back and neck pain

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back and neck pain

hi im new to this message board and i was just wondering if anyone has any advice for me regarding my pain? i have had 2 microdiscectomies at L 4-5 and a fusion that went wrong (at the same level). i have had constant pain ever since my fusion 4.5 years ago. i have also tried physical therapy, excercise, chiropractic care, and just about every type of pain meds out there. i am currently taking norco and sometimes a fentanyl patch(lowest dose), lyrica and celebrex. but regarding the norco i was wondering if anyone knows of a possible more potent prescription that may be available? a girl i work with suggested trying dulaudin? does anyone know if this is stronger than norco and if it comes as an extended release pill? any help or comments would be appreciated. thanks melissa

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I am currently on methadone which is a very long acting med and it works well for me. I do know that dilaudid (sp) is more potent but do not know if it comes in an extended release form. Have you tried the oxycontin also?

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sick of pain

hi thanks for responding. yes i have tried oxycontin and believe it or not it was similair to a tic tac, lol! im a little afraid to try methodone and my pain dr may not even let me. i feel like ive tried so many different types of meds but i guess there are so many more to try. he does not want to increase the dosage or the amount of norco that i receive each month. i do go to a pain clinic but i think the dr is so afraid of addiction problems that he is unwilling to give me much else. although he did suggest a morphine pump???i think that may be a last option though. please respond back thanks melissa