3 herniated discs lumbar region - what treatment?

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3 herniated discs lumbar region - what treatment?

Hi all, I have been diagnosed with 3 herniated discs and am waiting to see the neurosurgeon. Can anyone tell me if they had the same diagnosis and if so, what surgery did they undergo? Many thanks for all replies. Worried

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Hello ~

It is really impossible to guess what your neurosurgeon will find. Some people are able to heal using conservative methods: physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and lots of patience. Others might have a surgical procedure such as a discectomy. Depending on the stability of the spine, fusion would be likely.

There are many options. It will depend on the extent to which the discs are herniated, and what else might be going.

You can read about the various proedures on the Spine Health website. There are also many other websites that feature little animated videos on the procedures and have lots of information on disc disease.

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Hi all, my girlfriend has 3

Hi all, my girlfriend has 3 herniated discs,lower back, like the above person, Pembroke. She's in big pain, spends all day in bed except to eat, etc. She's been on painkillers, most of which are ineffective, one which was somewhat effective but was harsh to her stomach and caused extreme itching. She can't do physical therapy due to the pain. She's been to 2 doctors, at the time when they determined she had 1 herniated disc, and they said to take pain killers and go to physical therapy. She did that for a year. No luck. We'd love to know what others, including Pembroke, have done in this situation. Depression has set in, as you can imagine, along with the physical pain, so the idea of going on like this for years is not an option. Your thoughts and feedback would be HUGELY appreciated.

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3 herniated discs lumbar region - what treatment?


L5 herniated disc can be treated in two ways, conservative and surgical.

The conservative treatment involves reducing pressure on the nerve root by doing stretching and strengthening exercises. They will make the muscles more flexible and soft.

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