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Christmas evening 2008 I feel a sudden pain lower back right side. All of sudden the paid is running down to my knee. I thought I was going to die. I felt fire coming out of my knee. I was not able to walk, sit or move. I was rush to the emergency room where I was give a shot for pain relief and sent home to see an Ortho specialist. I have been to a doctor. I have been given two spinal shots. I have 75% relief to my back but the knee pain is killing me. My knee is not swollen, or looks different from my other knee but my knee gives out when I walk. The pain medicine is no longer working. The doctor keeps telling me that my back caused my knee pain. Anyone out there with my problem!!! Please help. I am very depressed and in alot of pain.


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Hi Judy and Welcome

Yes I have knee pain also caused by my back. I would ask your Dr for an MRI and see what's going on. Also tell your Dr you're having pain to get something for your pain. Good luck and I hope you get a proper diagnosis. Charry

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Knee Pain

Hi Judy

I am so sorry you are having to go thru this. For what it is worth, my sciatic pain came on with knee pain also and my PT began to work on my sacroilliac joint and piriformis muscle, this runs horizontally from the bony notch at the end of your spine towards your trocantor (the big bony knot on the side of the top of the hip). The nerve runs between these two somewhat and although I cannot say for sure why since I am not a Dr, it does cause the illiotibial band that runs on the side of your thigh from hip to knee to hurt like no one's business.

Mine is so bad that there is no med that relieves the pain totally and my whole leg rotates in so I am pigeon-toed.

This may be a question for your Dr. next time you go. Again, I can only say that I speak from my experience. There were times where the paine in my leg and the left buttock way overshadowed what was going on in my back.

Soaking in a hot bath, using a tennis ball or rolling pin to help massage that muscle if it hurts helps as does just plain old mnassage on your knee with Ben-Gay (if you can tolerate it) worked well for me. Once again, no doctor here, or was this little plan given by any medical person-- I just tried EVERYTHING that I thought might work.

Please get an x-ray as it may be unrelated as well.

Have you tried a heating pad?

Contact me if you need a shoulder, I am there now so understand

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time for pictures?

hi and welcome to the forum! Wave we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. perhaps it is time to have some pictures taken of your back and knee. Thinking it sounds like you are at a standstill with your present doctor and may need to move on. please take care of yourself and do what you must to address your pain problem!! ~X( good luck as you search for pain relief!! Grin please keep us informed! Jenny Smile

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Hiya Hug Welcome to spine health Grin I am sory you are in so much pain, but you are not alone, and we are here for you. Does your knee lock??? you can get reffered pain. The pain you get that radiates sounds like a trapped nerve. I am not qualified doctor or surgeon, but i am advicing you based on my own personal experience. PM me any time. Keep posting! Angel

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Welcome to SH

I too have pain in my knees and feet that correlate with my back pain. My doc told me that it is because people tend to walk differently to compensate for back pain. I also have arthritic knees but the pain that goes along with my back is more of a burning pain. Good luck in getting a diagnosis and proper treatment. Please keep us posted.