Back Pain

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Back Pain

Please Help,,,
I have had back problems for years and in 2008 I had to have a lumbar lamanectoy still having problems, just had a new MRI and here is my results, 1) Degenerative change of the bulging disc and mild stenosis at multiple levels. 2) Extensive degenerative change at L4-L5 and L5-S1 discs. 3) Small central bulging disc at T12-L1 disc level.4) Small bulging disc at the L2-L3 disc Level.5) L2-L3 Mild diffuse bulge in disc, small central broad based disc protrusion causing mild central spinal stenosis, L3-L4 Moderate diffuse bulging of the the disc mild central spinal stenosis, facet overgrowth and ligamentous hypertrophies, L4-L5 moderate diffuse bulge in disc, central right spinal stenosis extending into the right exiting foramina secondary to a prominet spur posteriorly and finally L5-S1 This is no focal disc herniation or significant spinal stenosis. Ok now that I have gave you the run down on my back problem please give me some good advice. I have had the injections, on pain meds, and Im at the end of my rope. I am tired of being in this much pain please help if you can.. Thank you so much Lisa

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Hi Lisa,

Welcome to S.H. forums. There are many here just like you and can surely sympathise.
But you need to give more information because no one on the forums can give you any information based on a M.R.I.
Who sent you in for the M.R.I. Are you dealing with a G.P. or a surgeon? do you have a pain management Dr.? What are you current prescriptions? What advice if any are your Dr's. giving you?
And if you need to know your not alone in this, or just need to vent. This is the place to be.
Good luck, Jim

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