3 months after TLIF

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3 months after TLIF

I want to thank everyone for their post on this board. I like a lot of you were scared to death having surgery. After dealing with back pain for years, I finally had to do something after shattering the disc. I am 3 month out of surgery and had my 3 month doctor appointment last week and was told that I am healing fine and do not need to go back for any further appointments. I feel fine and this is actually the best thing I have ever done. Again, for those of you out there reading all these post, it is ok to be scared, but it will be ok.


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davebr,successful recovery

hi and welcome to the forum! Wave we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. what great news that your surgery went so well.!!!! =D> i am glad you found the forum a help during your recovery!! be sure and share your positive experiences with others here on the forum! Grin continued good luck! =D> Jenny Smile