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Hi everyone,
I feel that I've tried about every thing to help me sleep over the past few years, speciffically the past few months since ambien has just stopped working for me. I asked my doctor yesterday on a home visit to straighten my pain meds out, "what is the most bizarre thing you've ever prescribed someone for sleep?"...he just laughed. Since we have tried so many things, he ended up giving me restoril...which isn't "bizarre" at all actually...I remember giving it to my patients on night shift before ambien became so popular. I was wondering if it works well for anyone? I already take ativan and and I know it's another I asked if he thought it would really work. I took it last night and I finally got to sleep at 2am, but woke up so sleepy this am.

Last week, since I take soma during the day, I asked if I could try a big dose of zanaflex at night only...all that did was make me hallucinate (nothing major)...but didn't work. I just threw it in my unused medicine basket.

I'm just so disappointed...I think I need to see a physiotrist (sp?) to help me with relaxation techniques as I think I psych myself out before I ever lay down on the pillow.

Anyway, any luck with restoril or any suggestions? thanks

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I sent you a PM with a link

I sent you a PM with a link to a place that has some CDs and such of guided imagery- I think there are some specifically for sleep as well.

Have you ever tried trazodone? I've heard that works really well, I have a friend who uses that for sleep.

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Good Evening. Since your

Good Evening. Since your typing, guess sleep is eluding yourself too.

My tried and true recipe, from my Dr.

100mg of elavil - amitryptyene. It hits the neuro pain and forces Rem sleep for myself.

The other added med is:
5 to 10mg of zopiclone -

For myself - the combination lets me drop into a 12 hour sleep. I use it the restore a balance in my body. It remains my last line of defense, before I go back to the ER and get stabilized again.

I was told by the pharmacist that this is old school combination of things. The newer pharmacists were trying to figure out what my Dr was doing. The older one - 35 yrs, told the rest that these were combinations that were used years ago, to combat chronic pain, and did succeed a lot of the time. It remains one that I use, when all else fails.

PS - not trying to give any advice, just a suggestion!

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No experience with Restoril, but...

Hi Tarheelgirl!!

I have no experience with sleep aids, but I do have sleep issues. So does my daughter when she is having painful flare-ups of RSD. She takes Trazadone and no matter how bad her pain is, it knocks her out. We have learned that sleep should be the number one priority for RSD patients (and probably for all chronic pain sufferers), so I hope that you continue to pursue this until you can get a full night of restorative sleep.

For me, taking 600mg of Neurontin at night (as presribed) knocks me out within a couple of hours. It doesn't always last the night. I have to laugh as I write this because I drink about 3-4 liters of water a day and if I drink too much water right before bed, I wake up in the middle of the night with my bladder about to burst and I realize that I've had about 10 different dreams about trying to get to a bathroom. I've even had dreams about relieving my bladder. When I woke up I was happy to see that the bed was dry. LOL. I don't mean to make light of the subject, just my silly dreams.

Again, I hope you and your doc can figure this out.

Take Care,

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I've Used It

I have some on hand, don't take it often but it does work. It's an old drug, has been around a long time.

Happy to have it available when I need it.

Right now, the combo of melatonin & Soma is working for me. I also have trazadone on hand, but it makes my mouth dry & I'm foggy the next day.

sweet soprano
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I took restoril after using

I took restoril after using ambien for a while and needed to find a less cost sleep medicine.

My doc said that it was an older drug...originally used for make them sleep when they were "between flights" when they werent on their regular sleeping schedule. And this drug seems to not give me the hangover the next morning, and I imagine the pilots were glad for that too.

I give it 5 stars!!

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try music

melatonin is a good one and it is natural and comes from the health food store!! it may work for you! i use restoril every once in awhile. but i like music the best... i find it often works just as well, if not better than a pill. i get real cozy and comfy,turn on my lava lamp and then something relaxing and calming and let the music take my pain away and help me relax and sleep for awhile.. hope it works for you to! good luck! Jenny Smile

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sleep meds

When i was at my ortho's office a few weeks back the PA recommended 5,000 mgs of calcium at bedtime. I looked it up and there is research on calcium and magnesium for sleep. i take magnesium maleate for sleep. Has anyone tried calcium?