TRICARE & Military coverage

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TRICARE & Military coverage

Is anyone here familiar with TRICARE (the military's illustrious version of an HMO)? I have a cousin who is a physiatrist/pain management specialist, and she has been a real help with advice in dealing with my back problems (ie I take HER advise over that of the quacks I'm forced to see). Unfortunately, she's on the East Coast, and I'm on the Left Coast, otherwise I'd simply go to her. That said, some of her recommendations I can try to follow up with out here, provided the providers take TRICARE (most don't), and I can get my primary care provider to authorize me. Otherwise, I have to pay out of pocket, as if I don't have insurance (which I've already done for acupuncture & chiropractic). Unfortunately, I'm not made of money, and am curious if there's a way to backdoor TRICARE? Just my frustration speaking, but any input would certainly be appreciated?


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Alan , I myself do not have TRICARE but my Dad does and my Mom was telling me about how he has to go out of town for quite a bit for his appointments and with him having cancer , well , that can be hard to say the least but all in all they are happy with the coverage. I am sure that there will be other members come along shortly and see this and hopefully reply. Good luck to you and I hope you are able to find a way to get the help you need....take care , Miki

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Really appreciate you all taking the time to reply to my inquiry! I was pleasantly surprised to recieve as many responses as I did, since the issue can be a little "out there" for most folks (at least those w/o military affiliation). It's particularly frustrating for me, as I have just relocated back to the States after a couple years in Japan, there are SO many good providers out here (in Ca), and yet I'm forced to either "follow the program" or pay out of pocket (which I've been doing the past couple weeks for acupuncture and chiro). Normally, I'd at least have a military hospital, and the chance to find a decent doc, but around these parts we're pretty much farmed out to whatever local quack will take TRICARE(and believe me, at TRICARE's payout rates, one isn't likely to come across the "better" doc's & treatment options). That said, I'm still pretty early in the process (for the 2nd time around), and have certainly been deemed "stubborn" by more than a few, so I guess I'll be ready to take on the "dragon" when necessary...... Evil Thanks again!!!!!

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I must confess when I dealt

I must confess when I dealt with T Prime it was nothing but horrible. Having been transfered to The Houston area and changing to T P Remote. After finding a PCM and getting signed up to Central Region; I've had nothing complain about. Every thing is taken care of with no problems. My Docs handle all the appointments and billing. All I do is find my Docs on the website call before hand and get the info to my PCM. MMSO for Dental is a totally separate issue. I think Im banned from calling in and my paperwork gets approved in the 23 1/2 hour.
Im quite surprised that the surgeries and specialty visits were covered immediately. Can't wait till they get me in for the next surgery. That will be interesting.
Good Luck Dan