Lower spinal nerves cauterization

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Lower spinal nerves cauterization

I'm new here and i looked this topic up on goodle. I' m supposed to have a cautaurinzation done n my L's and C's of my lower spine in two weeks. Although the docor tells me it's 'safe' and I'll receover within a week, someone on here said she j heard it akes 8 weeks. I'm having this procedure done because I can't stand up staight or walk and am doing pt. at hme and when i try to stand up with the walker I am humped over since I have arthritis ihn these areas and also because I have a vertebrae that constinuoously slips out of place. When I try to stand up straight I'm in a lot of pain. The doctor thinks this will help me to move more freer and reduce the pain for 6 months until the nerves grow back. My concern is will it do atnything or make me worse and more in pain?

Also, I have serious poison molds in me and my doctor who diagnosed me wont treat this for some reason. he always gives tests but then doesn't do any treatments for this. I often am falling asleep from all the molds in me and I most of the time don't have any bowel function since Im filled with molds and I sit all the time and can't get active since I have bone on bonein my hips and my knees are bad and my left hip bone has deteiorated so much that the left leg is 3 1/2 inches than the right leg.

I'm concerned if I'm passing out now and then on top of this I have anestheria that i may not wake up and most doctors where I live don't even believe in systemic fungal infections. So, it's not like I can go elsewhere and especially with Medicare which no functional doctor will take. Im in a quandry about having this procedure since Im also anemic and no one will treat this and also due to the severe mold problem and my falling asleep day and night. I don;t know if anyone can telll me about the molds and anethesia, but perhaps someone can tell me about this procedure and the dangers of doing anesthesia now. Ronda De