and a half. About a month ago I saw a Neuro Surgeon she referred me to on the basis of MRI Results. His office will not have anything to do with extending my STD until they have officially accepted me as a surgical patient. That part is fine with me.

What is frustrating is they sent information to my STD Claim Manager that was inaccurate. They faxed her information stating I had never been seen in their office. I saw the surgeon their at 4 pm Pacific Time on July 21st. They did state I am having CAT Scans on Aug 11th and I will see him on that date. So my Claim Manager is confused. I called the surgeons office and only had the option of leaving a message. I left a message with them several times today stating I will not get paid if they do not report accurate information to my Claim Manager.

I will call the surgeon's office again Monday. Anyone else have these kinds of issues where they have to constantly fight with the Office Staff at a Doctor's Office to get them to accurately report information to the Insurance Company?

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But it is usually easily straightened out. Do you have a receipt from that visit? That would be proof that you had the appt. Also why would they order tests without ever seeing you? I would try not to worry too much about it over the weekend as I feel sure that the error will be corrected on Monday. They can't lie and say that you have never been there when you have. It was probably an error in the office and I feel sure that they will correct it. If all else fails, all you have to do is ask for a copy of your records. They have to give them to you and it must have dr. comments on it from your visit, So, as hard as it is not to, don't stress about it.