what is spinal cord abutment

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what is spinal cord abutment

Hi! I was just recently diagnosed with a spinal cord abutment at c5-c6. the pain is crazy, my arm and shoulder is always in pain and my arm is tingling and locks up. i just want this problem fixed. i was told to see a spinal surgeon. can any one tell me what happens next?

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Hi tpotete

Welcome to Spine-Health. You've found a great site for information and the members of the forum are very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive.

As nobody here is a doctor, we can't tell you will happen when you see the surgeon. I can tell you that if you have something abutting your spinal cord, it can create all the symptoms you describe. What you have may be myelopathy, you can look it up on this site. It can create symptoms down your arms and muscle spasms in your neck, back, etc., and those of us that have been where you are understand how scary it is and painful, as well.

I can't tell you what will happen, like I said, but I will tell you to be sure you find the right surgeon for you, be it a neuro or ortho surgeon and one that hopefully is fellowship-trained in spine surgery and only works on spines. You may need a few opinions before you find the one you're most comfortable with, but anyone here who has had surgery will tell you that having 100% confidence in your surgeon is imperative.

Good luck on your search and keep asking any questions here you may have. I, for one, have walked in your shoes, but with three levels being the problem and needing surgery. That's not to say you'll need surgery, the surgeon may try conservative measures first, but I just wanted you to know that I've been there.

Don't hesitate to PM me if I can help you in any way.

Take care,

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good advice already

hi and welcome to the forum! Wave we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i just wanted to say hello and how sorry i am that you are in pain.. Cathie gave you some good advice already!please have a look around and make yourself at home! stop by anytime, there is always someone around! Jenny Smile