leg tingling and numbness with pain in knee and ankle

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leg tingling and numbness with pain in knee and ankle

My concern is I went to a physical agility test for a police department and when I did the "dummie drag" both my legs felt like they were on fire and I had trouble sitting and/or standing. After awhile it subsided and I was able to drive home, I did not finish the test. I went to the chiropractor and my lower back was out at the L5. I still had pain in my hip and my leg tingles and goes numb, so I went back and told him and all he said was walking is the best for it, the test was in June and he told me the latter in July. I still have pain in my hip and tingling and numbness in my leg along with aching pain on the outside of my knee and the outside of my ankle. I dont have pain in my lower back when I have all the above mentioned. Would that still be a nerve problem from my back or could my hip be starting to slip out? I can walk and run but when I do sit-ups it feels like my hip locks up.

Really want to get this fixed.

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hi and welcome to the forum! we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. it sounds like you may need to get some pictures taken and see a qualified back doctor not a chiro.. if this has been bothering you for some time then the time is now to see a doctor..please take your symptoms seriously if you are not feeling well. make yourself at home on the forum.. drop by anytime! and let us know what happens! Jenny Smile

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Hi Scott!

Yeah, when I carry any weight..groceries or such.. my legs give out...just so weak and like I don't feel them.
When my spinal issues began, it was left calf pain.
Most telling test from doc was an EMG and that revealed more spinal nerve involvement than doc even thought. With that info he could come up with a plan.

I remember when my pain first began and would subside and I resumed all activities and doc told me.. no..never any more twisting, turning, lifting.. etc..

Everyone is different though. Many respond well to different treatments. I agree you may want to see medical doc for some tests for exact nerve involvement so chiro adjustments don't accidently worsen situation.

I understand your frustration, but try to be patient with yourself till you know all of what you're dealing with.

Let us know how you're doing!