Can an Enlarged Prostate Cause Lower Back Pain?

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Can an Enlarged Prostate Cause Lower Back Pain?

For about 3 years now, if I stand for too long I get pretty severe lower back pain. Bending over or squatting offers immediate relief. I've noticed lately when I bend over, on occasion I can hear/feel a little movement/pop at the very bottom of my back. It doesn't hurt (the movement/pop) just an observation. I hope to start a new job soon where I'll once again have health insurance and can get an MRI and perhaps answer all my questions. I've never been in an accident and my job does not involve any heavy lifting, etc. Any idea(s) what might be causing the pain?

With all that said, can an enlarged prostate casue or aggravate lower back pain? Before a job change and losing my health insurance, I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.

Thank you

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Not sure but

Not sure but your other symptoms sound more indicative of lower back pain. Have you tried physical therapy to help you with body mechanics, proper stretching, bending, lifting? It might be worth it.

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Prostates and Low Back Pain


Let me comment on your post and provide some advice.

I had a cancerous prostate cut out in 2009. It was discovered when I underwent a physical exam in preparation for a lumbar fusion. They told me I had to deal with it first since it was a question of life, whereas my lumbar fusion was a question of quality of life.

During that process I got real smart about prostates, etc. One of the symptoms of enlarged prostates, or prostatitis, can be low back pain. So there, now you have some unofficial confirmation of that possibility. However, the symptoms that you describe sound more like a mechanical (spine) issue.

As soon as you get back under that insurance umbrella get it checked out. AND, FOR YOU AND ALL OTHER MIDDLE AGE MALES ON THIS FORUM, ROUTINELY GET YOURSELF CHECKED FOR PROSTATE HEALTH. Had I not done so in conjunction with pursuing relief for my chronic back pain then my cancer would have most likely spread. I was literally a dead man walking and did not know it because there were no symptoms.

My chronic low back pain saved my life - but now my two level lumbar fusion is negatively affecting the quality of life. Oh well, we can't have everything.