Chronic Pain....Sweating and Pain While Eating

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Chronic Pain....Sweating and Pain While Eating

While reading some of the blogs related to those suffering from chronic pain and issues related to their spine, I am blown away by how exact and in-common members on this site describe their condition related to my own. I have always known there were a lot of folks in the same, or worse condition than my own. I have not spent enough time reading other peoples stories and experiences related to suffering from chronic pain. I am glad to have found Spine-Health and look forward to interacting with the membership with a common goal of compassion and understanding of those who suffer from chronic pain. I also look forward to the benefit I will receive, by learning of other member’s experiences and the mutual help for each other…. Thank You for being here….

I have a problem with profound sweating. There are times, especially in the morning while I’m getting dressed when sweat is pouring off my body. It seems my upper body and head is the worst area…dripping sweat from my hair and soaking my shirt. I always have to sit in front of the fan for about 15min to cool down. Also, if I have the least bit of physical exertion, I began sweating. I don’t remember having this problem before my accident and have always wondered if it is a side effect of my medication or related to my spine, chronic pain or some other underlying condition.

Also…does anybody have experience with increased pain in their back or other areas they normally hurt during, or right after eating? Since developing chronic pain, I have experienced increased pain in my upper back and neck while eating. I often have to take my pain medication before eating to make it less painful, so I can enjoy my meal. If you have experienced either one of these conditions…please let me know.

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i am the same my friend

i have always sweated a lot {very embarrassing} but since i have been on narcotics and i am unable=e to get fit i sweat very easy ..its not a nice thing to have ..if i go anywhere i have to take a change of clothing with me .i too have a fan on me all the time ..even in the middle of winter i have the air con on in my suv...i hate sweating ..i am male and unlike the popular myth its not ok for male to sweat we dont like it as much as females don't like it .all i can sugeat is that you wear cotton clothing and try to not let it upset you too much

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Yes...we are the same

Straker…thanks for your feed-back. At least I’m not alone with this problem, sounds like we have much in common. I also find sweating (the way we do) to be quite the problem. There are times, like this time of year (winter) when, I know people look at me like what is wrong with you. I have told people…I have just taken a hot shower, or I just got out of the hot tub…lol. I feel sorry for my daughter in the morning on the way to school….25* with my window down….soaking wet. She is looking at me like…what the hell is wrong with you. Yes…cotton shirts and an extra one come in handy….

Also....I have my own wife (nurse)...I don't know what I would do with out her. Sometimes I think this is harder on her than, it is...