DDD and Scoliosis

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DDD and Scoliosis

Hello, I'm 28 yrs old and was recently diagnosed with DDD. I had a spinal fusion in 1994 and according to my Neurosurgeon, I've worn out my discs and that's why I suffer from so much lower back pain. He said that my spine is now healed from the Scoliosis and that he is planning to remove the rods and do the lumbar fusion. I thought I would never have to take the rods out but I guess I was wrong. I am terrified of life after this fusion because I was told you have limited mobility in that region. Has anyone gone through a similar experience? Please help!

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much needed advice

hi and welcome to the forum! Wave we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. be sure and have a look around the different forums for some answers to your questions. also try the "search" button... you will find many people with your experiences and some much needed advice here. of course the doctor is always the best person for information. good luck to you! Jenny Smile

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Hiya and welcome to the

Hiya and welcome to the site.

Have you gotten more than one opinion ?

There are many good outcomes to surgery, however quite often once ppl get better, they leave the forums, so you read more negative than positive.

Maybe if you post under the surgery section, and ask ppl who have had GOOD outcomes to reply,

Wishing you little axiety, and a quick recovery

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hi and welcome to the forum! What lumbar levels are you having fused? Last year I had 2 level fusion L4-S1 and have no discernible decrease in flexibility or mobility. In fact here's my last post about where I am now, just about one year after surgery. Might be a good positive story for you.